Frost Mage DPS Easy Mode — Shadowlands 9.2.5

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General Information

On this page, we explain how to easily play Frost Mage in World of Warcraft — Shadowlands 9.2.5, using the simplest rotation, talent tree, stat priority, gear setup, etc., without sacrificing performance.



This section is intended for players who are new to the game or class, have no intentions of raiding Mythic difficulty, or simply want a more straightforward way to play their specialization without being overwhelmed by the numerous priorities and active abilities that need to be taken into consideration for optimal play.


The Basics for Frost Mage

Frost is a very versatile specialization, with a high degree of talent customization. Talents depending, your bars may be either rather empty or overflowing. In this section we will be focusing on a setup that minimizes the amount of buttons necessary without compromising the output too much.


When Playing Without Lonely Winter

When playing Frost without the Lonely Winter Icon Lonely Winter talent selected, you want to make sure that your Summon Water Elemental Icon Summon Water Elemental is always present. It is recommended that you keep it on "Assist", so that it will automatically attack your target when you engage in combat. The Water Elemental has a Freeze Icon Freeze ability that you need to either keybind the pet button for, or place on your normal bars. It can be found in the Pet tab of the Spellbook, and placed on your bars like any other spell. It is fairly useful out in the world, allowing you to keep mobs off of you at range. It can also be utilized for Shatter Icon Shatter.

If you have further questions about how specific spells work, please check out the Spell Summary page:


Talent Choice for Frost Mage

These choices are optimized for ease of use. Although other talents will offer higher gains when played perfectly, these same talents often result in damage losses when utilized by many players compared to simpler options. The talents recommended here aim to present the best setup that has very little punishment for unfamiliarity or mistakes.

Further optimized talent selection, and explanations as to why talents are picked, can be found on our Talent page:


Stat Choice for Frost Mage

You should simulate your own character to get stat weights, but a decent guideline to start out should be as follows:

  1. Intellect;
  2. Critical Strike to 33.34%;
  3. Versatility >= Haste;
  4. Mastery;
  5. Critical Strike beyond 33.34%.

It is important to understand that this is not an instruction to stack Critical Strike to 33%. It is simply (usually) the most valuable stat by a small amount until it hits 33.34%, where it will become the worst. Haste can and will overtake it at certain gear points, as will Versatility. A simulation is the only way to be sure if any given piece of gear is an upgrade.

Critical Strike will fall off after you hit 33.34% Shatter Icon Shatter cap. This is the point where all your spells that are considered frozen, such as Ice Lance Icon Ice Lance with Fingers of Frost Icon Fingers of Frost, will always Critically Strike.

Please note, this is not an absolute ordering, it is not required to get anywhere near the Shatter Icon Shatter cap to play Frost, and it is absolutely not required, or optimal, to stack Critical Strike to the exclusion of all else. For more information, please refer to the Stats page:


Basic Rotation for Frost Mage

  1. Use your Icy Veins Icon Icy Veins cooldown when possible for more damage. Keep in mind any fight mechanics that would either cause you to lose valuable casting time, or a vulnerability to take advantage of. Perhaps you do not want to pop it the second it comes up if the boss will take extra damage in a few seconds!
  2. Cast Frozen Orb Icon Frozen Orb when available to generate Fingers of Frost Icon Fingers of Frost.
  3. Cast Flurry Icon Flurry only when you have Brain Freeze Icon Brain Freeze.
  4. Cast Ice Lance Icon Ice Lance to spend your Fingers of Frost Icon Fingers of Frost charges, or twice directly after casting a Flurry Icon Flurry.
  5. Cast Blizzard Icon Blizzard when there are 2+ targets to help your AoE damage.
  6. Cast Frostbolt Icon Frostbolt as a filler, and to generate Fingers of Frost Icon Fingers of Frost and Brain Freeze Icon Brain Freeze.

For more detailed information about how to play Frost, please refer to the Rotation page:


Legendary Chocie for Frost Mage

Freezing Winds Icon Freezing Winds is a pretty safe option in all content. It is not the best in all scenarios, but it is competitive. This will simply give you a lot more Fingers of Frost Icon Fingers of Frost procs during Frozen Orb Icon Frozen Orb. It should be crafted on hands.

After the 9.2 quest line, you will gain access to Unity Icon Unity, which you can wear at the same time as another legendary. It will be given to you as a belt, and a power unlock. This will let you recraft it at a higher item level later.


Covenant Choice for Frost Mage

Venthyr. This is the best option before Unity Icon Unity and Tier are obtained, and even afterwards it is still competitive.

Mirrors of Torment Icon Mirrors of Torment will functionally grant you three Brain Freeze Icon Brain Freeze procs over six seconds. Contrary to most cases, you need to not preface each of them with a Frostbolt Icon Frostbolt, instead just using Flurry Icon Flurry>Ice Lance Icon Ice Lance>Ice Lance while the debuff is active on the target, to avoid munching the Brain Freezes generated.

For more detailed information about Covenants for Frost, please refer to the Covenant page:



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