Frost Mage Torghast Guide and Best Anima Powers — Dragonflight 10.2.5

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On this page, we tell you all you need to know to prepare your Frost Mage before entering Torghast and then how to pick up the right Anima Powers once you are inside!


Torghast as a Frost Mage

On this page we will guide you on how to perform the best in Torghast, Tower of the Damned as a Frost Mage. If you are looking for generic Torghast information, check out the pages below.


Frost Mage Talents for Torghast

In practice, there are no real differences between Torghast and any other content. The vast majority of the tower is easy enough to power through with any talent setup. If you are finding it difficult, Grisly Icicle Icon Grisly Icicle is the answer.


Best Frost Mage Anima Powers

Rating Anima powers is an incredibly difficult thing to do. There are a lot of seemingly bad powers that will suddenly become fantastic when combined with certain other powers. Others will feel fairly useless when grouped up. Yet still more others will be dependent on how you are playing through the tower. Higher layers may necessitate more defensive utility to survive, although that will also be dependent on how well you can kite and abuse line of sight. In addition, since you cannot anticipate what you are going to get in any given run, giving a stack rank tier list seems a bit odd. Instead, this section will call attention to some potentially very powerful combinations, and the situations in which they thrive.

Grisly Icicle Icon Grisly Icicle is probably one of the most powerful Anima powers. This can entirely cut enemy movement to 0, and if no ranged mobs are in combat, damage taken to 0 as well. This will also grant you 10 seconds of Shatter Icon Shatter on everything caught by your Frost Nova Icon Frost Nova. This is very powerful in all solo and group runs, as nothing your teammates do will break Frost Nova either. It cannot be overstated how strong this is for Frost Mages.

Related to the above, Tundrid Phial Icon Tundrid Phial reduces the cooldown of Frost Nova Icon Frost Nova, and it stacks as you find more of them. It is a fairly common power too, and when combined with Grisly Icicle Icon Grisly Icicle it means that you can take literally no damage from melee mobs for the entire run.

Additionally, Gravity Dynamo Icon Gravity Dynamo adds even more damage to Grisly Icicle Icon Grisly Icicle.

Highly-Polished Handmirror Icon Highly-Polished Handmirror combined with Clouded Diamond Icon Clouded Diamond and multiple Spaceweaver's Thread Icon Spaceweaver's Threads mean that you can Blink Icon Blink or Shimmer Icon Shimmer around the entire level, while throwing Mirror Image Icon Mirror Images that do formidable damage. This can be enhanced even further by Sapphire Prism Icon Sapphire Prism, where your manually-cast Mirror Image will summon more copies, who are also empowered in the same way.

Seeker's Scroll Icon Seeker's Scroll is a great passive damage increase if you can get it early.

Triune Ward Icon Triune Ward is one of the most ridiculously-powerful defensive powers in the tower. This will functionally take your Ice Barrier Icon Ice Barrier's usual 22% Max Health barrier, and turn it into a 62% Max Health barrier that also reduces magical damage taken by 15%. This can be further empowered with Resolute Medallion Icon Resolute Medallion, where even one stack of it takes you to 105.4% Maximum Health when combined with Triune Ward. These two are very likely mandatory if you see them on higher layers, as the amount of damage reduction afforded by them is simply unmatched. These can also be combined with Incanter's Ward Icon Incanter's Ward so that absorbing damage buffs your output further.

Frostbite Wand Icon Frostbite Wand halving the health of a mob means that if you can kill it in those 4 seconds, you have saved yourself a ridiculous amount of time. This is generally paired with large scale AoE damage, such as Chaos Invitation Icon Chaos Invitation.

Likewise, Frostchipper Icon Frostchipper will permanently reduce a mob's health by 5% if it procs. Since it procs from frost damage, this is a fairly nice power for Frost Mage.

Lens of Elchaver Icon Lens of Elchaver is fantastic on Frost Mage as most of your damage will critically strike due to Shatter Icon Shatter.

Chronomancer's Hourglass Icon Chronomancer's Hourglass combined with multiple stacks of Bottled Tesseract Icon Bottled Tesseract can give you a very short cooldown on Time Warp Icon Time Warp. This can be further combined with Timeweaver's Needle Icon Timeweaver's Needle, which reduces Alter Time Icon Alter Time's cooldown while active.

If you have managed to find a bunch of Bloating Fodder Icon Bloating Fodder, Dimensional Blade Icon Dimensional Blade can be fairly effective if you grab giant sections of the floor and simply Blink Icon Blink through, usually killing enough Mawrats to set off a chain reaction and destroy the entire pack. This is not a recommended combo due to the damage being low until you obtain a lot of Bloating Fodder powers, but it is definitely a funny combo.

For a complete list of Anima Powers, please refer to the following pages.


Frost Mage Play Tips for Torghast, Tower of the Damned

In a group, you simply play as you would in any other content, adjusting as you gain Anima powers that could impact your playstyle. Obviously, spamming Shimmer Icon Shimmer without cooldown while it spawns a ton of drastically empowered Mirror Image Icon Mirror Images is not exactly standard gameplay, so use your best judgment for how to play in a party with Anima powers that are out of the norm.

Solo, this is more of a test of your ability to keep things slowed and rooted, until you have enough Anima powers to become functionally immortal. Cone of Cold Icon Cone of Cold's powerful AoE slow gets a nice amount of usage in Torghast. Frost Nova Icon Frost Nova also likewise gets an abnormal amount of use here. Learning how to kite melee mobs while focusing down the ranged/caster mobs in the rear is something you will need to work on. Utilizing line of sight is also another underutilized skill.

Consider, mobs have run through your Blizzard Icon Blizzard and Frozen Orb Icon Frozen Orb and are dangerously close to you. They mostly have about half health left, so you are going to need time and room. You could Frost Nova Icon Frost Nova, move away, and drop Blizzard on them again to keep them slowed. You could also Cone of Cold Icon Cone of Cold for the powerful slow, functionally holding them in place for 5 seconds, and Ice Floes Icon Ice Floes a Blizzard where they will be in a couple seconds. You could also Blink Icon Blink through them, especially if Frozen Orb's still active behind them. Mirror Image Icon Mirror Image could also be dropped, buying you a bit of time as enemies go for the Images instead of you. Or, you could Invisibility Icon Invisibility out of combat, maybe this was a bad pull or you are low health and wish to reset combat.

Most trash packs will be fairly easy with the amount of slows at your disposal, just be aware of your ways out of a bad scenario.



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