Shadowlands Patch 9.1 Battle Pets: Newly-Obtainable Battle Pets in Chains of Domination

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Patch 9.1 brought a lot of new Battle Pets into the game and this guide is here to help you make collecting them a lot easier. Locations, costs, and other necessary information will be given for every new Battle Pet added.


New Battle Pets in Patch 9.1 and where to find them

Patch 9.1: Chains of Domination adds 46 new battle pets to the game. We have divided the pets into various categories depending on their collection source to make it easier to grasp. There are 16 pets that can be collected in the "wild", 4 from Quests & Achievements, 4 from farming certain enemies and rares, 6 from Covenants Assaults, 7 from various End-game content, 4 from vendors, and another 4 from different Reputations. There is also 1 additional battle pet that is tied to a special World Event.


TomTom - your personal Navigation assistant

TomTom is a navigation addon that helps you find the correct places where you need to go in order to obtain some of the pets. We strongly suggest you download this addon as it makes navigating the various zones a lot easier.

In this guide you will notice coordinates in the form of "/way 25.5, 23.3". When using TomTom all you have to do is copy that command and use it in game — after doing so you will notice a waypoint added to your minimap at these exact coordinates. This will make finding the required items and places significantly easier. You can use this link to obtain more information about TomTom.


World Event Pet - Timeless Mechanical Dragonling

Timeless Mechanical Dragonling Icon Timeless Mechanical Dragonling is the battle pet that is connected to WoW's Anniversary Event starting in November.

Name Requirements Detailed information
Timeless Mechanical Dragonling Icon Timeless Mechanical Dragonling Purchase from Historian Ma'di for 200 Timewarped Badge Icon Timewarped Badge Only available during WoW's 17th Anniversary Event in November.

Historian Ma'di can be found inside the Caverns of Time in Tanaris. Just enter the cave, entrance at /way 64.64, 50.00 and follow the path down until you reach a big circular room. Her exact location is shown in the picture below.


Other Collection Guides

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