Arcane Mage Frequently Asked Questions — Dragonflight 10.2

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General Information

On this page, we go over several of the most frequently asked questions regarding Arcane Mage in World of Warcraft — Dragonflight 10.2. This will be updated as more common repeated questions surface over the course of the expansion.


How much Haste should Arcane Mage use?

There are no haste caps for Arcane Mages.

However, depending on your chosen talents, and your other stats, Haste will lose some value at higher levels. To make sure you run with optimal stats, it is advised to use Raidbots Stat Weights to actively keep your stats up to date (see our Raidbots guide).


How good is Arcane Mage in the current patch?

All three Mage specs are very close to each other in the current patch, which allows people to largely play what they are most comfortable with. There are , of course exceptions, which we go into below.

In a Raiding setting, Arcane is a arguably the best Mage specialization. If you want to be fully optimal, there are some small benefits you can get from playing a different spec on some bosses, but overall, Arcane is the go-to Mage spec most bosses, especially the later bosses. As time goes on and gear improves, Arcane is likely to become more dominant as boss kill timers become faster and faster.

In a Mythic+ setting, Arcane is very strong. It is among the top specs to be played across all classes, and can be taken to any key level, including the very highest keys being pushed right now.


Which race is best for Arcane Mage?

Troll is the best race for Arcane Mage. However, all races are very close in DPS, and it generally does not matter which race you pick.

For a full overview of the DPS of every race, check the simulations page.


When Should I Enter the Burn Phase?

You can enter the Burn Phase whenever you have Arcane Surge, Touch of the Magi, Radiant Spark and Evocation ready.



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