Maldraxxus Zone Overview and Guide

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This page goes over the information currently available about Maldraxxus, one of the new zones in the Shadowlands, and will be updated as more information becomes available.


The Necrolord Covenant in Maldraxxus

The Necrolords are the covenant of Maldraxxus, a brutal force that only allows the strongest to join. They value strength and bravery over all else and see weakness as the greatest fault.

You can find more about them in our Necrolord overview.


Covenant Sanctum in Maldraxxus

The Covenant Sanctum for the Necrolords in Maldraxxus is located in The Seat of the Primus. You will only enter the Sanctum for the first time after fully completing the questing throughout Maldraxxus.


Map of Maldraxxus

Image of Maldraxxus Map

Reputations in Maldraxxus

The Undying Army are the main reputation found within Maldraxxus. You can read more about them below in our guide.



After their time in Bastion, players will move on to Maldraxxus, which is ruled over by the Necrolord Covenant, and represents the heart of the Shadowlands' military might. Warlike souls who never yield or bow—and are willing to strive against one another for greatness—will find a home in Maldraxxus.

While Maldraxxus is home to wicked beings like necromancers and abominations, not everyone here is evil. The Necrolords welcome all who are mighty and driven, such as the indomitable Warlord Draka, who players will meet in Maldraxxus.


Questing Sections in Maldraxxus

Champion of Pain House of the Chosen House of Plagues House of Constructs Matron of Spies Ritual for the Damned The Empty Throne

Champion of Pain


Upon arriving in Maldraxxus, you were forced to prove your strength in the Theater of Pain, eventually being rescued by Draka, who has allied herself with the House of the Chosen.

This section will be updated with a list of notable rare mobs in this area.


House of the Chosen


You returned with Draka to the House of the Chosen, the only house that prioritises their own honor above the strength of their armies. After taking part in a trial of strength, you found a blade forged by the Primus, the former leader of Maldraxxus, who is now absent.

This section will be updated with a list of notable rare mobs in this area.


House of Plagues


You were introduced to one of the first houses to fall during the ongoing conflict and, with your assistance, helped them with the brewing of their potions. Having earned their trust, you aided in finding their fallen Margrave.

This section will be updated with a list of notable rare mobs in this area.


House of Constructs


You led an assault on the House of Constructs and, despite your heroic efforts, you were captured alongside Secutor Mevix. Having escaped, you and your new Kyrian allies fought your way out of the House of Constructs, but only after finding out their true plans for the dead Kyrians they had collected.

This section will be updated with a list of notable rare mobs in this area.


Matron of Spies


Draka sent you to find one of her old House's members, Baronesss Vashj, and you helped her to kill the leader of the House of Rituals.

This section will be updated with a list of notable rare mobs in this area.


Ritual for the Damned


The Margrave of the House of the Chosen was assassinated and, after venturing into the Maw to retrieve Baron Mograine, you found that the plot to kill the Margrave came from within.

This section will be updated with a list of notable rare mobs in this area.


The Empty Throne


After confronting the threat from within, you were forced to flee with Draka and Mograine to the Seat of the Primus. There, after unlocking the door, you found a message destined for the Winter Queen, as well as the covenant sanctum for the Necrolords.

This section will be updated with a list of notable rare mobs in this area.


Races in Maldraxxus

Maldraxxus Image
  • Abominations — The corpses of the slain are brought to the House of Constructs, where the finest pieces of flesh and bone are skillfully assembled into a new form. These reanimated monstrosities are given new purpose in a body that is greater than the sum of its once separate parts.
  • Gladiators — The most powerful warriors and champions become gladiators within the ranks of the House of the Chosen. These peerless battlefield tacticians tirelessly train with a variety of rune-forged weapons and are unmatched in martial combat.
  • Liches — Practicing their craft in the House of Rituals, liches are scheming skeletal sorcerers who use anima to fuel their potent magic.
  • Plague House Remnant — After the destruction of the House of Plagues, some of the most wretched experiments congealed into animated creatures that now mindlessly wander the plains and crags of Maldraxxus.
  • Soul-Rotted Flesh — Should outsiders be foolish enough to invade Maldraxxus, they will find themselves cowering in fear before these behemoths. Amalgamations of countless fallen warriors, these monolithic guardians make the earth beneath them tremble with every step they take during their patrols.
  • Aranakk — Once master assassins and scouts of the fallen House of Eyes, aranakk now find themselves bannerless nomads. While their necropolis lies in ruins, they still retain their sense of purpose and are willing to share the secrets they’ve unraveled from the tangled webs of truth—for a price.

Instances in Maldraxxus

There are 2 instances in Maldraxxus, the Theater of Pain and Plaguefall.


Achievements in Maldraxxus

Maldraxxus has the following achievements available to be completed:

  • Quests
    • Blade of the Primus Icon Blade of the Primus
    • Necrolords Campaign Icon Necrolords Campaign
  • Exploration
    • [PH] Maldraxxus Zone Achievement
    • Explore Maldraxxus Icon Explore Maldraxxus
    • Adventurer of Maldraxxus Icon Adventurer of Maldraxxus
    • Treasures of Maldraxxus Icon Treasures of Maldraxxus
  • PvP
    • Tour of Duty: Maldraxxus Icon Tour of Duty: Maldraxxus
  • Reputation
    • Undying Army Icon Undying Army

As more testing is done on the Beta, we will add a page detailing how to obtain the more difficult achievements listed above.


Rare Drops in Maldraxxus

As the locations and availability of the more notable rares in Maldraxxus are found on the Beta, we will add timers and spawn locations for any that drop notable items for players.



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