Retribution Paladin DPS Easy Mode — Battle for Azeroth (BfA) 8.1.5

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General Information

On this page, we explain how to easily play Retribution Paladin in World of Warcraft — Battle for Azeroth (BfA) 8.1.5, using the simplest rotation, talent tree, stat priority, gear setup, etc., without sacrificing performance.

1. Foreword

This page is intended for players who are new to the game or class, have no intentions of raiding Mythic difficulty, or simply want a more straight-forward way to play their specialisation without being overwhelmed by the numerous subtleties and active abilities that need to be taken into consideration for optimal play.

2. The Basics of Retribution Paladins

Retribution Paladins are a melee DPS specialisation that has a relatively easy to grasp playstyle. In single-target DPS, the Retribution specialisation is currently performing well, compared to most other classes. The AoE performance is decent.

Throughout the fight, you will need to manage your Holy Power generation and expenditure to maximise your damage output.

3. Talent Choice for Retribution Paladins

The following talent choices result in damage output that is close to that of the most optimal talent choices, although the recommendations here lead to considerable ease-of-play.

4. Stat Choice for Retribution Paladins

Currently, you will want to prioritise stats as follows:

  1. Strength;
  2. Haste;
  3. Critical Strike ~= Versatility ~= Mastery.

5. Basic Rotation for Retribution Paladins

The single target rotation consists of Holy Power generators and Holy Power spenders.

  1. Cast Avenging Wrath Icon Avenging Wrath on cooldown.
  2. Generate Holy Power by using following priority.
    1. Cast Wake of Ashes Icon Wake of Ashes.
    2. Cast Blade of Justice Icon Blade of Justice.
    3. Cast Judgment Icon Judgment.
    4. Cast Crusader Strike Icon Crusader Strike.
  3. Spend Holy Power by casting Templar's Verdict Icon Templar's Verdict once you are either at the 5 Holy Power cap, or when there are only Holy Power generators left that would over-cap your Holy Power.

When facing multiple enemies, you will be using mostly the same rotation as above, except that you should replace Templar's Verdict Icon Templar's Verdict with Divine Storm Icon Divine Storm against 2 or more enemies.

6. Azerite Traits

Azerite Traits play an important role for Retribution Paladin. This means you need to decide which Azerite items you should choose. The traits are very close to each other in power, though, so we recommend our Azerite page for more details.

7. Changelog

  • 15 Apr. 2019: This page has been reviewed for Crucible of Storms and no changes are necessary.
  • 11 Mar. 2019: This page has been reviewed for Patch 8.1.5 and no changes are necessary.
  • 21 Jan. 2019: This page has been reviewed for the opening of Battle of Dazar'alor and no changes are necessary.
  • 10 Dec. 2018: Updated Divine Storm target requirements for 8.1.
  • 05 Sep. 2018: Updated talents for Uldir.
  • 13 Aug. 2018: Updated for Battle for Azeroth launch.
  • 21 Jul. 2018: Changed recommended targets for Divine Storm to 3.
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