Mistweaver Monk Healing Gear and Best in Slot — Shadowlands 9.0.5

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On this page, you will find the best gear and best in slot items for your Mistweaver Monk in World of Warcraft Shadowlands 9.0.5.


Best in Slot List for Mistweaver Monks

Because of the diverse nature of gear, and the variability of item level due to things like the weekly cache, a true "best in slot" list is slippery. You should always be equipping items that will gain net you the greatest benefit based on your stat weights. To acquire said weights, use WoW Analyzer. More on that can be found below.

To find out how to best augment your gear with enchants and gems, and also how to optimize your characters with consumables, check out our Gem, Enchant, and Consumable page below.


Gearing up for Shadowlands

Upon reaching Level 60, you have 3 main options to start gearing your character: Dungeons and Raids, PvP such as Arena or Battlegrounds, and world quests. We recommend quickly checking the world quest map to find any items to replace your lowest pieces, with the aim of raising your item level enough to get invited to dungeon groups.

Once you are able to get invited to Mythic dungeons, be sure to complete each one during your first week, then look to see if you can find groups for your preferred style of play, be that Mythic+ or Rated PvP.


Best in Slot for Mistweaver Monk


Dungeon BiS

Patch 9.0.5 has reintroduced the Valor Point system, allowing players to upgrade any gear they get from Mythic+ Dungeons up to a maximum of item level 220, making dungeon gear more relevant with respect to raid gear.

Slot Item Location
Helm Hood of Refracted Shadows Icon Hood of Refracted Shadows Halkias (Halls of Atonement)
Neck Azure-Venom Choker Icon Azure-Venom Choker Azules (Spires of Ascension)
Shoulders Far Traveler's Shoulderpads Icon Far Traveler's Shoulderpads Dealer Xy'exa (De Other Side)
Cloak Cloak of Enveloping Manifestations Icon Cloak of Enveloping Manifestations Executor Tarvold (Sanguine Depths)
Chest Anima-Splattered Hide Icon Anima-Splattered Hide Kryxis the Voracious (Sanguine Depths)
Bracers Bands of the Undergrowth Icon Bands of the Undergrowth Tred'ova (Mists of Tirna Scithe)
Gloves Gloves of Obscure Rituals Icon Gloves of Obscure Rituals Margrave Stradana (Plaguefall)
Belt Girdle of Shattered Dreams Icon Girdle of Shattered Dreams Kul'tharok (Theater of Pain)
Legs Fearless Challenger's Leggings Icon Fearless Challenger's Leggings Xav the Unfallen (Theater of Pain)
Boots Viscera-Stitched Footpads Icon Viscera-Stitched Footpads Blightbone (The Necrotic Wake)
Ring 1 Ritual Commander's Ring Icon Ritual Commander's Ring Nalthor the Rimebinder (The Necrotic Wake)
Ring 2 Entwined Gorger Tendril Icon Entwined Gorger Tendril Kryxis the Voracious (Sanguine Depths)
Trinket 1
Trinket 2 Unbound Changeling Icon Unbound Changeling Ingra Maloch (Mists of Tirna Scithe)
Weapon 1h Amarth's Spellblade Icon Amarth's Spellblade Amarth (The Necrotic Wake)
Weapon off-hand Nathrian Tabernacle Icon Nathrian Tabernacle High Adjudicator Aleez (Halls of Atonement)
Weapon 2h Lakali's Spire of Knowledge Icon Lakali's Spire of Knowledge Tred'ova (Mists of Tirna Scithe)

Raid BiS

Slot Item Location
Helm Sadist's Sinister Mask Icon Sadist's Sinister Mask Sire Denathrius
Neck Noble's Birthstone Pendant Icon Noble's Birthstone Pendant Council of Blood
Shoulders Wicked Flanker's Gorget Icon Wicked Flanker's Gorget Stone Legion Generals
Cloak Mantle of Manifest Sins Icon Mantle of Manifest Sins Sun King's Salvation
Chest Corset of the Deft Duelist Icon Corset of the Deft Duelist Council of Blood
Bracers Precisely Calibrated Chronometer Icon Precisely Calibrated Chronometer Artificer Xy'Mox
Gloves Gloves of Phantom Shadows Icon Gloves of Phantom Shadows Lady Inerva Darkvein
Belt Spell-Woven Tourniquet Icon Spell-Woven Tourniquet Huntsman Altimor
Legs Chiropteran Leggings Icon Chiropteran Leggings Shriekwing
Boots Enchanted Toe-Tappers Icon Enchanted Toe-Tappers Council of Blood
Ring 1 Most Regal Signet of Sire Denathrius Icon Most Regal Signet of Sire Denathrius Sire Denathrius
Ring 2 Hyperlight Band Icon Hyperlight Band Artificer Xy'Mox
Trinket Cabalist's Hymnal Icon Cabalist's Hymnal Sire Denathrius
Weapon 1h Mace of Enveloping Sins Icon Mace of Enveloping Sins Covenant
Weapon off-hand Master Stonewright's Chisel Icon Master Stonewright's Chisel Covenant
Weapon 2h Torch of Fiery Atonement Icon Torch of Fiery Atonement Covenant

It should be noted that weapons do not drop in Castle Nathria. Instead, certain boss drop tokens that you can then exchange for weapons at your covenant. Every covenants has the same weapons, just with different names and appearances.


Mistweaver Monk Legendary Powers

When crafting your first legendary, unless you prefer one of the other ones, Tear of Morning Icon Tear of Morning is the best all-around pick. It has very powerful single target and AoE throughput, and functions excellently in Raid, Mythic+ and solo content. For a more in depth look at why This is the case, as well as to check out the other options available to Mistweavers, visit our Legendaries and Runecarving Guides below.



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