Zone Mounts in Shadowlands Patch 9.1

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The mounts listed on this page are connected to doing activities in Korthia and The Maw. While collecting these mounts you will also be obtaining reputation with The Archivists' Codex and Death's Advance which in turn will unlock more mounts found in the Reputation Mounts section of our overall mount guide.


Summary of Zone Mounts

On this page you can find the 9 zone mounts added in Patch 9.1. These mounts are obtained by doing daily quests and puzzles or killing specific enemies in Korthia and The Maw.

Name Zone Requirements Detailed information
Reins of the Wanderer Icon Reins of the Wanderer Korthia Find Maelie the Wanderer and bring her to Tinybell for 6 times total. Maelie the Wanderer will spawn in different locations throughout Korthia every day.
Dusklight Razorwing Icon Dusklight Razorwing Korthia Bring 10 Lost Razorwing Egg Icon Lost Razorwing Eggs to the Razorwing Nest. These eggs drop off of Gorgers, Scavengers, and Worldeaters in Korthia.
Darkmaul Icon Darkmaul Korthia Feed Darkmaul 10 Tasty Mawshroom Icon Tasty Mawshrooms. Collected from Invasive Mawshrooms, need to ride Darkmaul each time.
Chain of Bahmethra Icon Chain of Bahmethra The Maw Complete the Tormentors of Torghast event. Weekly event.
Fallen Charger's Reins Icon Fallen Charger's Reins The Maw Kill the Fallen Charger. Spawns at Crucible of the Damned and runs all the way down to Korthia.
Nilganihmaht Control Ring Icon Nilganihmaht Control Ring The Maw Obtained as a reward from the quest Gotta Hand It To Ya. See below.
Crimson Shardhide Icon Crimson Shardhide Korthia Kill Malbog Talk with Caretaker Kah-Kay at Keeper's Respite to start the event leading to this rare.
Garnet Razorwing Icon Garnet Razorwing Korthia Kill Reliwik the Defiant Interact with the Uncorrupted Razorwing Egg at /way 56.27, 66.13 to spawn this rare.
Rampaging Mauler Icon Rampaging Mauler Korthia Kill Konthrogz the Obliterator. Has a small chance to spawn when any rare in Korthia dies.

Reins of the Wanderer

"A curious and inquisitive doe, she doesn't mean to worry her master, she just gets distracted easily. Especially with all of the new things to see on Korthia."

  1. Talk to Tinybell in Korthia at /way 60.71, 21.87;
  2. Find Maelie the Wanderer wandering throughout Korthia.
  3. Maelie is usually found on higher places like cliffs.
  4. After you find Maelie, click on her to cast Reassure after which Maelie will return to Tinybell.
  5. Maelie can only be found once per day.
  6. After finding Maelie 6 times, return to Tinybell and she will have a quest for you which will reward you with Reins of the Wanderer Icon Reins of the Wanderer.

Dusklight Razorwing

"Razorwings can be seen throughout Korthia, making their nests on high hills and in trees."

  1. Kill Gorgers, Scavangers and Worldeaters in Korthia at /way 55.88, 21.80 to loot Lost Razorwing Egg Icon Lost Razorwing Eggs.
  2. You can only obtain 2 eggs per day.
  3. Bring the eggs to the Razorwing Nest located in Korthia at /way 25.6, 51.1 and place them there.
  4. After bringing 10 Lost Razorwing Egg Icon Lost Razorwing Eggs to the Nest the Duskwing Matriarch will appear and provide you with the mount.


"An older shardhide, Darkmaul was relatively tame and friendly around Korthians. He was thought lost to the calamity."

  1. Loot Invasive Mawshroom treasure nodes in Korthia and look for a drop called Tasty Mawshroom Icon Tasty Mawshroom.
  2. There are a total of 5 Invasive Mawsrhooms you can loot once per day.
  3. After finding a Tasty Mawshroom Icon Tasty Mawshroom you have to bring it to Darkmaul located at /way 42.8, 32.7.
  4. Target Darkmaul and click on the Tasty Mawshroom - this will cause you to jump on Darkmaul's back and ride him for 2 minutes.

Fallen Charger's Reins

"The charger's screams echo across the Maw as it continues a never-ending ride across the land, forever looking for escape from the endless torments it has been forced to endure."

  1. Wait for an announcement in The Maw saying: "An Earsplitting whinny echoes across the maw as the Fallen Charger begins its ride".
  2. Once you hear the announcement, Fallen Charger will show up on the map as a big star.
  3. Fallen Charger spawns at the Crucible of the Damned and will run all the way down to Korthia.
  4. As it is running faster than your ground mount your best bet in initiating combat with the Fallen Charger is to watch the map to see where it is and then try to cut it off.
  5. Once it is in combat it will stop running — killing the Fallen Charger has a chance to drop the mount.
    • You may only loot this rare once per day for a chance at the mount.
  6. If no one intercepts the Fallen Charger and it makes its way all the way down to Korthia you will hear an announcement saying: "Fallen Charger releases a final mournful whinny as it fades away".

Nilganihmaht Control Ring

"Of all the giants who dared defy the Jailer, Nilganihmaht was the most arrogant. For this transgression, the giant's severed hand was hidden within a veil of torments, and the rings that could summon it back were scattered across the Maw."

As this mount's requirements include some fairly lengthy exploration and explanation, we have created a separate guide detailing the exact steps to acquire it below.


Crimson Shardhide

"When Korthia was pulled into the maw, only a few, hardy species survived. "

  1. When the event Hunting the Hunters is active in Korthia then talk to Caretaker Kah-Kay at /way 60.72, 23.13.
  2. You will get an companion and need to follow the purple footprints that appear.
  3. Once you reach the end click on the Fleshy Remains to summon Malbog.

Garnet Razorwing

"Korthia was once known for its bright red flowers. Several species were known for consuming or rolling in them, and taking on bright red coloration as a result."

  1. Make your way to /way 56.27, 66.13 in Korthia to see if the Razorwing Nest is up.
  2. If the Razorwing Nest is up click on the Uncorrupted Razorwing Egg - this will cause Reliwik the Defiant to spawn.
  3. After slaying Reliwik there is a chance that it will drop the mount.

Rampaging Mauler

"One would think controlling a rampaging mount would be difficult, but if you can learn to control the direction of the rampage it can be quite useful."

  1. When any Rare dies in Korthia there is a chance that it will start an additional event with an announcement of: "A massive devourer tears an opening into Korthia".
  2. This event will spawn Konthrogz the Obliterator at the location the Rare died — open your map and you will see it marked with a big star.
  3. Kill the waves of adds that spawn from the portal until Konthrogz the Obliterator spawns — slaying him has a chance of dropping the mount.

Other Mounts in Patch 9.1

Patch 9.1 includes many other mounts to earn as you work to find and defeat the rares providing the ones listed here. To learn more, check out our hub for the entire mount guide and visit some of the other sections covered within!



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