How To Improve As Arcane Mage — Dragonflight 10.2.7

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On this page, you will find out how you can improve at playing Arcane Mage in World of Warcraft — Dragonflight 10.2.7. We list the common mistakes that you should try to avoid and the small details that can greatly improve your performance.


Having Low Downtime

As an Arcane Mage, due to having filler spells, there is always something you could be casting. This means any time you are not casting something, you lose lots of damage. This is most often due to movement because the only obvious thing Arcane Mages can cast while moving is (ignoring talents) Arcane Barrage Icon Arcane Barrage. However, you often do not want to use Arcane Barrage, because dropping your Arcane Charges is very often a mistake. Luckily, Arcane Mages have multiple ways to deal with movement.

The first one is not Arcane Mage specific, but it goes for all casters. Plan your movement. If you know that in 10 seconds, you need to be at a specific position, you should use the Global Cooldown of any instants that you use in your normal rotation to slowly move to that position. If you would normally cast Arcane Barrage Icon Arcane Barrage anyway, during the Global Cooldown, you can move a little bit towards where you want to go. The same goes for other instant cast spells that apply the Global Cooldown, like Arcane Orb Icon Arcane Orb, Nether Tempest Icon Nether Tempest, etc. On fights with a lot of movement, it is also advisable to hold onto Presence of Mind Icon Presence of Mind for movement instead of using it as part of your normal rotation.

The second one is quite obvious but often not optimized properly, and its Shimmer Icon Shimmer, Alter Time Icon Alter Time and Slipstream Icon Slipstream usage. Shimmer will not interrupt your cast and should thus always be used over interrupting your cast and manually moving, when possible. If a patch of fire spawns under your feet, you can simply Shimmer out of it instead of moving out of it. Alter time can be used right before big damage hits and then again right after taking the damage to avoid having to move to dodge the mechanic. Slipstream should be actively used to properly position yourself during any Arcane Missiles Icon Arcane Missiles or Evocation Icon Evocation cast.


Going into the Burn Phase at the Correct Time

The Burn Phase is a big portion of your damage as an Arcane Mage. Which means, if you activate Touch of the Magi Icon Touch of the Magi and Arcane Surge Icon Arcane Surge, and promptly have to move a lot, or some mechanic causes the target to be out of range or take no damage, you will lose enormous amounts of damage. Make sure that you watch Boss Mod timers, to ensure as little mechanics as possible overlapping with your Burn Phase.


Ending the Fight on Low Mana

As described all throughout the guide, Mana equals damage for an Arcane Mage. Thus if you end the fight with Mana remaining, you lose damage. When you see the boss being on low Health, you should stop using Arcane Barrage Icon Arcane Barrage altogether, and just burn through all your Mana. If somehow the boss seems to live a bit longer than you anticipated, you can start using Arcane Barrage again, but in practice, most people end the fight on high Mana, and thus lose damage. Do not be afraid to use up all your Mana when the boss is in low Health!


Knowing How To Sim Yourself

It is impossible to correctly play and optimize an Arcane Mage without using Raidbots to sim your own character, there are simply too many variables involved to intuitively figure out what gear to wear and so on without simming it first. Generally speaking, a simulation should be the first and final say in the gear you end up wearing for any given situation.

Simming is now very easy, with no need to understand SimulationCraft syntax or installation yourself. All you will need is the in-game SimulationCraft AddOn, and the Raidbots website. Below you can find a video on how to sim your own character using the website.



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