Ursoc Mythic Strategy/Tactics

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General Information

On this page, you will find a list of changes between Normal/Heroic modes and Mythic mode, as well as a working strategy to defeat Ursoc in The Emerald Nightmare in Mythic mode.

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In Mythic mode, Overwhelm Icon Overwhelm causes the afflicted tank to take 250% increased damage (per stack) from Rend Flesh Icon Rend Flesh.

In addition, after each time Ursoc casts his two successive Roaring Cacophony Icon Roaring Cacophony, one Nightmare Image will animate. This add does nothing except melee its tank until the next casts of Roaring Cacophony. If the add is still alive at this time, it fears everyone nearby, effectively wiping the raid.


Changes in Strategy

The changes do not significantly impact the fight. The strategy is the same as in Heroic mode. Tanks just need to handle Rend Flesh Icon Rend Flesh and Overwhelm Icon Overwhelm properly, as explained in detail in the Strategy page. The rest of the raid needs to make sure that the Nightmare Image dies before the next cast of Roaring Cacophony Icon Roaring Cacophony.



  • 04 Oct. 2016: Clarified Mythic strategy after discussing with pottm.
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