Brewmaster Monk Tank Gear and Best in Slot — Battle for Azeroth (BfA) 8.2.5

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On this page, you will find the best gear and best in slot items for your Brewmaster Monk in World of Warcraft Battle for Azeroth (BfA) 8.2.5.


Azerite Gear for Brewmaster Monks

The following is a list of gear with desirable Azerite traits, as described in the Azerite section. Each has one of the best Outer Ring traits, and at least one more valuable trait.

The ideal setup of traits would be: 3x Training of Niuzao Icon Training of Niuzao, 1x Straight, No Chaser Icon Straight, No Chaser, 1x Elusive Footwork Icon Elusive Footwork, 1x (Bonded Souls Icon Bonded Souls or Boiling Brew Icon Boiling Brew), 3x (Gemhide Icon Gemhide or Impassive Visage Icon Impassive Visage). There is not yet a gear set which gets this exactly, but you should be able to get close to it with enough luck.


Raid Azerite Gear

Item Trait Loadout Source
Helm of Hideous Transformation Icon Helm of Hideous Transformation Lady Ashvane (Eternal Palace)
Helm of the Inexorable Tide Icon Helm of the Inexorable Tide Abyssal Commander Sivara (Eternal Palace)
Shoulderpads of Frothing Rage Icon Shoulderpads of Frothing Rage Radiance of Azshara (Eternal Palace)
Blackwater Shimmerscale Vest Icon Blackwater Shimmerscale Vest Blackwater Behemoth (Eternal Palace)
Tunic of the Sycophant Icon Tunic of the Sycophant The Queen's Court (Eternal Palace)

Mythic+ Azerite Gear

Item Trait Loadout Source
Cowl of Fluid Machinations Icon Cowl of Fluid Machinations Shrine of the Storm
Flashpowder Hood Icon Flashpowder Hood Tol Dagor
High Altitude Turban Icon High Altitude Turban The MOTHERLODE!!
Extravagant Epaulettes Icon Extravagant Epaulettes Mechagon
Gold-Tasseled Epaulets Icon Gold-Tasseled Epaulets Freehold
Pistoleer's Spaulders Icon Pistoleer's Spaulders Tol Dagor
Shoulders of the Sanguine Monstrosity Icon Shoulders of the Sanguine Monstrosity Underrot
Raiment of the Blighted Tribe Icon Raiment of the Blighted Tribe Waycrest Manor
Spymaster's Wrap Icon Spymaster's Wrap Atal'dazar
Type II Bomber Jacket Icon Type II Bomber Jacket Operation: Mechagon

Eternal Palace Weapons and Trinkets

One weapon in The Eternal Palace for Brewmaster has an additional effect it loses some secondary stats for: Shiver Venom Lance Icon Shiver Venom Lance from Abyssal Commander Sivara. It simply deals extra damage to your target, with a bonus if the enemy is affected by Shiver Venom Icon Shiver Venom by an ally using Shiver Venom Relic Icon Shiver Venom Relic. You should use this weapon, as the extra damage is sizable.

The raid also includes four new trinkets, and a new Inscription trinket:

  • Azshara's Font of Power Icon Azshara's Font of Power — Cooldown that increases Agility. Not great, since Brewmasters lack burst damage to line up with this (leave it to DPS!
  • Bloodthirsty Urchin Icon Bloodthirsty Urchin — Depending on how this interacts with Stagger, it will be quite powerful or very weak. Get one just in case, and watch this page.
  • Chain of Suffering Icon Chain of Suffering — Defensive cooldown that reduces 50% of damage up to around 450k. Reasonably strong, but you must target an ally and have them take the damage instead. Solid choice.
  • Edicts of the Faithless Icon Edicts of the Faithless — Gain an absorb shield every 40 seconds. If it is consumed, future shields will be 10% stronger up to 100% total. In addition, can be used to absorb magic damage instead (though this resets the size). The trinket takes a while to ramp up, but should be quite strong on certain magic damage fights.
  • Highborne Compendium of Mystical Bulwark Icon Highborne Compendium of Mystical Bulwark has the powerful effect of increasing your armour. It is a good option if you have no other exceptional trinkets, and it is easy to acquire (if you can afford it!).

Benthic Armor for Brewmaster Monk

In some cases, Benthic Armor is far more powerful offensively than other gear of equal item level, due to the effects present on the pieces. You should use the following pieces over equal item level standard gear, and upgrade them when you can:


Useful Legacy Raid Gear

Some items in the Crucible of Storms and Battle for Dazar'alor are still useful to have today.


Trident of Deep Ocean

Taking damage with the Trident of Deep Ocean Icon Trident of Deep Ocean equipped has a chance to grant you a shield, absorbing 25% of incoming damage. When the shield is fully consumed, you gain Agility for 1 minute. This can stack up to 3 times. This drops from U'unat.

This item is strong for survivability, slightly better than equivalent item level pieces from The Eternal Palace.


Leggings of the Aberrant Tidesage

When using Leggings of the Aberrant Tidesage Icon Leggings of the Aberrant Tidesage, damaging abilities have a chance to grant an additional affect based on your current HP. Above 60%, they can deal additional damage. Below 60%, they can grant a 10 second HoT.

The damage is amazing. Use these for damage on fights that you maintain high health on over legs 10 item levels higher. However, dropping below 60% frequently makes them very poor, so be careful.


Idol of Indiscriminate Consumption

Idol of Indiscriminate Consumption Icon Idol of Indiscriminate Consumption will deal damage to up to 7 enemies or allies. You are healed for 200% of the damage dealt. This has a 1-minute cooldown.

This trinket is very solid. At Heroic level, with max targets, it will heal you for around 150k once per minute. This is fantastic for survivability, and is like an even stronger extra Healthstone. Unfortunately, if you hit this on a single target fight, you will also be dealing 10k damage to each of your allies. Special consideration should be taken when using this trinket, as in high raid damage times, it could easily lead to deaths. In The Eternal Palace, this is still a fantastic choice for burst healing, and you may find yourself using it on many fights if you have one. Try to at least get one on Heroic!


Gearing your Brewmaster Monk

Gearing for Brewmaster is very simple. Use the highest item level gear you can get, while trying to avoid Haste. A piece of gear 5 item levels higher with Haste will often still be an upgrade as Haste is not entirely worthless, so do not go out of your way to avoid it. Rings are a different matter- a ring with Haste will be an upgrade at about 15 item level difference.


Dungeon and Old Trinkets for Brewmaster Monk

Defensively, you will want to obtain trinkets that grant stats. While the available options are not particularly interesting, stat bonuses will boost both your offensive and defensive capabilities, and this often is all you need.

  • Harlan's Loaded Dice Icon Harlan's Loaded Dice drops from Harlan Sweete in Freehold. It procs an amount of stats divided between Critical Strike, Haste and Mastery, and can stack. It is an excellent choice if you can get one.
  • Dead-Eye Spyglass Icon Dead-Eye Spyglass from Dread Captain Lockwood in Siege of Boralus is also fantastic, giving a large amount of Critical Strike rating for a long duration. Rushing Jade Wind Icon Rushing Jade Wind stacks the trinket's effect up very quickly.
  • Lustrous Golden Plumage Icon Lustrous Golden Plumage can be looted from the Golden Serpent in King's Rest, and the on-use can either be used on cooldown for DPS or saved as a small defensive boost if necessary.
  • Mchimba's Ritual Bandages Icon Mchimba's Ritual Bandages drops from M'chimba the Embalmer in King's Rest. Its on use-effect provides an absorb shield around a quarter of your HP, and only has a 90-second cooldown. If you desire a defensive trinket you should try to get this.

There are many options for more DPS-oriented trinkets in Battle for Azeroth. Trinkets that do damage to enemies instead of having stats on them are not reduced in effectiveness for tanks, so these are very powerful.

Thanks to, a comprehensive list of available trinkets for Brewmaster are listed against each other below. If the source of the trinket is not listed on mouseover, then it only appears in world quests, so is difficult to farm.

For the complete simulation results, check out


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