Brewmaster Monk Tank Mythic+ Tips — Battle for Azeroth (BfA) 8.3

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General Information

In this guide, you will find tips and advice to tackle Mythic+ dungeons with your Brewmaster Monk in World of Warcraft — Battle for Azeroth (BfA) 8.3.


Brewmaster Monk in Mythic+

Brewmaster is a reasonable choice for Mythic+, with decent damage and strong kiting skills in a pinch. Our group utility is limited to a (very strong) stun.

If you are unfamiliar with Mythic+ and its associated general mechanics, you can read more about it on our dedicated Mythic+ page below.


Brewmaster Monk Mythic+ Rotation

Your rotation will not change in Mythic+. For more information about the Brewmaster Monk rotation, refer to the Rotation, Cooldowns, and Abilities page.


Mythic+ Talents for Brewmaster Monks

Below are the suggested talents for Mythic+. These talents are recommended for all affixes and keystone levels. For more information on particular talents and when to use them, refer to the Builds and Talents page.

Level Choices
15 Eye of the Tiger Eye of the Tiger Chi Wave Chi Wave Chi Burst ? Chi Burst
30 Celerity Celerity Chi Torpedo Chi Torpedo Tiger's Lust Tiger's Lust
45 Light Brewing Light Brewing Spitfire ? Spitfire Black Ox Brew Black Ox Brew
60 Tiger Tail Sweep ? Tiger Tail Sweep Summon Black Ox Statue ? Summon Black Ox Statue Ring of Peace Ring of Peace
75 Bob and Weave Bob and Weave Healing Elixir Healing Elixir Dampen Harm ? Dampen Harm
90 Special Delivery ? Special Delivery Rushing Jade Wind Rushing Jade Wind Invoke Niuzao, the Black Ox Invoke Niuzao, the Black Ox
100 High Tolerance High Tolerance Guard Guard Blackout Combo ? Blackout Combo

Season 4 Affix: Awakened

With the release of the final patch of Battle for Azeroth comes what may be the last of the seasonal affixes for this expansion, bringing yet another twist to the Mythic+ experience.

Throughout the dungeon, there are four obelisks. These obelisks are in a fixed position throughout the season. These are clickable and start a short, interruptible cast. At the end of this cast, you are taken to a different phase, and a miniboss is there to greet you with their lieutenants; if you do not use an obelisk, they will instead engage when you pull the final boss of the dungeon. These are the abilities of the minibosses:

  • The Cursed Spire is guarded by Voidweaver Mal'thir. It will periodically slow attack and casting speed of random party members.
  • The Entropic Spire is guarded by Samh'rek, Beckoner of Chaos. Under his watch, three party members will periodically gain Cascading Terror, a debuff that causes anybody in the circle (including the source) to be feared for 3 seconds upon expiration. Get dispelled, since, as a tank, getting feared means taking hits you cannot parry/dodge.
  • The Defiled Spire is guarded by Blood of the Corruptor, which just requires constant kiting, as it constantly drops puddles below itself and party members. Think Vol'kaal, just without totems.
  • The Brutal Spire is guarded by Urg'roth, Breaker of heroes, and this will be your biggest challenge. Every 15s, this add casts Spirit Breaker on its main threat target, an undodgeable, unparryable, unblockable nuke that also increases your physical damage taken by 300% for 8s after it. It can be LoSed, and should be LoSed.

The lieutenants are only there when using obelisks, and their abilities are as follows:

  • Cursed Spire lieutenants are tankable and explode when they die. Get out of the green circle!
  • Entropic Spire lieutenants stack a nasty bleed on their primary threat target, and should therefore be a DPS priority.
  • Defiled Spire lieutenants cast Mind Flay on random targets, slowing them and dealing a copious amount of damage to them. You should immediately outrange them and group up with your teammates, as this causes them to teleport on you, at which point they are easy to mow down.
  • Brutal Spire lieutenants are literally G'huun pustules. Kill them to clear the area.

Due to the dangerous nature of the Brutal Spire, we recommend you to always clear it. Depending on the dungeon and the affix combination, up to two obelisks may be kept up before engaging the final boss.


Mythic+ Azerite Traits and Essences

Bulwark of the Masses Icon Bulwark of the Masses is absurdly strong for Mythic+ dungeons, as you will be able to take advantage of its full effect for a majority of the time you are in combat.

Sphere of Supression's major power (Suppressing Pulse Icon Suppressing Pulse) is extremely potent for kiting enemies, which you may choose to do, especially on higher keys and in the Entropic Spire.

Aegis of the Deep's minor power (Stand Your Ground Icon Stand Your Ground) provides a lot of Versatility when facing many enemies, so it is a solid pick for Mythic+.



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