Restoration Druid Frequently Asked Questions — Battle for Azeroth (BfA) 8.2.5

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On this page, we go over several of the most frequently asked questions regarding Restoration Druid in World of Warcraft — Battle for Azeroth Battle for Azeroth (BfA) 8.2.5. This will be updated as more common repeated questions surface over the course of the expansion.


What Changed for Restoration Druid in BfA?

A summary of all changes can be found in our intro page.


How Good is Restoration Druid in Battle for Azeroth (Patch 8.1)?

Druids got substantial buffs for dungeon content: a 10% healing increase to Wild Growth Icon Wild Growth, a small single target damage increase and a minor cleave damage increase. Together with Discipline Priest nerfs and a small Mistweaver Monk nerf, this puts Restoration Druid solidly as one of the best two specs for Mythic+.

Tranquility Icon Tranquility nerfs hurt Tranquility and Flourish Icon Flourish combo a lot. On fights where pulling this combo off was very important, you will see ~2-4% reduction to your healing. On fights where you were spreading Flourish and Tranquility apart, you can expect sub 1% healing nerf. An extra second on Rejuvenation Icon Rejuvenation duration via the reworked Autumn Leaves Icon Autumn Leaves compensates for throughput losses a bit. Despite this, you will find yourself closer to the best raid healing spec than you were in 8.0, due to substantial Discipline Priest damage and healing nerfs.


Which race is best for Restoration Druids?

For Alliance, Night Elves are slightly be better, due to the power of Shadowmeld Icon Shadowmeld in dungeon content. Both Night Elf and Worgen passive racials are inconsequential in raid content.

As for Horde, you have to choose between a better throughput from Trolls and better utility racials from Taurens and Highmountain Taurens. There is no formula that will help you make this decision, but the differences between all three races are pretty small.


How Much Haste Should I Use? Is There a Haste Cap?

There are no goals for stats, no set amounts to aim for, no combinations of stat distributions that are good. It is a very common misconception to focus on stats, or aim for the "right" ones. They do not exist. The only stat that will always be correct to pick is Intellect.

Haste increases the healing of all your HoTs linearly, which means there are no, and can not be, any breakpoints.


Which Raid Frames Should I Use?

Grid2, VuhDo or ElvUI all provide strong, customisable raid frames options. Standard Blizzard frames, unfortunately, do not offer options to show the same amount information or ways to filter out useless information.


Can I Level to 120 as Restoration?

You can, but there are no good reasons to do it. Playstyle in any of the affinities is essentially the same as the specs they mimic, but with much lower damage. If you choose to still level as Restoration, make sure you drop any and all gear with Mastery on it and try to use any trinkets with damage procs or on-use effects.


Why Pick Abundance After Healing Touch Was Removed?

Healing Touch was never a good spell to cast in Legion, especially in dungeons, where your Mana mostly does not matter. It had some niche use on certain encounters which forced you to spot heal on the move, but that is about it. Abundance Icon Abundance was always picked for increased throughput on Regrowth Icon Regrowth. This continues to be the case.


Does Extra Healing from Autumn Leaves Work with Germination?

Trait will provide extra 1 second to both Rejuvenation and Germination at all times.


Two-Handed weapon or One-Handed plus Off-Hand?

Pick whichever option provides you the most Intellect. Seabreeze Icon Seabreeze provides slightly less Haste than an equal item level weapon would provide otherwise. The difference is however negligible and you should stick to the highest item level weapon available.



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