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Frost Mage Essences — Battle for Azeroth (BfA) 8.3

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General Information

On this page, we go over the Essence system in Patch 8.3 of World of Warcraft — Battle for Azeroth, and we tell you which are the best essences to use as Frost Mage, both for minor and major powers. Please refer to our Patch 8.3 Essence Guide for more information about the new essences introduced in Patch 8.3 and to our Essence guide for more general information about the Essence system and where Essences can be obtained from.


Azerite Essences for Frost Mages

Introduced in Patch 8.2, Essences are unique items that drop from various forms of content. They are activated through your Heart of Azeroth Icon Heart of Azeroth, and they buff your character in various ways, depending on the Essences that are currently active.

For more information about essences, please check out the following:

What follows on this page will relate directly to how Essences affect this spec, since generic information is beyond the scope of this guide.


Essence Choices for Frost Mage

Essence choice for Frost Mage will shift depending on your gear level and Corruption effects, although they are rarely changed outside of that.


Major Essences

Characters with lower Mastery levels will usually benefit most from Condensed Life-Force Icon Condensed Life-Force, as they did during 8.2. However, as gear levels increase, and you gain access to more powerful Corruption effects, Memory of Lucid Dreams Icon Memory of Lucid Dreams will become the top major.

It should also be noted that for Mythic+, Worldvein Resonance Icon Worldvein Resonance can be stronger than it seems, especially on trash-heavy instances. This is a particularly useful Essence, as it allows for harder hitting Frozen Orb Icon Frozen Orbs in AoE situations without being entirely useless on a single target boss fight like Essence of the Focusing Iris Icon Essence of the Focusing Iris is. In addition, it is a fairly competitive Essence for raw single target if you have allies who are also using it. Given the ease of obtaining it, it should be a high priority on a new character who does not have immediate access to the two above.


Minor Essences

Minor traits can be pretty flexible, although they will also change around slightly with gear.

Memory of Lucid Dreams Icon Memory of Lucid Dreams's minor is mandatory on all sets, be it through high geared characters running it as the major, or lower geared as a minor.

Worldvein Resonance Icon Worldvein Resonance is of particular interest if your group has multiple people running the Essence. With just 3 allies using it, it becomes one of the best in the game. With no one else, it drops to about the middle of the pack. This will be something to decide based on your raid group.

Breath of the Dying Icon Breath of the Dying should be used at all times. The Corruption resistance in addition to a very strong damage proc solidify its position in all sets.

The last slot can be one of Essence of the Focusing Iris Icon Essence of the Focusing Iris, Conflict and Strife Icon Conflict and Strife, or The Formless Void Icon The Formless Void. They are all stat procs, and there is not much to say about all but one of them.

Special mention should go to The Formless Void Icon The Formless Void, as it can be deceptively strong if someone in your group is running either The Crucible of Flame Icon The Crucible of Flame or Breath of the Dying Icon Breath of the Dying as their chosen major. Either of these two will cause the proc to have an uptime higher than 80%, and upwards of 90% in a raid that has multiple copies of them. Tanks, for instance, seem to favour Crucible of Flame, as it is their only DPS option.


Essence Simulations and Notes

It should be noted that this is using the base T25 simulation profile, which is no-Ice Lance and using all Rank 3 Essences, and a fully optimized Corruption gearset. These will not be accurate for all characters and should only be used as a guideline. Using a Rank 1 or Rank 2 Essence will, sometimes drastically, change the outcome of any given comparison.

Simulate your own character for accurate results, they will sometimes differ drastically from what is shown here.


Major Essence Simulations

For the complete simulation results, check out Bloodmallet.com

Minor Essence Simulations

For the complete simulation results, check out Bloodmallet.com


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