Assassination Rogue DPS Spell List and Glossary — Dragonflight 10.0.7

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General Information

On this page, we present you with all spells and procs that you need to understand as an Assassination Rogue in World of Warcraft — Dragonflight 10.0.7.

If you were looking for WotLK Classic content, please refer to our WotLK Classic Assassination Rogue spells.


Assassination Rogue Spell Summary

In this section we will list almost all of the abilities you gain access to either passively or actively. Some of the abilities are not listed, as their functionality is self-explanatory, like Thief's Versatility Icon Thief's Versatility or Systemic Failure Icon Systemic Failure. We will also list commonly used abbreviations that you might find in other parts of this guide, or when looking for additional information elsewhere on the Internet.


Main Resources for Assassination Rogue

Energy is the main resource of Assassination Rogues. Energy is generated passively, the rate of which can be increased by Haste and talents. Venomous Wounds Icon Venomous Wounds also provides some bonus Energy, as does Venom Rush Icon Venom Rush. Keeping track of your Energy and pooling for windows of increased burst is extremely important to playing Assassination properly.

Combo Points are another primary resource utilized by Assassination Rogues. Some of your abilities generate Combo Points while finishing moves spend them. Spending more Combo Points on a finishing move increases the damage it deals or the duration of the effect it applies. Critical strikes generate additional Combo Points, if talented into the Seal Fate Icon Seal Fate talent. Combo Point management is very important to maintaining your abilities and maximizing burst.


Unlocking Abilities

This page lists all the abilities that are available to you on a max-level character. If you have just started your journey by leveling a new Rogue, you can head over to our leveling section to learn more about when you get access to these abilities on your way to max level.


Basic Abilities for Assassination Rogue

These are abilities that you acquire automatically early on as you level your Assassination Rogue.

Ability Abbreviation Description/Effect
Stealth Icon Stealth - Turns you invisible until canceled or upon attacking.
Mutilate Icon Mutilate Mut/Muti Your main filler and Combo Point generator. It generates two Combo Points by striking with both weapons.
Ambush Icon Ambush - A Combo Point generator that can only be used from stealth. Generates 2 Combo Points.
Garrote Icon Garrote Gar A Combo Point generator that generates 1 Combo Point and applies a Physical damage over time debuff to your target.
Fan of Knives Icon Fan of Knives FoK Your only AoE Combo Points Generator. Hits all targets in a radius around you, deals damage to them, and has a chance to proc your Poisons. Generates 1 Combo Point.
>Poisoned Knife Icon Poisoned Knife PK Ranged Combo Points generator that generates 1 Combo Point. Always applies your currently active Poisons.
Cheap Shot Icon Cheap Shot CS A Combo Point generator that can only be used from stealth and against stunnable targets. Generates 1 Combo Point.
Envenom Icon Envenom - Finishing move that consumes your Combo Points, deals nature damage and increases your chance to apply poisons for a duration based on the number of Combo Points used.
Rupture Icon Rupture Rup Finishing move that applies a damage over time effect to your target that deals Physical damage, and lasts longer per Combo Point spent.
Slice and Dice Icon Slice and Dice SnD Finishing move that spends Combo Points and increases your attack speed by 50%. Lasts longer per Combo Point spent.
Kidney Shot Icon Kidney Shot Kidney/KS Finishing move that consumes your Combo Points and stuns the target for duration based on how many Combo Points were spent, up to a maximum of 6 seconds. 20-second cooldown.
Sprint Icon Sprint - 2-minute cooldown that increases your movement speed by 70% for 8 seconds. Usable while Stealthed.
Crimson Vial Icon Crimson Vial CV/Vial Heals you for 20% of your maximum health over 4 seconds. 30-second cooldown.
Kick Icon Kick - Interrupts targets spellcasting and prevents any spells from that school for 5 seconds. 15-second cooldown.
Distract Icon Distract - Throws a distraction, forcing enemies hit by it to face towards that direction for 10 seconds. Usable while stealthed.
Shroud of Concealment Icon Shroud of Concealment Shroud Provides Stealth for you and your party and raid members for 15 seconds. 6-minute cooldown.
Vanish Icon Vanish - Vanishes you from sight and enters you into Stealth. Breaks all movement impairing effects and usable while in combat. 2-minute cooldown.
Feint Icon Feint - A defensive skill that reduces damage taken from area-of-effect skills.

Talented Abilities

As part of the Talent Tree re-design in Dragonflight, every class and specialization now has a multitude of possible choices to spend up to 31 Class Talent Points and 30 Specialization Talent Points. We will break down most of them into individual sections, based on the Rows in which you can unlock them, while providing some commonly used abbreviations and explanations as to their functionality.

If you are simply looking for a quick guide on which talents to play, you can head over to our dedicated Talent page instead!


Talent Tree Rows 1-3 (No Point Requirement)


Active Abilities

Ability Abbreviation Description/Effect
Shiv Icon Shiv - 25-second cooldown ability that removes Enrage effects from your target applies a stronger version of your non-lethal Poison and generates 1CP.
Blind Icon Blind - A crowd control ability that makes a mob wander around blindly for a long duration. Running close to a blinded enemy will put you in combat. If the enemy takes damage it breaks free.
Sap Icon Sap - A crowd control ability that incapacitates an enemy for a long duration. You can run past a sapped enemy without getting into combat. If the enemy takes damage it breaks free.
Evasion Icon Evasion - Increases your chance to dodge enemy attacks by 100%. You are still required to face the enemy hitting you to be able to dodge.
Cloak of Shadows Icon Cloak of Shadows Cloak Makes you immune to most magic effects, and also removes a variety of different debuffs, including poisons, curses, and diseases. Some effects cannot be immuned, resisted, or removed, however, especially if they are key aspects of a boss encounter
Unbreakable Stride Icon Unbreakable Stride - A passive that reduces the duration of all movement impairing effects.
Gouge Icon Gouge - A crowd control ability that incapacitates an enemy for a short duration. If the enemy takes damage it breaks free. Requires your target to face you.
Tricks of the Trade Icon Tricks of the Trade Tricks/TotT Allows you to transfer any threat you generate over the next 6 seconds after hitting an enemy to a target of your choosing. It is best used on the tank.
Shadowstep Icon Shadowstep Step A mobility skill that allows you to teleport a target enemy or ally, and granting a very short movement speed increase when cast.

Passive Abilities

Ability Abbreviation Description/Effect
Master Poisoner Icon Master Poisoner MP Improves the effects of your non-lethal Poisons.
Shadowrunner Icon Shadowrunner - Grants extra movement speed while stealthed, i.e. when using Stealth Icon Stealth, Vanish Icon Vanish or Shadow Dance Icon Shadow Dance.
Improved Shiv Icon Improved Shiv - Turns Shiv Icon Shiv into a DPS cooldown that increases all Nature damage you deal.
Venomous Wounds Icon Venomous Wounds VW You generate additional Energy every time Rupture or Garrote deal damage to a target you poisoned. It is a core feature of our Energy generation
Cut to the Chase Icon Cut to the Chase CttC Refreshes the duration of your Slice and Dice Icon Slice and Dice every time you cast Envenom. Allows you to maintain 100% uptime on SnD without having to manually cast it again.
Elaborate Planning Icon Elaborate Planning EP Increases all damage you deal for 4 seconds. Does not pandemic.
Internal Bleeding Icon Internal Bleeding IB Applies a damage-over-time effect to a target you cast Kidney Shot Icon Kidney Shot on. If the target is immune to stuns, the DoT will not be applied either.

Talent Rows 4-7


Active Abilities

Ability Abbreviation Description/Effect
Crimson Tempest Icon Crimson Tempest CT A damaging finisher that deals instant damage in an area around you, while also applying a short-duration damage-over-time bleed to all targets hit.
Deathmark Icon Deathmark DM Assassination's new 2-minute DPS cooldown. It duplicates any bleeds that are active when cast or that are reapplied during its duration, allowing you to benefit from any other passives or effects that synergize with additional bleeds. Duplicated Bleeds and Poisons inherit all original modifiers.
Exsanguinate Icon Exsanguinate Exsang A 3-minute Cooldown that shortens the duration of your bleed effects on the target while increasing their tick rate by 80%. Synergizes well with Deathmark Icon Deathmark as the duplicated Bleeds also inherit the increased tick rate.

Passive Abilities

Ability Abbreviation Description/Effect
Improved Wound Poison Icon Improved Wound Poison - Increases the maximum stacks of your Wound Poison Icon Wound Poison by 2, improving the healing reduction effect.
Prey on the Weak Icon Prey on the Weak PotW Increases the damage taken of enemies by 10% for 6 seconds when you cast Cheap Shot or Kidney Shot on them. This effect only happens when the target is not stun-immune, and the duration is fixed regardless of the number of Combo Points spent on Kidney Shot.
Subterfuge Icon Subterfuge Subt/Subter Allows you to cast abilities that require stealth for up to 3 seconds after breaking it. Any bonus effects that apply to abilities cast from stealth synergize with this./td>
Virulent Poisons Icon Virulent Poisons - Increases the damage of your weapon poisons by 10%. Only Poisons that appear as a 60-minute duration buff are affected.
Deadened Nerves Icon Deadened Nerves - Causes you to take 3% reduced Physical damage.
Elusiveness Icon Elusiveness - Changes your Evasion Icon Evasion to reduce all damage you take by 10% and also enhances your Feint Icon Feint to reduce all damage you take by 20%. This is a choice node shared with Cheat Death Icon Cheat Death.
Cheat Death Icon Cheat Death Cheat/CD A defensive skill that saves you from death, as long as the damage taken does not surpass twice your health pool. Any killing blow will instead bring you to 7% hp, and for 3 seconds you will take 85% reduced damage.
Deadly Precision Icon Deadly Precision - Increases the Critical Strike chance of all abilities that generate at least 1 Combo Point, including DoT effects caused by them.
Nightstalker Icon Nightstalker NS Increases your damage dealt by 4/8% while Stealth Icon Stealth or Shadow Dance Icon Shadow Dance are active.
Vigor Icon Vigor - Increases your maximum Energy by 50 and your Energy regeneration by 10%.
Acrobatic Strikes Icon Acrobatic Strikes - Increases the range of all your attacks by 3 yards, including the radius of AoE spells.
>Improved Ambush Icon Improved Ambush - Causes your Ambush Icon Ambush to generate 1 additional Combo Point.
Lightweight Shiv Icon Lightweight Shiv - Allows your Shiv Icon Shiv to have an additional charge.
Fatal Concoction Icon Fatal Concoction - Increases the damage of your weapon poisons by 15%. Only Poisons that appear as a 60-minute duration buff are affected.
Improved Garrote Icon Improved Garrote - Allows you to cast multiple enhanced Garrote debuffs back to back when cast from stealth.
Venom Rush Icon Venom Rush - Refunds 7 Energy after successfully casting Mutilate Icon Mutilate or Ambush Icon Ambush.
Master Assassin Icon Master Assassin MA Increases your chance to critically strike by 30% while stealthed and for 3 seconds after breaking it. This crit-chance buff only applies while it is active.
Vicious Venoms Icon Vicious Venoms - Causes your Mutilate Icon Mutilate and Ambush Icon Ambush to cause additional Nature damage, that is based on the original hit. This damage then scales further with all Nature damage increases.
Lethal Dose Icon Lethal Dose - Increases the damage your bleed and poison effects deal for each effect that is active on each respective target.
Iron Wire Icon Iron Wire - Causes your Garrote Icon Garrote to silence your target and reduce their damage dealt. Enemies immune to silence are also immune to the damage reduction.
Twist the Knife Icon Twist the Knife TtK Increases the duration of the poison application chance increase buff of your Envenom by 2 seconds.
Doomblade Icon Doomblade - Causes your Mutilate Icon Mutilate to deal additional damage in the form of a new bleed effect. This counts towards Lethal Dose Icon Lethal Dose and multiple casts of Mutilate will increase the damage of the DoT, so no damage is lost.

Talent Tree Rows 8-10


Active Abilities

Ability Abbreviation Description/Effect
Cold Blood Icon Cold Blood CB Increases the critical strike chance of your next ability cast by 100%.
Echoing Reprimand Icon Echoing Reprimand ER Combo Point generator that deals a high amount of initial damage, and charges up a Combo Point. Using a finisher with this exact amount of Combo Points will cast the Finisher as if it was cast with 7 Combo Points instead.
Marked for Death Icon Marked for Death MFD A cooldown that immediately grants you maximum Combo Points.
Thistle Tea Icon Thistle Tea - A cooldown that immediately grants you 100 Energy and also increases your Mastery for 6 seconds. It has multiple charges.
Shadow Dance Icon Shadow Dance SD/Dance Allows you to cast abilities that require stealth while it lasts. For Assassination, these abilities are Ambush Icon Ambush, Cheap Shot Icon Cheap Shot and Sap Icon Sap
Sepsis Icon Sepsis - deals high Nature damage-over-time. If the target survives the full duration of this DoT, you gain a buff that allows you to use one ability that requires stealth, and all stealth-based benefits affect it.
Serrated Bone Spike Icon Serrated Bone Spike SBS A ranged Combo Point generator that has up to 3 charges and applies a damage-over-time effect on your target that remains until your target dies. It generates additional Combo Points for each target already afflicted by its DoT effect.
Kingsbane Icon Kingsbane KB Deals Nature damage-over-time over a long duration that increases in damage for each weapon poison proc during its duration.
Arterial Precision Icon Arterial Precision KB Your Shiv Icon Shiv now also hits 4 additional nearby targets, and all 5 targets take 20% increased damage from all your bleeds as well.
Indiscriminate Carnage Icon Indiscriminate Carnage IC An active ability that allows you to apply your next cast Rupture and Garrote to up to 8 targets within 10 years of yourself. These additional debuffs inherit any modifiers of the original cast, allowing for a quick ramp on AoE and some massive damage while these enhances bleed effects are active.

Passive Effects

Ability Abbreviation Description/Effect
Leeching Poison Icon Leeching Poison - Grants 10% Leech. Leech allows you to heal for all your damage and healing, in this case for 10% of it.
Recuperator Icon Recuperator - While Slice and Dice Icon Slice and Dice is active, you will heal for 1% of your max HP every 2 seconds.
Alacrity Icon Alacrity - Grants your finishing moves a chance per Combo Point spent to increase your haste by 1% for 15 seconds, stacking up to 5 times.
Seal Fate Icon Seal Fate - Causes your Combo Point generators to have a 50/100% chance to generate an additional Combo Point on Critical Strike. Abilities like Mutilate Icon Mutilate or Fan of Knives Icon Fan of Knives that hit multiple times, can generate multiple additional Combo Points.
Deeper Stratagem Icon Deeper Stratagem DS/DeeĆ¼er Increases your maximum Combo Points by 1 and causes your finishers to deal 5% increased damage.
Find Weakness Icon Find Weakness FW Causes your stealth abilities to reduce the target's armor. All enemies have an Armor Value that reduces their damage taken by ~32%. This effectively increases all your direct physical damage by ~10%.
Resounding Clarity Icon Resounding Clarity RC Causes your Echoing Reprimand Icon Echoing Reprimand to Animacharge 3 additional Combo Points. This is a choice node shared with Reverberation Icon Reverberation.
Reverberation Icon Reverberation - Increases the damage of Echoing Reprimand Icon Echoing Reprimand by 75%. This is a choice node shared with Resounding Clarity Icon Resounding Clarity.
Blindside Icon Blindside - Enables your Mutilate and Ambush casts to grant you a free cast of another Ambush. This can proc from itself, and you might end up casting multiple Ambush back to back for no energy cost.
Poison Bomb Icon Poison Bomb PB Every Envenom cast has a chance to proc a ground effect that deals damage-over-time to all enemies standing in it for a short period of time. The proc-chance increases for each Combo Point spent on the initial Envenom cast.
Shrouded Suffocation Icon Shrouded Suffocation SS/Shrouded Increases the damage of ALL Garrote Icon Garrotes cast, not just stealth ones, and increases the Combo Points generated by Garrote when cast from stealth.
Zoldyck Recipe Icon Zoldyck Recipe Zoldyck Increases the damage of all Nature damage and Bleed effects against targets below 35% HP.
Dashing Scoundrel Icon Dashing Scoundrel Dashing Allows you to generate additional Energy whenever your weapon poisons deal a critical hit, while also increasing your chance to crit. This also applies to Envenom, even if the tooltip does not state such.
Scent of Blood Icon Scent of Blood Scent/SoB Increases your Agility for every active Rupture, boosting the damage all of your abilities deal. In an AoE environment, this quickly stacks up to the cap of 8 targets, significantly boosting all your damage.
Dragon-Tempered Blades Icon Dragon-Tempered Blades DTB Allows you to apply a second Lethal and non-Lethal poison. This is a massive boost due to the synergies with a variety of other talents, and is a very potent capstone talent for Assassination.

Poisons for Assassination Rogue

You can only have one Lethal and one Non-Lethal poison active at a time. These are the only abilities affected by talents that improve "Weapon Poison" damage or efficacy. Dragon-Tempered Blades Icon Dragon-Tempered Blades allows you to apply a second of each type.

Ability Type Description/Effect
Instant Poison Icon Instant Poison Lethal Deals Nature damage whenever it procs. You always have access to it. You always have access to it.
Wound Poison Icon Wound Poison Lethal Deals a small amount of damage and reduces the efficacy of healing and absorb effects on your target, depending on how many stacks you have applied. You always have access to it.
Deadly Poison Icon Deadly Poison Lethal Deals Nature damage-over-time. Its duration is refreshed every time it procs, and it also deals additional instant Nature damage whenever it procs.
Amplifying Poison Icon Amplifying Poison Lethal Deals instant Nature damage whenever it procs, and increases the damage of your next Envenom Icon Envenom cast on the target. This effect stacks every time the poison procs.
Crippling Poison Icon Crippling Poison Non-Lethal Applies a slowing effect to the targets it is applied to. Bosses are immune to it. You always have access to it.
Numbing Poison Icon Numbing Poison Non-Lethal Reduces the target's attack and cast speed. You can talent into it in the Class tree. Does not stack with similar effects from other classes.
Atrophic Poison Icon Atrophic Poison Non-Lethal Reduces the damage the target deals, not just to you, but also all your allies, as long as your target is the source of the damage dealt. You can talent into it in the Class tree.


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