Devastation Evoker DPS Gems, Enchants, and Consumables — Dragonflight 10.0.2

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General Information

On this page, we list the best gems, enchants, flasks, potions, and food you can get for your Devastation Evoker, based on your stat priority. We also give budget alternatives. This page is updated for World of Warcraft — Dragonflight 10.0.2.


Best Gems for Devastation Evokers

Currently, all your sockets should be filled with Masterful Jewel Cluster Icon Masterful Jewel Cluster for general purposes, or whatever stat sims the highest offensively.


Best Enchants for Devastation Evokers

Slot Enchantment

In practice, these guidelines are largely down to how enchants do not compete over primary stats, merely secondaries. As a result, the gearing stat priority is applicable, and can be simply followed: Critical Strike or Mastery as a good default, or whatever sims the highest for you at the time for damage. You can find more information about this on the stats page of this guide.


Consumables for Devastation Evokers


Best Flasks, Oils, and Potions for Devastation

Use Spectral Flask of Power Icon Spectral Flask of Power for all content.

Shadowcore Oil Icon Shadowcore Oil should be placed on your weapon to provide passive damage.

When in combat, you have several options for which in-combat potion to use. For both of these potions you should use Shadowcore Oil Icon Shadowcore Oil on your weapon to enhance the power of them.

You should use Cosmic Healing Potion Icon Cosmic Healing Potion for in-combat healing. Healing potions do not share a cooldown with Healthstone Icon Healthstones, so you can use both independently if you have access to a Warlock.


Best Food for Devastation

Iridescent Ravioli with Apple Sauce Icon Iridescent Ravioli with Apple Sauce is your Mastery food buff of choice.


Best Armor Kit for Devastation

Use Heavy Desolate Armor Kit Icon Heavy Desolate Armor Kit as it provides you with the most Stamina.


Augment Runes for Devastation

If you can afford it, you should use Veiled Augment Rune Icon Veiled Augment Runes (or the permanent Eternal Augment Rune Icon Eternal Augment Rune) to increase your primary stat. Since there is a finite amount of the consumable runes available, you should make sure to use them wisely and to stock up on them for when you need them.



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