Korthia Catch-up Gear Guide for Patch 9.1

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In Patch 9.1, players will have access to an open-world gearing system in Korthia. In this guide, we go through how to obtain the gear, how to unlock the upgrades, and how much they cost.



Open-world catch-up gear from Korthia is on par with Normal Difficulty Sanctum of Domination raid gear, and can be upgraded to Item Level 233.


Where Do I Buy Korthia Gear Tokens?

You can purchase Korthian Armaments Icon Korthian Armaments from the Death's Advance Quartermaster in Keeper's Respite (Korthia) for 1,000 Stygia each. The tokens are Bind to Account, meaning you can send them to your alts.


What is the Base Item Level of Korthia Gear?

Consuming Korthian Armaments Icon Korthian Armaments will give you an Item Level 200 item appropriate for your current level and loot specialization.

Korthian Armaments

Can Korthia Gear Be Upgraded?

The gear from Korthia has 5 ranks and can be upgraded all the way to Item Level 233.


Korthia Gear Upgrade Costs and Requirements

Upgrade ranks are gated behind certain requirements and cost Cataloged Research, a new currency obtained from completing Korthian activities.

Rank Item Level Cost Requirements
1 Item Level 200 1 Korthian Armaments Icon Korthian Armaments Renown 40
2 Item Level 207 250 Cataloged Research Renown 40+
3 Item Level 213 750 Cataloged Research None
4 Item Level 220 1,250 Cataloged Research None
5 Item Level 226 2,000 Cataloged Research Requires Research Report: Adaptive Alloys Icon Research Report: Adaptive Alloys and Renown 61 or higher
6 Item Level 233 3,000 Cataloged Research Requires Research Report: First Alloys Icon Research Report: First Alloys and Renown 75 or higher


  • 10 Sep. 2021: Upgrade requirements updated.
  • 03 Jul. 2021: Fixed upgrade costs.
  • 27 Jun. 2021: Guide added.
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