Mistweaver Monk Healing Easy Mode — Battle for Azeroth (BfA) 8.3

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General Information

On this page, we explain how to easily play Mistweaver Monk in World of Warcraft — Battle for Azeroth (BfA) 8.3, using the simplest rotation, talent tree, stat priority, gear setup, etc., without sacrificing performance.



This page is intended for players who are new to the game or class, have no intentions of raiding Mythic difficulty, or simply want a more straightforward way to play their specialisation without being overwhelmed by the numerous subtleties and active abilities that need to be taken into consideration for optimal play.


The Basics of Mistweaver Monks

Mistweaver Monks are versatile healers that can cover both the single target and AoE healing roles. Mistweavers are peculiar in that they can also heal by dealing damage (fistweaving). This page only focuses on the traditional healing style, as fistweaving is more advanced (and we do not feel that the added complexity warrants the effort for new players).


Talent Choice for Mistweaver Monks


Essence Choice for Mistweaver Monks

For the Major slot, a solid choice is Life-Binder's Invocation (Life-Binder's Invocation Icon Life-Binder's Invocation). If the fight allows you to remain stationary for extended periods of time, try Worldvein Resonance (Worldvein Resonance Icon Worldvein Resonance) instead.

For the Minor slots, Memory of Lucid Dreams (Lucid Dreams Icon Lucid Dreams, Conflict and Strife (Strife Icon Strife), and Unwavering Ward (Unwavering Ward Icon Unwavering Ward) are recommended.


Azerite Trait Choice for Mistweaver Monks

Mistweaver Monks have a fairly narrow selection of traits that meaningfully change gameplay. As much, our best traits are often the ones that give stat increases.

  • Secret Infusion Icon Secret Infusion is a powerful selection in all content. Aim to stack three of these.
  • Font of Life Icon Font of Life boosts the healing of our strongest AoE spell, and adds a bit of utility. Aim to get one of these for raids.
  • Swirling Sands Icon Swirling Sands grants a proc of our strongest stat.
  • Heart of Darkness Icon Heart of Darkness is strong once you obtain enough corruption.
  • Loyal to the End Icon Loyal to the End is very powerful for the default playstyle of Mistweaver. If you know your group will be running this trait as well, this is a good trait to stack.
  • Uplifted Spirits Icon Uplifted Spirits increases the healing of Vivify Icon Vivify and gives a chance for its Critical Strikes to reduce the cooldown of Revival by 1 second. This is a strong selection in Mythic+, while still being high tier for raids.

Stat Choice for Mistweaver Monks

Currently, you will want to prioritise secondary stats as follows:



  1. Critical Strike;
  2. Versatility;
  3. Haste;
  4. Mastery.


  1. Mastery;
  2. Haste;
  3. Versatility;
  4. Critical Strike.

Basic Playstyle for Mistweaver Monks


Single Target Healing

The list below goes over the tasks you should perform when healing a single target (such as a tank). This is not a priority list, and you will have to adapt your spell usage to the situation.

  • Keep Renewing Mist Icon Renewing Mist on cooldown as much as possible while in combat.
  • Use Soothing Mist Icon Soothing Mist on targets that will take constant damage.
  • Use Vivify Icon Vivify on targets who need healing.
  • Use Enveloping Mist Icon Enveloping Mist if your target is going to take heavy damage over 6 or 7 seconds.

Raid Healing

If you are healing raid damage, you will tailor your use of spells to how many targets are taking damage (and not to how much damage there is).

To begin with, you should use Renewing Mist Icon Renewing Mist on cooldown.

If there are 3-4+ raid members taking damage, you should use Vivify Icon Vivify to top them off; however, only do so if they're in danger of dying, as Vivify isn't the most efficient spell in our toolkit.

When 6+ raid members are taking damage, you should use Essence Font Icon Essence Font (as often as the amount of damage requires). The minimum number of targets for Essence Font to be efficient is 6, however, you should aim for closer to a minimum of 10.


Mistweaver Monk Cooldown Usage

As a Mistweaver Monk, you have a number of cooldowns in your arsenal, which you must use in tandem with your regular rotation.

  • Thunder Focus Tea Icon Thunder Focus Tea should be used as many times as possible during the encounter. You should normally use this spell either with Vivify Icon Vivify to save Mana or with Renewing Mist Icon Renewing Mist for higher average Vivify targets.
  • Life Cocoon Icon Life Cocoon should be used on the tank or another target who is about to sustain a large amount of damage. You should time this in such a way that its effect coincides with dangerous encounter abilities.
  • Revival Icon Revival is a raid-wide heal, and it could be considered a raid cooldown, in which case your raid leader may ask you to use it at a specific time. Otherwise, just use it when the raid is dangerously low, or when you want to dispel the entire raid.
  • Invoke Chi-Ji, the Red Crane Icon Invoke Chi-Ji, the Red Crane should be used as a small efficiency cooldown. Chi-ji's duration is too long to be used as a way to save lives; however, it is excellent at reducing the total healing requirement during certain periods of a fight. Try to use it as close to on cooldown as possible.


  • 14 Jan. 2020: Updated recommended Essences for 8.3.
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