On the Offensive Achievement Guide for Multiple Shadowlands Mounts

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On the Offensive Icon On the Offensive is an achievement related to the Covenant Assaults that take place in The Maw as of Patch 9.1. It is required for a number of mounts detailed in our Patch 9.1 Mounts Guide, but many of its sub-achievements will require a particular Covenant's Assault to be active in order to be obtained.


On the Offensive Overview

This page continues explaining the various achievements that are needed to be completed in order to earn On the Offensive Icon On the Offensive and obtain both the Hand of Salaranga mount as well as purchase some reputation-related mounts. Some of these might take a lot of time to complete as they are tied to certain Covenant Assaults happening in The Maw.

The achievements that make up On the Offensive Icon On the Offensive are:

  1. A United Front Icon A United Front
  2. Jailers Personal Stash Icon Jailer's Personal Stash
  3. This Army Icon This Army
  4. Up For Grabs Icon Up For Grabs
  5. The Zovaal Shuffle Icon The Zovaal Shuffle
  6. Hoarder of Torghast Icon Hoarder of Torghast
  7. A Sly Fox Icon A Sly Fox
  8. Tea for the Troubled Icon Tea for the Troubled
  9. Krrprripripkraaks Heroes Icon Krrprripripkraak's Heroes

Note that you only need to complete 6 out of the 9 total achievements to earn On the Offensive Icon On the Offensive. Feel free to mix and match what you would rather do or what is available based on the current Covenant Assault.


United Front

Complete all four covenant assaults in the Maw.

  • Covenant Assaults happen in The Maw and you need to complete all 4:
  • Each Covenant Assault lasts for 3.5 days.
  • You need to complete 4 quests per Assault after which the final event is activated.
  • Covenant Assaults end with a small mini-boss type of fight.

Jailer's Personal Stash

Open ten Rift Hidden Caches during the Night Fae assault on the Crucible of the Damned.

  1. During the Night Fae Assault find the quest A Shady Place.
  2. Use the quest item Unbalanced Riftstone Icon Unbalanced Riftstone to enter the Rift phase of the Maw.
  3. Locate the Rift Hidden Caches; 6 of them are up each day.
    • Cache 1 /way 20, 47;
    • Cache 2 /way 25, 49;
    • Cache 3 /way 29, 42;
    • Cache 4 /way 26, 37;
    • Cache 5 /way 23, 35;
    • Cache 6 /way 25, 27;
    • Cache 7 /way 19, 33;
    • Cache 8 /way 20, 29;
    • Cache 9 /way 24, 36;
    • Cache 10 /way 22, 46.

This Army

Complete the quest "You and What Army" once with each of the unique champions.

  1. During the Necrolord Assault look for a quest called You and What Army? Icon You and What Army?
  2. Accept the quest and choose one of the unique champions to assist you:
    • Cutter Fin;
    • Kearnen the Blade;
    • Winslow Swan;
    • Boil Master Yetch;
    • Flytrap.
  3. As you can only pick one champion per quest you will have to wait until the quest is up again to pick a different champion.

Up for Grabs

Open ten Mawsworn Caches during the Necrolord assault on Perdition Hold.

Be sure to use the Overcharged Centurion for this quest as some of the Mawsworn Caches are on top of the walls and towers in Perdition Hold. The Overcharged Centurion has an ability called Purestep Ascension Icon Purestep Ascension which helps you reach high places. Otherwise, you can use the grappling hooks around the Perdition Hold. The caches will reset each day.

  1. Wait for the Necrolord Assault;
  2. Accept and complete the quest Putting A Plan Together, after which accept and complete the quest Waiting in the Wings;
  3. Activate the Overcharged Centurion that becomes available after completing Waiting in the Wings;
  4. Use the Overcharged Centurion's Purestep Ascension Icon Purestep Ascension ability to help you reach higher places where some of the following Caches are found:
    • /way 27.7, 61.6;
    • /way 30, 65;
    • /way 30.3, 55.8;
    • /way 32.8, 65;
    • /way 33.5, 70.4;
    • /way 33.8, 57.4;
    • /way 34, 61.6.
  5. If the Waiting in the Wings quest is not up you can also reach some of the Caches with the Grappling hooks in Perdition Hold.

The Zovaal Shuffle

Dance near five different forges in Zovaal's Cauldron while holding a Mawproof Parasol.

  1. Look for a quest called The Ember Count;
  2. Find and interact with Gubbins to take a Parasol;
  3. Gubbins can be located in the following cordinates:
    • /way 31.9, 42.5;
    • /way 35.2, 43.5;
    • /way 39.8, 40.7.
  4. Use "/dance" near 5 different forges.

Hoarder of Torghast

Make use of items Fangcrack pulls out of the Portal to Torghast.

  1. During a Venthyr Assault, look for the quest Fangcrack's Fan Club;
  2. Break the Phylacteries and pick up the Anima Powers that Fangcrack pulls out of the portal for a total of 10 times.

A Sly Fox

Find "Sly" each time he runs away.

  1. During a Kyrian Assault talk with Orator Kloe at /way 42.17, 44.52;
  2. You will be granted a buff called Sharp Eyed Icon Sharp Eyed; follow the footprints that appear;
  3. At the end of the footprint trail you will find Sly;
  4. You need to do this 3 times in total and you can only do it once per Kyrian Assault.

Tea for the Troubled

Serve tea to the following characters during the Venthyr assault on the Tremaculum.

  1. During a Venthyr Assault look for a quest called A Tea for Every Occasion.
  2. After accepting the quest talk to Tubbins to grant you a disguise.
  3. Find and offer tea to the following characters:
    • The Countess - /way 24.8, 17.5;
    • Archivist Fane - /way 26.6, 20.1;
    • Simone - /way 26.7, 14.6;
    • Kael'thas Sunstrider - /way 27.1, 18.5;
    • Vulca - /way 27.3, 20.1;
    • Lost Sybille - /way 31.4, 20.4;
    • Laurent - /way 31.7, 14.2;
    • Iven - /way 32.8, 14.8;
  4. Only 4 of them are up on any given day of the Assault.

Krrprripripkraak's Heroes

Aid each of the following characters during the Night Fae assault quest "Just Don't Ask Me to Spell It".

  1. During a Night Fae Assault look for a quest called Just Don't Ask Me to Spell It;
  2. Pick one of the characters to help and finish the quest:
    • Elder Gwenna;
    • Foreman Thorodir;
    • Te'zan;
    • Warden Casad;
    • Kivarr;
    • Guardian Kota.
  3. You can only finish this quest once per Night Fae Assault.

Other Mounts in Patch 9.1

Patch 9.1 includes many other mounts to earn as you work to acquire the achievements for On the Offensive Icon On the Offensive. To learn more, check out our hub for the entire mount guide and visit some of the other sections covered within!



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