Kyrian Lore/Story in Shadowlands

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Spoilers inside! This page goes through the Kyrian end-game storyline and narrates how the story and its main characters advance through adversity. You will encounter characters from WoW's past such as Uther, and be able to advance your Renown by completing your campaign, but the real reward is the lore contained within. Keep reading for our full recap of the story thus far.


Kyrian Lore and Storyline Recap

Kyrian players will start by learning what is the purpose of the Covenant in guiding the dead to the Shadowlands and the Arbiter, for their judgement.

You will help Kleia ascend and earn her wings, through guiding Ben Howell's spirit into the Shadowlands, just in time to help defend against a Forsworn onslaught led by Devos, a previous leader of the Kyrian who was changed by what she saw in Uther's soul after he was killed by Arthas. Now believing the leader of the Kyrian, Kyrestia the Firstborne to be corrupt, she has allied herself with the Jailer to put an end to the Kyrian ways.

Kyrian Questline Part 1

The corrupted Uther, himself, will be your final opponent in this part, and while the attack is ultimately unsuccessful, a lot of damage is caused and new Ascended cannot be created anymore. Thus, you next steps will deal with rebuilding what was lost, and empowering your faction further in order to ultimately win the war against the Forsworn.

In order to do this, you are sent on a mission into Maldraxxus, meant to both end the threat that the House of Constructs (and Margrave Gharmal, specifically) presents to Bastian, and also to gather The Fleshshaper's Heart in order to recover the power of the Crest of Ascension, which was broken in the Forsworn attack.

Kyrian Questline Part 2

Next, you will be sent to Revendreth in order to obtain the means to further empower this crest, through aid from the Venthyr. After going through some trouble to obtain the sinstone of The Countess, you are finally able to ascertain the location of the Seal of Contrition. After fighting through the Light-affected zone of Revendreth and witnessing the wretched fate of Alwin, you will have a final battle with Duke Vielle and obtain what you came for, after which you can return to Bastion victorious.

Kyrian Questline Part 3

Finally, you will be asked to go into Ardenweald with Pelagos and meet with the Winter Queen, as only the Night Fae possess the power to forge a new Crest of Ascension. While they are busy with their own problems, Willowblossom will offer to help you with your quest. You will eventually discover a suitable Anima Seed, which is soon turned into the Vessel of Ardenweald, through Willowblossom's sacrifice.

Kyrian Questline Part 4

With the Crest of Ascension made whole again, it is time to finish your business with the Forsworn. You will start by going after Lysonia, the current leader of the Forsworn whom you might remember from leveling in Bastion. You will also find Uther in the Temple of Humility, which is being corrupted by the Forsworn. Eventually, you will be sent to the Maw alongside Kleia in order to confront and end their threat for good.

Kyrian Questline Part 5

Upon finding Lysonia, she will betray Uther at the behest of Helya, the true master of the Forsworn, and you will fight the Pride of Lysonia while both her and Helya flee to fight you another day. Instead of finishing off the wounded, dejected Uther, you will carry him outside the Maw, where he will finally begin his redemption and path towards becoming a true Kyrian.

The Kyrian armies are assembled in order to take down Lysonia, and while Pelagos battles his self-doubts and succeeds, the first battle you have with her at the Temple of Humiliy is revealed to be a ruse to leave the Archon, Kyrestia, undefended!

You rush back into the Elysian Hold just in time to finish off Lysonia once and for all, with the help of your soulbinds and Uther! He had some time to reflect and finally realized that what he did to Arthas after his death as the Lich King was not justice...but vengeance!

Kyrian Questline Part 6

This is where the Kyrian story ends, for now. But due to the sheer number of untied ends, it is all but guaranteed that we will see Uther, Helya and the rest of the Forsworn later in in Shadowlands. Stay posted for updates!

You can also check out the full video of a campaign run-through by Sipder, from which the previous screenshots were taken.



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