Outlaw Rogue DPS Simulations — Shadowlands 9.1

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On this page, you will find a number of useful simulation results for your Outlaw Rogues in World of Warcraft — Shadowlands 9.1.



With the advent of certain tools, such as Raidbots, simulating your character has now become simple enough that we can recommend even the average player to sim their own character. It is through advanced simulations that many of the recommendations in this guide are found, and by doing your own you can easily figure out what talents you should be using with your particular gearing combination, what gear to equip, what Legendaries to equip and more. Below there is a video guiding you on how to sim your character. Underneath that, you will find some generic simulations that apply to most people.


Simple Upgrade Finder

One of the most useful additions to simulations software is the new Droptimizer" feature on Raidbots.

The UI will let you pick the raid and difficulty.

Droptimizer UI

This is very useful because you can use it for the duration of the entire tier. Currently, this does not account for a chance of Warforged, but that might change eventually.

After you finish running the simulation, you will be presented with the following graphic, which shows the value of upgrades from each boss, the average value of a drop, and the best case scenario.

Droptimizer UI 2

Shadowlands Release Simulations for Outlaw Rogue

With the most recent update to the game, we felt it necessary to compile a variety of different simulations to help you in case you are struggling to make a choice for your Covenant decision. Solo (solo#3333 on Discord) of the Rogue Theorycrafting Community has run some simulations to compare these options under different circumstances, and you can find the most recent simulations regarding the individual and combined benefits of Covenants, Legendaries and Soulbinds on this page.


Covenant/Soulbind and Legendary Comparisons




Dungeon Slice/M+



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