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Brewmaster Monk Tank Gear and Best in Slot — Battle for Azeroth (BfA) 8.3

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General Information

On this page, you will find the best gear and best in slot items for your Brewmaster Monk in World of Warcraft Battle for Azeroth (BfA) 8.3.


Gearing your Brewmaster Monk

Gearing for Brewmaster is very simple for non Azerite and trinket slots. Use the highest item level gear you can get, while trying to avoid Haste. A piece of gear 5 item levels higher with Haste will often still be an upgrade, as Haste is not entirely worthless, so do not go out of your way to avoid it. Rings are a different matter, however, as a ring with Haste will be an upgrade at about 15 item level difference.



There is a new item introduced in 8.3 that allows you to add a socket to an item that did not already have one: Gouged Eye of N'Zoth Icon Gouged Eye of N'Zoth. For more information on how to obtain it, please go to our Horrific Visions Hub.


Azerite Gear for Brewmaster Monks

The following is a list of gear with desirable Azerite traits, as described in the Azerite section. Each has one of the best Outer Ring traits, and at least one more valuable trait.

The ideal setup of traits would be: 3x Training of Niuzao Icon Training of Niuzao, 1x Straight, No Chaser Icon Straight, No Chaser, 1x Elusive Footwork Icon Elusive Footwork, 1x (Bonded Souls Icon Bonded Souls or Boiling Brew Icon Boiling Brew), 3x (Gemhide Icon Gemhide or Impassive Visage Icon Impassive Visage). There is not yet a gear set which gets this exactly, but you should be able to get close to it with enough luck.


Raid Best in Slot Gear

In Patch 8.3, Blizzard has decided to put excellent traits on Ny'alotha gear, making your life much easier! Here is the ideal loadout, though the alternate for each slot is perfectly acceptable until you get your desired piece. Keep in mind that some Mythic+ gear may be better for non Azerite slots, and corruptions on gear will influence your decisions as well.

Slot Item Azerite Trait Loadout Source
Helm Stygian Guise Icon Stygian Guise Maut (Ny'alotha)
Shoulders Pauldrons of the Great Convergence Icon Pauldrons of the Great Convergence N'Zoth the Corruptor (Ny'alotha)
Cloak Ashjra'kamas, Shroud of Resolve Icon Ashjra'kamas, Shroud of Resolve N/A Legendary Cloak quest line
Chest Tortured Fleshbeast Cuirass Icon Tortured Fleshbeast Cuirass Carapace of N'Zoth (Ny'alotha)
Wrists Wristwraps of Volatile Power Icon Wristwraps of Volatile Power N/A Shad'har the Insatiable
Gloves Chitinspine Gloves Icon Chitinspine Gloves N/A The Hivemind
Belt Cord of Anguished Cries Icon Cord of Anguished Cries N/A Dark Inquisitor Xanesh
Legs Onyx-Imbued Breeches Icon Onyx-Imbued Breeches N/A Wrathion, the Black Emperor
Boots Corpuscular Leather Greaves Icon Corpuscular Leather Greaves N/A Carapace of N'Zoth
Ring Void-Etched Band Icon Void-Etched Band N/A Shad'har the Insatiable
Ring Ichorspine Loop Icon Ichorspine Loop N/A Drest'agath
Weapon Qwor N'lyeth Icon Qwor N'lyeth N/A The Hivemind

Mythic+ Azerite Gear

Item Trait Loadout Source
Cowl of Fluid Machinations Icon Cowl of Fluid Machinations Shrine of the Storm
Flashpowder Hood Icon Flashpowder Hood Tol Dagor
High Altitude Turban Icon High Altitude Turban The MOTHERLODE!!
Extravagant Epaulettes Icon Extravagant Epaulettes Mechagon
Gold-Tasseled Epaulets Icon Gold-Tasseled Epaulets Freehold
Pistoleer's Spaulders Icon Pistoleer's Spaulders Tol Dagor
Shoulders of the Sanguine Monstrosity Icon Shoulders of the Sanguine Monstrosity Underrot
Raiment of the Blighted Tribe Icon Raiment of the Blighted Tribe Waycrest Manor
Spymaster's Wrap Icon Spymaster's Wrap Atal'dazar
Type II Bomber Jacket Icon Type II Bomber Jacket Operation: Mechagon

Corrupted Gear

All items available from Patch 8.3 relevant content will have a chance to become Corrupted, which empowers the item with one of many effects. You can visit the Corrupted Items page for more information.

Tanks have a difficult time with corruption, as the Eye of Corruption Icon Eye of Corruption can force us to move at unfortunate times, and getting hit by the Thing from Beyond spawned by Grand Delusions Icon Grand Delusions can easily result in a death.

However, the DPS benefits from corruption are absolutely immense. With excellent gear, the procs can provide a third to half of your damage. It is recommended you maintain a set of gear below 20 corruption for fights with very strict positional requirements or crowd control. You should not go to 80 corruption, unless you are on a very simple fight. 40 corruption will make most encounters significantly tougher on you.

Mitigating the effects of corruption is very simple. If you gain Grasping Tendrils Icon Grasping Tendrils and need to move, use Tiger's Lust Icon Tiger's Lust. Obviously there is no choice but to move from Eye of Corruption Icon Eye of Corruption, with this being more disruptive the more corruption you have. The Thing from Beyond spawned by Grand Delusions Icon Grand Delusions can be disabled for 4 seconds with Paralysis Icon Paralysis. You can then stun it for the rest of the 8 second spawn time or otherwise evade it. This means you cannot use Paralysis for anything else, so beware! Additionally, on large bosses, it can spawn inside the bosses hitbox meaning your Paralysis will be broken by your AoE.

If you choose to utilise corrupted items, the effects to use are:

  • Echoing Void Icon Echoing Void deals amazing damage. It is always found on corrupted Qwor N'lyeth Icon Qwor N'lyeth. Use this if you get it and cover the corruption with the legendary cloak and the new Azerite Essences. The first 2 tiers are only 25 and 35 corruption.
  • Infinite Stars Icon Infinite Stars is a huge ramping single target damage proc. Unfortunately, Tier 2 and 3 give 50/75 corruption, but the 20 from tier 1 is quite manageable.

Useful Trinkets

Different trinkets are good for different situations. You should keep any trinkets you get and swap them out when the situation calls for it.


Defensive Trinkets

  • Mchimba's Ritual Bandages Icon Mchimba's Ritual Bandages drops from M'chimba the Embalmer in King's Rest. Its on use-effect provides an absorb shield around a quarter of your HP, and only has a 90-second cooldown. If you desire a defensive trinket you should hope to get this in your weekly Mythic cache.
  • Idol of Indiscriminate Consumption Icon Idol of Indiscriminate Consumption will deal damage to up to 7 enemies or allies. You are healed for 200% of the damage dealt. This has a 1-minute cooldown. It drops from Uunat in the Crucible of Storms. The heal is huge, and comes up often, but be careful not to kill your allies.
  • Edicts of the Faithless Icon Edicts of the Faithless from the Queen's Court in the Eternal Palace provides a reasonable shield. You should make sure to consume it every time it is up, to not lose effectiveness.
  • Bloodthirsty Urchin Icon Bloodthirsty Urchin — A solid heal over time. This will almost always be at max. It drops from Lady Ashvane in the Eternal Palace.
  • Highborne Compendium of Mystical Bulwark Icon Highborne Compendium of Mystical Bulwark has the powerful effect of increasing your armour. It is a good option if you have no other exceptional trinkets, and it is easy to acquire (if you can afford it!).

Offensive Trinkets

Thanks to Bloodmallet.com, a comprehensive list of available trinkets for Brewmaster are listed against each other below. If the source of the trinket is not listed on mouseover, then it only appears in world quests, so is difficult to farm.

For the complete simulation results, check out Bloodmallet.com


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