Mistweaver Monk Healing Spell Summary — Shadowlands 9.2.5

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On this page, we present you with all spells and procs that you need to understand as a Mistweaver Monk in World of Warcraft — Shadowlands 9.2.5.



If you are new to Mistweaver, this is a great place to start to get an understanding of how the spec works. On this page we will discuss what abilities you have, what they are used for within the specialisation, how they interact with each other and also with important cooldowns. If you already have experience with Mistweaver and are comfortable with it in the current expansion, it is recommended you skip this section and move on to the rest of the guide.


Main Resource of Mistweaver Monks

Mana is your only resource as a Mistweaver Monk. All of your healing abilities cost Mana, so managing it so that you do not run out over the course of each encounter is crucial to being able to heal competitively.


Unlocking Abilities

This guide is from the perspective of a max level Mistweaver. For More information on when you will be acquiring the spells listed below, check out our leveling guide.


Basic Abilities for Mistweaver Monks

These are your core skills that are available regardless of talents, and form the core gameplay of the specialization.

Soothing Mist Icon Soothing Mist is a channeled spell that costs a small amount of mana every time it heals. It ticks once per second, and allows you to cast Vivify Icon Vivify and Enveloping Mist Icon Enveloping Mist instantly on the target. It also has a 1/8 chance to proc Mastery: Gust of Mists Icon Mastery: Gust of Mists. This proc is on the "deck system" meaning you are guaranteed exactly 1 mastery proc per 8 ticks. To better understand what this means, imagine a deck of 8 cards where 7 cards are "losers" and 1 card is a "winner". This deck only shuffles when every card is drawn, and the same is true for Soothing Mist; your proc chances will only "shuffle" once every 8 ticks, regardless of how many casts those are spread across.

Enveloping Mist Icon Enveloping Mist is an expensive single target heal that places a 6-second HoT on the target during which time they also receive 30% increased healing from you.

Vivify Icon Vivify is a multiple target heal, healing the target and all targets buffed with Renewing Mist Icon Renewing Mist). If the target of Vivify has Renewing Mist on them, they will recieve both the main heal and the cleave.

Renewing Mist Icon Renewing Mist is a single-target 20-second HoT that jumps to another injured ally (without resetting its duration) whenever it overheals the target. If cast on a target already affected by Renewing Mist, and if there is a friendly injured target within 20 yards, the old Renewing Mist will automatically jump to that target. Renewing Mist has two charges with a 9 second recharge time. As Renewing Mist is the prime driver of Vivify Icon Vivify's healing, it's important to maintain high uptime.

Essence Font Icon Essence Font is a channeled 3-second spell with a high Mana cost that heals up to 6 unique allies within 30 yards every second. Each target that is healed by Essence Font also has an 8-second HoT applied on them that does a small amount of healing, and causes Mastery: Gust of Mists Icon Mastery: Gust of Mists to proc twice when cast on said target. Essence Font can be cast while moving and is semi-smart, meaning it will prioritize injured targets over healthy targets.

Expel Harm Icon Expel Harm heals you and the target of your Soothing Mist Icon Soothing Mist for a moderate amount, and procs Mastery: Gust of Mists Icon Mastery: Gust of Mists. As it stands, this spell is not even worth putting on your bars, though that may change with higher ranked Conduits.

Thunder Focus Tea Icon Thunder Focus Tea is an ability with a 30-second cooldown that empowers your next Renewing Mist Icon Renewing Mist, Enveloping Mist Icon Enveloping Mist, Rising Sun Kick Icon Rising Sun Kick, or Vivify Icon Vivify cast within 30 seconds (the cooldown does not begin until the effect has been triggered). Depending on which spell you use the effect on, it has the following consequences:

  • Renewing Mist Icon Renewing Mist: extends Renewing Mist's duration to 30 seconds;
  • Enveloping Mist Icon Enveloping Mist: makes Enveloping Mist instantly heal for an additional 200% spell power;
  • Rising Sun Kick Icon Rising Sun Kick: reduces the cooldown of Rising Sun Kick by 9 seconds;
  • Vivify Icon Vivify: removes the Mana cost of Vivify.

Cooldowns for Mistweaver Monks

Life Cocoon Icon Life Cocoon is a single-target healing cooldown, which places a damage absorption shield on the target, lasting for 12 seconds, or until broken by damage. While the shield is active, the target also receives 50% increased healing from healing over time spells. It is not on the global cooldown.

Revival Icon Revival is a raid-wide heal, which also removes any Magical, Disease or Poison effects from all targets. Most of the time, you will use this for the heal that it provides, treating it as a healing cooldown.

Invoke Yu'lon, the Jade Serpent Icon Invoke Yu'lon, the Jade Serpent is a powerful throughput cooldown that is augmented by Enveloping Breath Icon Enveloping Breath which causes your Enveloping Mist Icon Enveloping Mist casts to cleave healing equal to 50% of their spell power onto up to 6 targets within 10 yards. You will want to use this as often as you can, while also trying to line it up with your Mana Tea Icon Mana Tea in order to offset the cost of all your Enveloping Mist Icon Enveloping Mist casts.

For more understanding on how to put all these abilities together during an encounter, check out our Rotation page.


Movement for Mistweaver Monks

Roll Icon Roll is an essential Monk movement ability. It allows you to quickly move 15 yards in front of you, and you should use this extensively for quickly traversing short distances. It has 2 charges and a 20-second recharge time, although this can be improved by talents.

Transcendence Icon Transcendence allows you to leave behind a copy of yourself for up to 15 minutes. If you then use Transcendence: Transfer Icon Transcendence: Transfer, you will be instantly moved back to the location of your copy. This can be useful in a wide range of situations, typically those where you know you will have to return to a certain location after moving away from it.


Defensive Abilities for Mistweaver Monks

Fortifying Brew Icon Fortifying Brew lasts 15 seconds and has a 90-second cooldown, and it increases your current and maximum health by 20%, as well as reducing the damage you take by 20%.


Important Procs for Mistweaver Monks

Teachings of the Monastery Icon Teachings of the Monastery gives your Blackout Kick a 15% chance to reset the remaining cooldown of Rising Sun Kick Icon Rising Sun Kick. This is important for fistweaving builds, or if you need to push extra damage in an encounter.


DPS Spells for Mistweaver Monks

Tiger Palm Icon Tiger Palm does a very small amount of damage, but grants you a stack of Teachings of the Monastery Icon Teachings of the Monastery which causes your next Blackout Kick Icon Blackout Kick to strike an additional time. So effectively, every time you press Tiger Palm, you also get a free Blackout Kick.

Blackout Kick Icon Blackout Kick does moderate damage, while consuming all your stacks of Teachings of the Monastery Icon Teachings of the Monastery. Each time Blackout Kick lands, it has a 15% chance of reseting the cooldown of Rising Sun Kick Icon Rising Sun Kick.

Rising Sun Kick Icon Rising Sun Kick does a large amount of damage, and is on a moderate cooldown.

Spinning Crane Kick Icon Spinning Crane Kick does damage to enemies within 10 yards of you. This is our only AoE damage spell, and has no cooldown. Beyond 5 targets hit, this spell will deal reduced damage.

Crackling Jade Lightning Icon Crackling Jade Lightning is a ranged channeled spell that does a moderate amount of damage over time. You should only use this ability if you are unable to melee the target, as you lose the ability to auto attack while channeling it. Cracking Jade Lighning also causes the target to be knocked back a short distance if they land a melee attack on you.

Touch of Death Icon Touch of Death is our only DPS cooldown. It will instantly kill any target that has a lower amount of Health than you. For other players or powerful mobs (such as raid bosses) Touch of Death can only be used when the target is under 15% Health, and will deal damage equal to 35% of your maximum Health.



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