Elemental Shaman Patch 9.1 Changes Analysis

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General Information

On this page, we tell you how the Patch 9.1 changes for Elemental Shaman affect the spec and what the current state of theorycrafting is.


Elemental Shaman in Patch 9.1: Chains of Domination

This page will go over how the Patch 9.1 changes affect Elemental Shamans, specifically how the changes impact the playstyle, best Legendaries, Covenants, etc. If you are simply interested in what the 9.1 changes are for Elemental Shaman, you can instead read our full list of changes to the entire Shaman class on our dedicated page below. For an additional list of the content that came with patch 9.1, you can also check out our Patch 9.1 Overview page.


Best Talents in Patch 9.1 for Elemental Shaman

There are no changes to Elemental's talents in 9.1.


Best Legendary in Patch 9.1 for Elemental Shaman

No real change although you will unfortunately want to recraft your legendaries so they are not taking a Domination Armor slot. Only the new Night Fae legendary Seeds of Rampant Growth Icon Seeds of Rampant Growth is worth crafting if you joined that Covenant.


Best Covenant in Patch 9.1 for Elemental Shaman

Necrolord and Night Fae are excellent in most situations, the overall difference in power is tiny and we recommend making your own decision based on how you like their abilities, cosmetics...



  • 01 Nov. 2021: Reviewed and approved for Patch 9.1.5.
  • 13 Jul. 2021: Removed PTR mentions, all 9.1 changes are now live.
  • 03 Jul. 2021: Updated with 9.1 live information.
  • 25 Apr. 2021: Page created with initial information.
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