Feral Druid Mists of Pandaria: Remix Guide — Dragonflight 10.2.7

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On this page, you will learn the best Gems to use for your Feral Druid in Mists of Pandaria: Remix, as well as the best leveling talents and rotation, whether you are leveling in the open world, or through raids and dungeons.

If you were looking for our normal Dragonflight Leveling Guide for Feral Druid, please check out our Leveling page.


Remix: Mists of Pandaria Guide for Feral Druid

Welcome to our MoP Remix Guide for Feral Druid! This page contains everything you need to know about getting the most out of your Feral Druid in the Patch 10.2.7 special feature, Mists of Pandaria: Remix.

This page is focused only on Feral Druid in MoP Remix. If you want to know more about MoP Remix in general, such as its rewards, check out our dedicated page below.


Best MoP Remix Leveling Talents for Feral Druid

Below, you will find our recommended leveling build and talent pickup order for your Feral Druid in MoP Remix. There is a variety of options for leveling in MoP remix, but thankfully for Feral one build can comfortably cover all of them without sacrificing much.

Note that this Leveling section is specific to MoP Remix. For our Dragonflight Leveling Guide for Feral Druid, please check our dedicated Leveling page.


Best Gems for Feral Druid in MoP Remix

Gems provide a unique way to augment your character in MoP remix, offering huge offensive, defensive and utility benefits with new abilities and passive procs. On this page, we list the best gems for each type. To learn more about Gems in MoP Remix in general, check out our dedicated page below.

  • Meta Gem: Tireless Spirit Icon Tireless Spirit / Oblivion Sphere Icon Oblivion Sphere
  • Cogwheel Gem: Blink Icon Blink
  • Prismatic Gems:

    You will have a tremendous amount of stats as you start unlocking all Gem slots, and there is no single best stat to stack. Early on aim for Critical Strike and Mastery, but as you start to hit diminishing return levels try to balance out with some Haste and Versatility too.

  • Tinker Gems:
    • Quick Strike Icon Quick Strike
    • Windweaver Icon Windweaver
    • Enkindle Icon Enkindle
    • Lightning Rod Icon Lightning Rod
    • Brilliance Icon Brilliance
    • Frost Armor Icon Frost Armor
    • Cold Front Icon Cold Front
    • Sunstrider's Flourish Icon Sunstrider's Flourish
    • Slay Icon Slay
    • Opportunist Icon Opportunist — in Open-World and Dungeon content.
    • Brittle Icon Brittle — for Dungeon content.
    • Explosive Barrage Icon Explosive Barrage
    • Wildfire Icon Wildfire
    • Incendiary Terror Icon Incendiary Terror
    • Arcanist's Edge Icon Arcanist's Edge — paired with shield gems (such as Frost Armor Icon Frost Armor)

Level by Level Rotation

To help with understanding what changes as you level up and progress through the talent tree, use the slider below to select your current level. Each time you level up, move it along and the rotation will adjust for you!

Move the slider below to make the guide update to your level!

Level: 60

Leveling Rotation for Feral Druid

  1. Enter Prowl Icon Prowl before opening on your target whenever possible.
  2. Open with Rake Icon Rake from stealth.
  3. Cast Berserk Icon Berserk on dangerous elites or large groups of enemies.
  4. Cast Convoke the Spirits Icon Convoke the Spirits on dangerous elites or large groups of enemies.
  5. Cast Ferocious Bite Icon Ferocious Bite with Apex Predator's Craving Icon Apex Predator's Craving procs.
  6. Cast Feral Frenzy Icon Feral Frenzy on cooldown.
  7. Cast Tiger's Fury Icon Tiger's Fury on cooldown.
  8. Cast Primal Wrath Icon Primal Wrath at 5 Combo Points with multiple targets in range to apply Rip Icon Rip to all of them.
  9. Apply Rip Icon Rip to any high health targets at 5 Combo Points if it is not already present.
  10. Cast Ferocious Bite Icon Ferocious Bite at 5 Combo Points.
  11. Apply Thrash Icon Thrash against multiple targets.
  12. Maintain Rake Icon Rake.
  13. Cast Brutal Slash Icon Brutal Slash to generate Combo Points.
  14. Cast Swipe Icon Swipe to generate Combo Points against multiple targets.
  15. Cast Shred Icon Shred to generate Combo Points against one target.
  16. Make sure to always be in Cat Form Icon Cat Form.


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