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Warlock Class Changes for Shadowlands (Patch 9.0.1)

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On this page, you will find a list of all Warlock changes coming in Shadowlands.

In addition to the class changes listed here, Warlocks also gain access to class-specific Warlock Covenant Abilities that can be used anywhere in the open world and Anima Powers that only work in Torghast.


General Changes

  • Curse of Tongues Icon Curse of Tongues, Curse of Recklessness Icon Curse of Recklessness, Curse of Weakness Icon Curse of Weakness, and Curse of Exhaustion Icon Curse of Exhaustion are available to all specializations.
  • Demonic Circle Icon Demonic Circle returns as a baseline ability. If you summon your Demonic Circle while controlling an Eye of Kilrogg Icon Eye of Kilrogg, the circle will appear where the eye is located.
  • Tongue Tied Icon Tongue Tied is a new Level 40 talent that makes spell casts afflicted by Curse of Tongues Icon Curse of Tongues negate healing on the caster, absorbing the next healing received for up to 6 sec.
  • Demonic Gateway Icon Demonic Gateway no longer despawns when the caster dies.
  • Amplify Curse Icon Amplify Curse — new PvP talent added. Your next Curse of Recklessness, Curse of Tongues or Curse of Weakness applies another effect on the enemy.
    • Curse of Recklessness: Also applies Curse of Exhaustion, reducing the target's movement speed by 70% for 8 seconds.
    • Curse of Tongues: Increases casting time by an additional 30%.
    • Curse of Weakness: Enemy is unable to critically strike.
  • Fel Domination Icon Fel Domination is now a baseline ability with a 3-minute cooldown. It reduces summoning cast time by 5.5 seconds.

Affliction Warlock

  • Unstable Affliction Icon Unstable Affliction now has a Limit of 1.
  • Malefic Rapture Icon Malefic Rapture is a new ability that deals damage to all enemies afflicted by the Warlock's damaging periodic effects.
  • Shadow Embrace Icon Shadow Embrace is now baseline as part of Shadow Bolt Icon Shadow Bolt (Rank 2) for Affliction.
  • Unstable Affliction Icon Unstable Affliction's no longer amplifies damage on your target. The damage backlash on dispel increased substantially. The spell is ranked up at level 56 to gain an additional 5 seconds of duration.
  • Corruption Icon Corruption ranks up at level 54 to gain an initial period, dealing 0.12 coefficient damage instantly.
  • Agony Icon Agony base damage increased.

Affliction Warlock Talent Changes


Affliction Warlock Talent Tree

Below is the current talent tree for Affliction Warlocks.


Demonology Warlock

  • Curse of Doom Icon Curse of Doom is now available to Demonology Warlocks.
  • Summon Demonic Tyrant Icon Summon Demonic Tyrant (Rank 2) added. It generates 5 Soul Shards when cast.
  • Call Dreadstalkers Icon Call Dreadstalkers (Rank 2) added. Reduces Call Dreadstalkers cast time by 0.5 seconds, and they can Pursuit spell to close the gap when their target is more than 10 yards away.
  • Wild Imps (Rank 2) added. Imp energy on Fel Firebolt decreased by 20%.
  • Felguard's Axe Toss can now interrupt dungeon and raid bosses.

Demonology Warlock Talent Changes

  • Dark Pact Icon Dark Pact (Level 30 talent) now scales with Spell Power to absorb more damage.
  • Darkfury Icon Darkfury (Level 40 talent) now increases the radius of Shadowfury Icon Shadowfury by 2 yards.
  • Improved Curse of Doom Icon Improved Curse of Doom is a new Level 25 talent that empowers Curse of Doom Icon Curse of Doom.
  • Curse of Doom Icon Curse of Doom reverted to Doom Icon Doom, with damage increased.
  • Demonic Consumption Icon Demonic Consumption (Level 50 Talent) no longer sacrifices imps. Now instead drains 15% Health of all active demons, empowering itself based on Health consumed.
  • Power Siphon Icon Power Siphon (Level 25 Talent) now also adds 30% damage to your next 2 Demonbolt casts.
  • Nether Portal Icon Nether Portal (Level 50 Talent) Attack Power of summoned demons increased by 21%.
  • Demonic Calling Icon Demonic Calling (Level 25 Talent) reduces shard cost of Call Dreadstalkers by 2.
  • Inner Demons Icon Inner Demons (Level 45 Talent) Attack Power of summoned demons increased by 21%.

Demonology Warlock Talent Tree

Below is the current talent tree for Demonology Warlocks.


Demonology Warlock PvP Talent Changes


Destruction Warlock

  • Summon Infernal Icon Summon Infernal (Rank 2) added. Infernal Awakening deals 150% increased damage on impact.
  • Havoc Icon Havoc (Rank 2) added. Increases duration of Havoc by 2 seconds.
  • Rain of Fire Icon Rain of Fire (Rank 2) added. Increases Rain of Fire damage by 30%.

Destruction Warlock Talent Changes

  • Soul Fire Icon Soul Fire (Level 15 Talent) is now a 4-second cast. It applies Immolate Icon Immolate and is on a 45-second cooldown (down from 20) and generates 1 Soul Shard.
  • Shadowburn Icon Shadowburn (Level 25 Talent) is now a 1 shard spender. Damage increased to 141% Spell Power (was 60%), with a 12-second cooldown. It has 50% increased Critical Strike Chance on low Health targets, and generates 1 Soul Shard if the target dies within 5 seconds.
  • Cataclysm Icon Cataclysm (Level 35 Talent) damage decreased to 180% (was 200% Spell Power).
  • Fire and Brimstone Icon Fire and Brimstone (Level 35 Talent) now generates 2 Soul Shards for each additional enemy struck by the Warlock's empowered Incinerate Icon Incinerate.
  • Grimoire of Supremacy Icon Grimoire of Supremacy (Level 45 Talent) replaced with Rain of Chaos Icon Rain of Chaos — While your initial Infernal is active, every Soul Shard you spend has a 20% chance to summon an additional Infernal that lasts 10 seconds. Infernals now spawn wherever your first Infernal landed.
  • Roaring Blaze Icon Roaring Blaze (Level 45 Talent) redesigned, now causes the target to to take 30% increased Fire damage from the Warlock for 8 seconds.
  • Channel Demonfire Icon Channel Demonfire (Level 50 Talent) primary target damage increased by 10%.

Destruction Warlock Talent Tree

Below is the current talent tree for Destruction Warlocks.


More Patch 9.0.1 Class Changes

You can find other Patch 9.0.1 class changes linked below.



  • 01 Aug. 2020: Demonic Circle and Eye of Kilrogg interaction added.
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  • 20 Jun. 2020: Another big overhaul based on Alpha Build 34821.
  • 16 Jun. 2020: Update based on the recent Alpha Build 34714 rework.
  • 09 Jun. 2020: Unstable Affliction now generates a Soul Shard when the target dies.
  • 02 Jun. 2020: Updated intro with links to Anima Powers and Covenant Abilities.
  • 25 May 2020: Reviewed for Alpha Build 34490.
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