Maw Farming Guide: Stygia and Ve'nari Reputation

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Ve'nari is a broker who resides in the Maw and who is responsible for both facilitating and creating an incentive for you to head there regularly. His wares include the highly coveted Spatial Realignment Apparatus Icon Spatial Realignment Apparatus, which allows you to socket your gear at will and are the main player power gain on Maw content.

Read on to learn more about the zone, how to tame it and what other items you can obtain by doing so.


What is the Ve'nari Reputation?

Ve'nari is the name of a broker who has her hideout in the Maw and who will help you with most of your activities there. This includes farming the Maw itself for souls for your Covenant hub, rare profession materials, and sockets for your items, including legendaries!

She will also assist you with breaking into Torghast and sells multiple items that will make your Torghast runs easier, such as Vessel of Unfortunate Spirits Icon Vessel of Unfortunate Spirits.

Ve'nari Wares

By following your main story quest after choosing a Covenant at maximum level, you will naturally enter the Maw, meet Ve'nari, and learn how to break into Torghast in order to save Baine Bloodhoof in your introductory quest.

Saving Baine

Afterwards, it is back to the Maw where Ve'nari becomes available as a vendor who will sell you multiple wares for Stygia, which is obtained by doing just about anything in the Maw.

If you die in the Maw (even through PvP) you will lose 20% of your current Stygia. You do not become a ghost, but are instead resurrected at the nearest graveyard. If you manage to return to your corpse and loot it, you will recover all the lost Stygia, but if you die again, you will lose another 20% and cannot recover the first 20% lost anymore. Enter the Maw with Warmode enabled at your own risk!

We will detail Stygia and Ve'nari Reputation sources below but, first, here are the rewards available to you.


Ve'nari Rewards

The name of each reputation level with Ve'nari is different than usual, but can mostly be mapped out to the usual levels:

  • Dubious goes from 0/1000
  • Apprehensive goes from 0/6000
  • Tentative goes from 0/7000
  • Ambivalent goes from 0/7000
  • Cordial goes from 0/21000
  • Appreciative is the equivalent to Exalted

By using the Stygia you obtain while doing activities in the Maw, you can buy the following reputation items from Ve'nari. Take note that the Torghast upgrades below are account-wide and thus only need to be bought once!

Reputation Item Cost Description
Dubious Cypher of Relocation Icon Cypher of Relocation 60 This item can only be used when you are in the Maw and teleports you back to Ve'nari Refuge. It has 5 charges and a 20 minute cooldown.
Apprehensive Broker Traversal Enhancer Icon Broker Traversal Enhancer 875 This item allows you to use small teleport orbs next to dangerous paths in Torghast, such as Mort'regar chains, in order to cross them safely without the danger of dropping down to your death.
Apprehensive Vessel of Unfortunate Spirits Icon Vessel of Unfortunate Spirits 527 In Torghast, you are allowed a limited amount of deaths before the Tarragrue shows to end your run. This item is a permanent Torghast upgrade you can buy to extend your death limit by one.
Apprehensive Extradimensional Pockets Icon Extradimensional Pockets 800 This item increases the amount of Obleron Armaments (buff you get from interacting with some souls) you find and can use simultaneously from 5 to 6.
Apprehensive Soultwinning Scepter Icon Soultwinning Scepter 205 This item has 10 charges and allows you to bond your soul with that of a nearby ally, increasing primary stats by 5% while within 100 yards of each other.
Apprehensive Oil of Ethereal Force Icon Oil of Ethereal Force 165 This item has 5 charges on a 5-minute cooldown and grants you 150% increased movement speed and invisibility to most enemies for 15s while in the Maw.
Tentative Bangle of Seniority Icon Bangle of Seniority 1135 Permanent Torghast upgrade that increases the chance of Broker vendors offering you uncommon Anima powers.
Tentative Sigil of the Unseen Icon Sigil of the Unseen 666 Permanent Maw upgrade that gives you immunity to The Jailer's Mark Icon The Jailer's Mark from Mawsworn Assassins when you reach Eye of the Jailer Level 3.
Tentative Animated Levitating Chain Icon Animated Levitating Chain 1050 Buying this chain allows you to quickly climb several places in the Maw through the use of Grapple Points, typically placed at the edge of cliffs.
Tentative Animaflow Stabilizer Icon Animaflow Stabilizer 1650 Permanent Maw upgrade that activates teleport pads, allowing you to teleport quickly between multiple locations in the Maw.
Tentative Maw-Touched Miasma Icon Maw-Touched Miasma 230 This item makes you deal area damage to Mawrats within 15 yds for 30 minutes while in Torghast.
Tentative Sticky-Fingered Skeletal Hand Icon Sticky-Fingered Skeletal Hand 210 This item has 4 charges with a 1-minute cooldown and allows you to unlock locked doors, chests, and passages in Torghast.
Ambivalent Soul-Stabilizing Talisman Icon Soul-Stabilizing Talisman 775 Permanent Maw upgrade that grants you immunity to Soul Brand Icon Soul Brand from Mawsworn Abductors that appear at level 4 in the Eye of the Jailer.
Ambivalent Ritual Prism of Fortune Icon Ritual Prism of Fortune 1025 Permanent Torghast upgrade that increases the odds of getting Epic Anima Power choices.
Ambivalent Phantasmic Infuser Icon Phantasmic Infuser 3760 This item is reusable and will empower you for 30 minutes while in Torghast, at the cost of 100 Phantasma.
Ambivalent Memory of Jailer's Eye Icon Memory of Jailer's Eye 4986 Legendary power that can be applied on head, shoulder, or waist slots.
Cordial Loupe of Unusual Charm Icon Loupe of Unusual Charm 1330 This item is a permanent Torghast upgrade that allows Broker vendors to sell you a 5 Phantasma Anima power orb.
Cordial Rank Insignia: Acquisitionist Icon Rank Insignia: Acquisitionist 1575 This item is a permanent Torghast upgrade that will increase the chance of Broker vendors offering a Rare Anima power orb.
Cordial Unbound Reality Fragment Icon Unbound Reality Fragment 1900 This item will upgrade a random conduit from among the lowest item level conduits you have
Cordial Recipe: Crafter's Mark II Icon Recipe: Crafter's Mark II 300 This recipe will teach you how to craft the Crafter's Mark II Icon Crafter's Mark II in order to increase the item level of the item you want to craft.
Appreciative Possibility Matrix Icon Possibility Matrix 1525 This item is a permanent Torghast upgrade that will expand your Anima Power options to at least two choices.
Appreciative Spatial Realignment Apparatus Icon Spatial Realignment Apparatus 7200 This item will allow you to add a socket to a Shadowlands item (Head, Bracers, Neck, Rings, or Belts) that does not have one already, and also works on legendaries of the appropriate slot.

Ve'nari Reputation and Stygia Farming

Here is a summary table of the reputation and Stygia sources in the Maw. 1000 Eye of the Jailer is equivalent to a full level, so beware!

Source Stygia Reputation Eye of the Jailer
Normal kill 1 0 6
Elite kill 1 0 12
Rare kill 75 80 or 100 300 or 500
Events 45 40 300
Saving a Soul 20 0 100
Daily Quest 140 75 500
Weekly Quest 425 or 700 850 or 1100 1000 or 1200
Wrath of the Jailer Boss 100 250 500
Beastwarren Hunt Boss 300 525 1000

The Wrath of the Jailer is a very profitable event that shows up on your map every hour. You can only get its rewards once per week, and they can include a random level 183 Epic gear item. Afterwards, you get nothing of value, as the image below shows, and also no reputation.

Wrath of the Jailer repeated loot

Once you unlock the Beastwarrens you can also do Hunts which are even more efficient for rep and Stygia than the Wrath of the Jailer!

While the list above contains the easily repeatable sources, you will also come across some items that can be turned in at Ve'nari for extra reputation:

Extra Maw quest items

You will also gain a minor amount of Stygia and Eye of the Jailer threat level while using gathering professions in the Maw and there are a few Stygia chests and wells around that only give you Stygia and Eye of the Jailer, so be careful with looting those if you want reputation as well.


Obtaining a Mount that works in the Maw

When chasing Hunts in the Beastwarrens, look out for the Shadehounds Hunt, which can award the Mawsworn Soulhunter Icon Mawsworn Soulhunter mount. This mount works in the Maw, but is a very rare drop from the event.

You can also get a mount that works in the Maw by completing Layer 8 of the Twisting Corridors of Torghast, or by completing the Bound Shadehound craft in the Maw, once you have maxed (Appreciative) your Ve'nari reputation.


Optimizing Ve'nari Reputation gain in the Maw

Based on the information above, and the fact that you can still complete any quests at maximum Eye of the Jailer without consequence other than the added difficulty, this is how you maximize your reputation gain per day:

  1. Avoid any killing blows, mining or herbing in the Maw as these activities give Eye without rep attached.
  2. Focus on high rep VS eye activities, namely killing rares. There are three "types" of rares as stated above: major rares (100 rep like the pedestal summoned herald bosses), normal rares (like Eketra and Morguliax, 80 rep) and event rares (the most common, such as Agonix, 40 rep). You will need a group for anything that is not an event rare, but they only give 40 rep which is relatively low for their eye amount so it is best to avoid them, as you can easily cap your eye efficiently with the other rares.
  3. Do not finish (as in, getting all the items / activations needed since that is when you get Eye of the Jailer increases) the daily quests until you are at maximum eye level, but try to complete those at maximum eye for full rep and Stygia without any further eye penalty. Because the 10 stack Eye debuff no longer resets when leaving the Maw, the risk with this method is increased, make sure to only push it as far as you are comfortable with!

This is not recommended for everyone, as doing the quests at maximum Eye stacks can be quite painful depending on your gear and Maw survival expertise, but it is possible. Good luck and remember that the most important thing is having fun, so do not let this grind get you down if you do not enjoy it, simply getting your Eye to maximum every day will be more than enough to get you to sockets within two or three weeks of even the most dedicated of Maw farmers.

If you would prefer to have a set route (although it might be hard to have all rares up when you need them), here is a suggestion, by Rusteeze_RC.


Eye of the Jailer

The Eye of the Jailer TL:DR

This is your time limit. As you do activities in the Maw, you will attract the Jailer's attention, and fill up your top screen meter. Once it hits Level 5, it will start glowing red and this is your cue to leave immediately.

You can track your exact Eye of the Jailer amount at any time with this handy weak aura, by Permok.

You will get two debuffs, as shown in the image above. One reduces your healing taken for 10% per stack and will cause you to take high shadow damage until you die when it hits 10 stacks. While this is deadly, the main reason why you should leave is because the other debuff will reduce your reputation and Stygia gains to 0, essentially making it pointless to continue farming the Maw.

Until you hit Level 5, you will go through several levels of increasing trouble:

  1. Level 1 — Soulseekers are now hostile to you. These are flying eyeball mobs that roam the Maw and have powerful ranged attacks.
  2. Level 2 — Towers will periodically attack your location, damaging you and chaining you in place. Grey swirls will appear under your character. If you do not move away from them in time, you are hit with heavy damage and chained in place. Click the chains near you to regain normal movement.
  3. Level 3 — The Jailer will periodically send assassins after you. Whenever the Eye of the Jailer: Hunted Icon Eye of the Jailer: Hunted debuff is applied to you, the next time you enter combat an Assassin will spawn and try to kill you. They use The Jailer's Mark Icon The Jailer's Mark, which deals damage and increases your Eye of the Jailer meter.
  4. Level 4 — Stygian Abductors now seek your demise. Periodically, Stygian Abductors will spawn on you and slowly carry you upwards, as well as cast Soul Brand Icon Soul Brand, which deals damage and increases your Eye of the Jailer meter. You can kill them in order to be freed before they have time to use Quietus Strike Icon Quietus Strike, which will likely allow you to survive the fall.
  5. Level 5 — Your healing taken is increasingly reduced. When your healing taken reaches -100%, you suffer Shadow damage until you die. You will also no longer be able to loot Stygia or gain reputation with Ve'nari for the day.


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