Legion Timewalking Guide

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Legion Timewalking is one of the main features of Patch 9.1.5. The new bonus event includes Timewalking in Mythic+ Dungeons, the Timewalking Mage Tower, and a set of new Timewalking Dungeons.


What is Legion Timewalking?

Legion Timewalking is a new bonus event introduced in Patch 9.1.5. Players can enter 6 Legion dungeons and the Timewalking Mage Tower during the event.


How Long Will Legion Timewalking Last?

The event will run for two weeks the first time it runs in early December and then will resume a regular one-week schedule for subsequent bonus events.


Which Timewalking Dungeons Are Available During Legion Timewalking?

The Legion Timewalking rotation currently includes the following dungeons:


Timewalking Mage Tower

Azeroth's champions will be able to enter the Mage Tower again. The original 7 different Challenges (grouped by your specialization's role) will be available to try repeatedly, for the duration of Legion Timewalking.

Each Challenge comprises of a series of solo encounters that must be completely survived to earn rewards, and in Legion Timewalking, they will not require that you have an Artifact, or even that you originally played Legion.

You will learn more about the Timewalking Mage Tower and the rewards you can unlock in our Mage Tower Guide.


Legion Timewalking Vendor

The Legion Timewalking vendor is called Aridormi. She can be found at Krasus Landing in Dalaran (Legion).


Legion Timewalking Vendor Wares

The Legion Timewalking vendor sells the various items for Timewarped Badge Icon Timewarped Badges whenever the event is active. In the subsequent sections, we go through all items available from Aridormi.


Legion Timewalking Mount

Aridormi sells the Favor of the Val'sharah Hippogryph Icon Favor of the Val'sharah Hippogryph mount for 5,000 Timewarped Badge Icon Timewarped Badges.



You can buy Replica Aegis of Aggramar Icon Replica Aegis of Aggramar for 3,000 Timewarped Badge Icon Timewarped Badges.


Timewalking Gear

The Timewalking gear sold by the vendor has item level 164. Here is a list of all the gear you can buy:


Reputation Tokens

Aridormi sells Bind-to-Account tokens that increase your reputation standing with Legion factions by 250. One token costs 50 Timewarped Badge Icon Timewarped Badges. The tokens are great for Paragon Reputation farming.


Battle for Azeroth Profession Materials

You can purchase a wide variety of bags for 25 Timewarped Badge Icon Timewarped Badges that provide you with Battle for Azeroth profession materials, including fish, meat, cloth, herbs, ore, leather, enchanting supplies, gems, and even Blood of Sargeras.


Heirloom Tokens

Heirloom upgrade tokens are available for purchase and cost between 750 to 1,200 Timewarped Badge Icon Timewarped Badges. Do not forget that you can upgrade Heirlooms up to level 60 in Patch 9.1.5.





Ensemble: Ravencrest's Battleplate Icon Ensemble: Ravencrest's Battleplate is a Plate set appearance that can be purchased by Death Knights, Paladins, and Warriors for 500 Timewarped Badge Icon Timewarped Badges.


Legion Timewalking Raid

Blizzard has not yet added a Legion Timewalking raid.


Legion Mythic+ Dungeons and Timeworn Keystones

While Legion Timewalking is active, players can speak to Ta'hsup in Oribos to acquire a Timeworn Key, allowing access to max-level, Mythic+ difficulty for the 6 Legion dungeons.

Legion Mythic+ dungeons accessed in this way have their own set of affixes, reward loot of the same item as Shadowlands Mythic dungeons, and count toward weekly Great Vault reward options.

Items obtained from Legion Mythic+ dungeons can be upgraded with Valor, but will not appear in the Great Vault.


Legion Timewalking Affix: Infernal

Legion Mythic+ Timewalking dungeons have their own affix called Infernal. It revolves around Infernal Beacons that are found near some bosses. Activating a Beacon or engaging a nearby boss triggers a Legion invasion. The affix is available on Legion Timeword Keystone level 10 or higher.

This section will be updated with the Infernal affix guide in the near future.



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