Frost Mage DPS Spec, Builds, and Talents — Dragonflight 10.2.7

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On this page, you will find out the best talents for each tier for your Frost Mage in World of Warcraft — Dragonflight 10.2.7. We also have default talent lists for various types of content, such as raiding or Mythic+. If you play with Warmode on, we have your PvP talents covered as well.

If you were looking for WotLK Classic content, please refer to our WotLK Classic Frost Mage talents.


Talent Builds for Frost Mage


Best Talents for Frost Mage

Single-Target Talents AoE Raid Talents Mythic+ Talents Talents Explained

Best Single-Target Talents for Frost Mage

This build is optimal for pure single and two-target situations.

Be sure to make use of the 'Copy Export String' button to import the best build directly into your game!


Best AoE Talents for Frost Mage

This is our recommended build for AoE scenarios in raids.

The only important difference from the single target tree is Ice Caller Icon Ice Caller and Freezing Rain Icon Freezing Rain over Frozen Touch Icon Frozen Touch and Slick Ice Icon Slick Ice. This variant should be taken on any fight you encounter significant cleave.

There is another variant that shows up for short add phases every 45-60 seconds, and that is only moving Slick Ice Icon Slick Ice to Coldest Snap Icon Coldest Snap. This gives you an extremely powerful burst of AoE damage without sacrificing much in the way of single-target damage at the expense of being functionally unable to AoE for sustained durations.

Be sure to make use of the 'Copy Export String' button to import the best build directly into your game!


Best Mythic+ Talents for Frost Mage

This is the recommended tree for Mythic+. There are some variants that can show up depending on how much you value boss damage or trash damage.

Frostbite Icon Frostbite for Ray of Frost Icon Ray of Frost can work out if you value boss damage and damage to targets that cannot be frozen.

Wintertide Icon Wintertide for Snowstorm Icon Snowstorm if you value the AoE burst damage more than the slight gain to single/two target damage.


Talent Explanations for Frost Mages

This tab will go over some of the more important talents and certain talents that are notable to avoid at all costs. For a full list of descriptions, please see the Spell List page:


Rows 1-4

Right out of the gate, Overflowing Energy Icon Overflowing Energy, Incanter's Flow Icon Incanter's Flow, and Shifting Power Icon Shifting Power are mandatory. They are simply DPS increases, something most of the tree is not.

You need 8 talents from this point. Given that Mirror Image Icon Mirror Image and Alter Time Icon Alter Time are both great defensives; you will be going down both sides of the tree. If you take the center path down each side and simply take Spellsteal Icon Spellsteal and Remove Curse Icon Remove Curse, you will have opened up the second section of the talent tree.

Alternatively, you can path around both Spellsteal Icon Spellsteal and Remove Curse Icon Remove Curse if you wish. The second section has so many optional talents that if there are no curses or magic debuffs to steal, or dispels are handled by others in your groups, you have the spare points to pick up one of the two-pointer talents on each side of the tree to get to Mirror Image Icon Mirror Image and Alter Time Icon Alter Time. There are enough points around to pick every talent in this section and very few in the next, and still have the mandatory build components by the end of the tree. This is an incredibly flexible tree; adjust it as you feel.


Rows 5-7

This section has a lot of leeway in what you can do and what you could potentially take. Of this section, you want Tome of Antonidas Icon Tome of Antonidas and Tome of Rhonin Icon Tome of Rhonin. These are the only true throughput talents in the section. To get them, the easiest and most common path is through Shimmer Icon Shimmer/Ice Floes Icon Ice Floes, as it links to both. You need to pick a utility point here. Quick Witted Icon Quick Witted is always nice whenever interrupts are needed and more commonly useful than the other choices.

The rest of the points can honestly be assigned as you see fit. Incantation of Swiftness Icon Incantation of Swiftness turns Invisibility Icon Invisibility into an 80% sprint button. Master of Time Icon Master of Time gives a shorter cooldown to Alter Time Icon Alter Time. This is going to be heavily personal preference, so take whatever you think feels right. Defensives are never a bad thing either, so Arcane Warding Icon Arcane Warding or Tempest Barrier Icon Tempest Barrier are fantastic options.

If you intend to get Ice Cold Icon Ice Cold later in the tree, which you likely should consider grabbing Cryo-Freeze Icon Cryo-Freeze to turn it into a heal as well as a heavy damage reduction.

Energized Barriers Icon Energized Barriers can remove many effects that slow you down and is a strangely powerful talent because of it. Depending on the effect, it may just remove the slow component, or it may remove the debuff entirely, with seemingly no logic between which it will do. Potentially a mandatory talent in that it seems worth trying on every mechanic that can slow you.

Special note for Volatile Detonation Icon Volatile Detonation. Blast Wave Icon Blast Wave's default behavior will move a target to 8 yards away from you. For instance, if you were to hit them from 6 yards away, it moves them 2 yards further. Volatile Detonation changes that, and will blast any targets hit, at any range, 20 yards away from their initial location, assuming a flat ground. This is a significant knockback; beware.

Reduplication Icon Reduplication/Reabsorption Icon Reabsorption should likely be avoided. They only trigger when you take direct damage and an image fades out, and not when they die. Given that, almost all mechanics are coded as non-direct damage and do not trigger this specific mechanic; this is a very niche node. Likewise, both Rigid Ice Icon Rigid Ice and Improved Frost Nova Icon Improved Frost Nova are fairly useless, as most group PVE either has mobs immune to their root effects or you are using them for their ability to Shatter Icon Shatter, neither of which warrant taking them.


Rows 8-10

The optimal play is getting all three capstones. Getting to them is up to you. The standard play is to take both the left and right sides for utility, and then Time Manipulation Icon Time Manipulation to give you access to the center capstone talent.

Time Manipulation Icon Time Manipulation has the special distinction of being a potential AoE DPS increase through lowering the cooldown of Ice Nova Icon Ice Nova and Frost Nova Icon Frost Nova for Shatter Icon Shatter purposes.

Accumulative Shielding Icon Accumulative Shielding is particularly bad. If you have cast Ice Barrier Icon Ice Barrier, and it did not get consumed; why did you waste the GCD? This, at best, will drop Ice Barrier from a 25-second cooldown to 20.


Frost Talents


Rows 1-4

Mandatory talents everywhere! Take everything except for Frostbite Icon Frostbite. These are your primary spells and procs and the only access points through to the rest of the three tree branches, which all have things you want.

The exception to this is Everlasting Frost Icon Everlasting Frost, being neither a proc, primary spell, or unique branch access. It is simply a deceptively strong talent. The extra 2 seconds is a 20% damage increase to Frozen Orb Icon Frozen Orb by itself, and adding 30% to the entire thing on top of it. The extra 4 ticks also are 4 extra chances to proc Fingers of Frost Icon Fingers of Frost. This is an important talent, and you should not skip it.

Winter's Blessing Icon Winter's Blessing is straight up a huge bonus to Haste. This 8% gain is multiplicative against other effects, so Time Warp Icon Time Warp with this talent provides 40.4% Haste rather than 38%. This is true of all Haste benefits.


Rows 5-7

You want Icy Veins Icon Icy Veins, so this leads you down one of two sides. Left is a single target; right is AoE. Snowstorm Icon Snowstorm is a bit on the weak side, and Lonely Winter Icon Lonely Winter is ridiculously strong, so most players should path left regardless of content.

Beyond that, Perpetual Winter Icon Perpetual Winter is a surprising DPS increase by allowing you a second charge of Flurry Icon Flurry and reducing the proc munching involved significantly. Bone Chilling Icon Bone Chilling is simply a 5% DPS gain for one point, an easy pick. For this guide, we are aiming at Hailstones Icon Hailstones, so grabbing both Flash Freeze Icon Flash Freeze and Splintering Cold Icon Splintering Cold will drastically increase Mastery's value.

Ice Caller Icon Ice Caller is a mandatory talent in multi-target and is your go-to build for any fight that has an extra add.

Comet Storm Icon Comet Storm, especially when paired with Glacial Assault Icon Glacial Assault that is linked to it is an extremely strong ability for all target counts. Given the easy position on the tree, it is an easy pick for all builds.


Rows 8-10

Glacial Assault Icon Glacial Assault and Hailstones Icon Hailstones are mandatory.

Ray of Frost Icon Ray of Frost is a heavy single-target burst talent when used with Cryopathy Icon Cryopathy. This should be taken on any single target fight or any real talent build that does not care about sustained AoE damage. Most raid fights will take Ray of Frost. Splintering Ray Icon Splintering Ray is an extremely strange talent that only will see use if there are adds that need to die that spawn every minute, but it also does not prioritize boss damage. In those cases, a more general AoE build like the Mythic+ set would be suggested instead.

Glacial Spike Icon Glacial Spike is extremely strong in all content and should be taken in all known scenarios.

Thermal Void Icon Thermal Void is mandatory, heavily increasing the duration of Icy Veins Icon Icy Veins, usually up to twice as long as baseline.

Freezing Winds Icon Freezing Winds is a great mobility boost and generally a good talent in all content. Extra procs are always welcome, especially when tied to such a hard-hitting spell.

This leaves one float point for this section. Slick Ice Icon Slick Ice and Chain Reaction Icon Chain Reaction are both worth about the same on single target, although Chain Reaction pulls slightly ahead for cleave. Freezing Rain Icon Freezing Rain is what you should talent into for heavy AoE.

Coldest Snap Icon Coldest Snap is in a strange position of being an extremely good AoE burst talent but of questionable use in a raid scenario just due to lack of points. Anything that favors intermittent AoE should place the float point here, especially if added phases line up with the cooldown. However, this will lock you out of taking Freezing Rain Icon Freezing Rain, which limits the usage case to something like Sarkareth's adds.



More information about M+'s talent tree can be found on the M+ page.


Frost Mage PvP Talents

If you opt into War Mode, you are given the ability to use the Honour Talents out in the world. Defensive talents will depend on how comfortable you are with your base kit and if you expect to get attacked by other players. Given that PvP is outside the scope of this guide, only the offensive talents will be listed here. The PvP guide itself can be found here:

  • Concentrated Coolness Icon Concentrated Coolness is pretty great with no downsides.
  • Ice Form Icon Ice Form is a fairly short cooldown, useful if you find yourself never actually hitting Icy Veins Icon Icy Veins while out in the world due to wanting to "save" it for any reason. It has some good synergy with Deep Shatter Icon Deep Shatter, but requires you to have multiple freeze cooldowns lined up.
  • Ring of Fire Icon Ring of Fire is not a great pick for PVE. Against NPCs, it is capped at 24% of your max health in damage. For the cast time and the awkward aiming, this is not a great pick.
  • Frost Bomb Icon Frost Bomb is a great choice. A nice delayed burst AoE hit, which can be Shatter Icon Shattered.
  • Snowdrift Icon Snowdrift works as a decent short-term stun, but the damage is underwhelming and requires targets to be extremely close to you. There are better options.

Ice Wall Icon Ice Wall is going to get a special mention. Having the ability to force line of sight, or wall an enemy player either in with you or away from you, is a pretty powerful utility. This feels like one of those things you should have with you just in case you are in War Mode. It is deceptively strong for the area denial utility.

There are some interesting Honour Talents, but since they are restricted to the open-world and unusable in instances, they generally are not simulated. Thus, the above are simply the thoughts and feelings of the author.



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