Devastation Evoker Frequently Asked Questions — Dragonflight 10.2.7

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On this page, we go over several of the most frequently asked questions regarding Devastation Evoker in World of Warcraft — Dragonflight 10.2.7. This will be updated as more common repeated questions surface over the course of the expansion.


When should I use Pyre over Disintegrate?

The simple answer is above 3 targets, however the amount of Charged Blast Icon Charged Blast stacks can bring this down to 2 targets as Charged Blast Icon Charged Blast will increase the damage of your next Pyre Icon Pyre by 5% per stack. At 20 stacks, it will always be more valuable to cast Pyre Icon Pyre instead of Disintegrate Icon Disintegrate on 2 targets; the exact stack breakpoint can be discovered through simming your character but 20 stacks is a safe option where it will always be worth it.


How Much Mastery should I have?

The simple answer is as much as possible. However, you should aim to balance out your secondary stats once you start going above 97.5% Mastery (as this is when diminishing returns on secondary stats start to begin). Simming your character will tell you when it is best to start thinking about this.


When should I use Dragonrage?

You want to make sure you are getting as many Dragonrage Icon Dragonrage uses in a given combat period, but also use it when the target is as low as possible, where you would get a full use of the ability (i.e., you do not want to end combat with Dragonrage Icon Dragonrage still active).

To use some examples:

If a combat period is 1 minute:

You would want to use it ~34 seconds (18s base duration + 4 seconds from Fire Breath Icon Fire Breath + 4 seconds from Eternity Surge Icon Eternity Surge) before the combat period will end so you finish combat as Dragonrage Icon Dragonrage ends.

The exception to this is if you are using a Bloodlust Icon Bloodlust effect on the pull then you would use it there instead.

If a combat period is 3 minutes:

You would know that you can use Dragonrage Icon Dragonrage two times. Your perfect uses would be at 00:26 and 2:26. Your goal here is to make sure the last use is as optimal as possible, and other uses just fill the gaps.

If a combat period is 4:30 minutes:

Here, you would want to use one as soon as possible so that you get 3 uses of Dragonrage Icon Dragonrage. Whilst using Dragonrage Icon Dragonrage on the pull may seem inefficient, missing an entire use is more inefficient. You would still be gaining the benefit of your entire opener being empowered by Essence Burst.


How should I move and DPS?

With Evoker, you have multiple options.

  1. Hover is most preferable as this will allow you to cast whilst moving after the short animation. This can be used as a DPS gain if you Hover Weave (more details below).
  2. Deep Breath is another option, however, should only be used if you are empty on the essence when you intend to move, and there are multiple targets.
  3. Finally you have Azure Strike.

What is Hover Weaving?

Hover Icon Hover is not on the GCD, so you can cast a spell while you are on the GCD from another spell. An example of this is when you need to move from a mechanic, and you want to keep doing DPS instead of just using Hover Icon Hover you can cast Azure Strike Icon Azure Strike, and during the GCD of this spell, you use Hover Icon Hover and can then cast more impactful spells on the move as the animation lockout from Hover Icon Hover is shorter than the GCD.


Is Devastation Evoker a good Power Infusion target?

Yes! Power Infusion Icon Power Infusion and Dragonrage Icon Dragonrage have the same cooldown, so you both get the benefits of using both spells on cooldown, and the additional haste makes extending your Dragonrage Icon Dragonrage window easier with extra empowered spell casts.

Is it the best target? That is contextual on your raid group and the encounter, but Devastation Evoker is one of the strongest targets to put Power Infusion Icon Power Infusion on.


How often does Essence regenerate?

1 Essence every 5 seconds. This is impacted by talents & Haste.



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