Retribution Paladin Mists of Pandaria: Remix Guide — Dragonflight 10.2.7

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On this page, you will learn the best Gems to use for your Retribution Paladin in Mists of Pandaria: Remix, as well as the best leveling talents and rotation, whether you are leveling in the open world, or through raids and dungeons.

If you were looking for our normal Dragonflight Leveling Guide for Retribution Paladin, please check out our Leveling page.


Remix: Mists of Pandaria Guide for Retribution Paladin

Welcome to our MoP Remix Guide for Retribution Paladin! This page contains everything you need to know about getting the most out of your Retribution Paladin in the Patch 10.2.7 special feature, Mists of Pandaria: Remix.

This page is focused only on Retribution Paladin in MoP Remix. If you want to know more about MoP Remix in general, such as its rewards, check out our dedicated page below.


Best MoP Remix Leveling Talents for Retribution Paladin

Below, you will find our recommended leveling build and talent pick order for your Retribution Paladin in MoP Remix. There are numerous ways to level in MoP Remix, and we offer some builds for some of the most relevant ones.

Note that this Leveling section is specific to MoP Remix. For our Dragonflight Leveling Guide for Retribution Paladin, please check our dedicated Leveling page.


Best MoP Remix Leveling Build for Retribution Paladin

Dungeon Leveling Build Open-World Leveling Build

Dungeon Leveling Build

This build focuses on AoE damage while still maintaining decent single-target output. It is more useful for longer combat length than you would encounter in open-world content.


Open-World Leveling Build

This build is intended for open world content and prioritizes up front damage for frequent, short encounters.


Best Gems for Retribution Paladin in MoP Remix

Gems are one of the unique ways to augment your character in MoP Remix, offering offensive, defensive, and utility benefits. On this page, we list the best gems for each type. To learn more about Gems in MoP Remix in general, check out our dedicated page below.

  • Meta Gem: Thundering Orb Icon Thundering Orb
  • Cogwheel Gem: Blink Icon Blink
  • Prismatic Gems:

    You will have a tremendous amount of stats as you start unlocking all Gem slots, and there is no single best stat to stack. Generally speaking, avoid Mastery (since most Tinker Gem effects do not scale with it) and use Haste, Versatility, and Critical Strike Gems in a healthy balance.

  • Tinker Gems:
    • Brilliance Icon Brilliance
    • Enkindle Icon Enkindle
    • Windweaver Icon Windweaver
    • Lightning Rod Icon Lightning Rod
    • Wildfire Icon Wildfire
    • Explosive Barrage Icon Explosive Barrage
    • Quick Strike Icon Quick Strike
    • Brittle Icon Brittle
    • Slay Icon Slay
    • Storm Overload Icon Storm Overload
    • Incendiary Terror Icon Incendiary Terror
    • Sunstrider's Flourish Icon Sunstrider's Flourish

Level by Level Rotation

To keep things simple while leveling and learning the spec, use the slider to select your level, and watch as the leveling rotation grows with each level!

Move the slider below to make the guide update to your level!

Level: 10

Leveling Rotation for Retribution Paladin

When using our slider, note that some talents may appear sooner than you expect them to in the rotation. This is because we have multiple recommended builds above, each taking talents at slightly different times, and sometimes entirely different talents.

  1. Cast Avenging Wrath: Might Icon Avenging Wrath: Might.
  2. Cast Final Reckoning Icon Final Reckoning.
  3. Cast Shield of Vengeance Icon Shield of Vengeance when taking damage.
  4. Follow the priority list below until you have at least 3 Holy Power.
    1. Cast Wake of Ashes Icon Wake of Ashes if you have 2 or less Holy Power.
    2. Cast Divine Toll Icon Divine Toll if you have 1 or less Holy Power.
    3. Cast Blade of Justice Icon Blade of Justice.
    4. Cast Judgment Icon Judgment.
    5. Cast Templar Strikes Icon Templar Strikes / Templar Slash Icon Templar Slash.
    6. Cast Hammer of Wrath Icon Hammer of Wrath.
    7. Cast Crusader Strike Icon Crusader Strike.
    8. Cast Consecration Icon Consecration.
  5. Once you reached 3 or more Holy Power, you want to switch to the second priority list below, which is used to spend Holy Power and use cooldowns that buff your Holy Power spenders.
  6. Cast Divine Storm Icon Divine Storm against 2 or more targets.
  7. Cast Templar's Verdict Icon Templar's Verdict against a single target.


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