Feral Druid DPS Mythic+ Tips — Battle for Azeroth (BfA) 8.2

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General Information

In this guide, you will find tips and advice to tackle Mythic+ dungeons with your Feral Druid in World of Warcraft — Battle for Azeroth (BfA) 8.2.


1. Feral Druid in Mythic+

Feral has some limitations in the Battle for Azeroth Mythic+ landscape due to caveats within the toolkit in larger enemy groups. While there are options available that help to limit the problems of generation and burst AoE, they still exist and may hurt your ability to spread damage effectively across high enemy counts. Talents like Predator Icon Predator does help with additional resource generation, however. The ability to spread damage efficiently during these periods of high Energy intake from Tiger's Fury Icon Tiger's Fury resets can help to shore up these weaknesses.

1.1. Feral Druid Mythic+ Rotation

The rules covered in the Rotation, Cooldowns, and Abilities page are still applicable here. Note that in most situations, however, you will be defaulting to higher enemy numbers, so cleave and AoE will be your focus.

1.2. Feral Druid Utility

Feral Druid has access to some useful tools to assist the group, mostly relating to crowd control and dispel effects.

  • Skull Bash Icon Skull Bash is the Feral interrupt tool on a 15-second cooldown and 13-yard range, and with a small charge. This should be used frequently to disrupt enemy casts, and can also be used to re-engage targets at range using the charge function.
  • Remove Corruption Icon Remove Corruption removes both Curse and Poison debuffs from a targeted ally with an 8-second cooldown. Some dungeons have these effects present, and this can assist your healer in dangerous periods.
  • Soothe Icon Soothe is an offensive Enrage effect dispel. This has a 40-yard range and a 10-second cooldown, and can be used in Cat Form. This is not always useful, but some dungeons have extremely dangerous effects this can negate.
  • Bear Form Icon Bear Form allows you to assume a Tank-oriented form when used, and also grants access to Growl Icon Growl as a taunt effect. This can help in emergencies, increasing your survival and allowing you to redirect pressure from your tank.
  • Predatory Swiftness Icon Predatory Swiftness allows you to instantly cast Regrowth Icon Regrowth after Finishing Moves. This can be used to assist with off-healing (though this is more restrictive when using Bloodtalons Icon Bloodtalons), and support your healer.
  • Rebirth Icon Rebirth is a combat resurrection effect, allowing you to revive a player outside of the combat restrictions in the event of an unexpected death.
  • Stampeding Roar Icon Stampeding Roar grants movement speed to you and all allies within 15 yards. This can be used for getting back into range for damage, or helping allies to avoid dangerous effects.
  • Maim Icon Maim and Mighty Bash Icon Mighty Bash (talented) are both stun options available to Feral that can be used to lock down single targets and prevent non-interruptible casts.
  • Typhoon Icon Typhoon, when talented, can push back enemies and provide an AoE way of interrupting things that are interrupt immune, alongside pushing enemies into better positions if needed.

2. Mythic+ Talents for Feral Druid

Below are the suggested talents for Mythic+. These talents are recommended for all groups and keys at the current time.

Level Choices
15 Predator Predator Sabertooth ? Sabertooth Lunar Inspiration Lunar Inspiration
30 Tiger Dash ? Tiger Dash Renewal ? Renewal Wild Charge Wild Charge
45 Balance Affinity ? Balance Affinity Guardian Affinity ? Guardian Affinity Restoration Affinity ? Restoration Affinity
60 Mighty Bash ? Mighty Bash Mass Entanglement ? Mass Entanglement Typhoon ? Typhoon
75 Soul of the Forest Soul of the Forest Savage Roar Savage Roar Incarnation: King of the Jungle ? Incarnation: King of the Jungle
90 Scent of Blood Scent of Blood Brutal Slash Brutal Slash Primal Wrath Primal Wrath
100 Moment of Clarity ? Moment of Clarity Bloodtalons Bloodtalons Feral Frenzy ? Feral Frenzy

These talent choices aim to pick options that are either AoE-oriented or the most versatile choices that allow you to interact with a variety of different encounter types. Given that you will be switching frequently between single target, cleave, and high target AoE, you need to have as many tools available to deal with these choices. Predator Icon Predator is the primary lock-in, however, because the frequency of targets dying grants a massive surge of additional Energy to spend.

3. Mythic+ Affixes

The way Mythic+ affixes are tiered in Battle for Azeroth has changed quite a bit since their launch in Legion.

There are now three weekly affixes and one seasonal affix. The first affix is available instantly at level two and three, the second affix starts at level four, the third affix is enabled at level seven, and finally, the seasonal affix is at level ten.

3.1. Tier One Affixes

  • Fortified Icon Fortified increases the Health pool of all non-boss enemies by 20% and damage dealt by 30%.
  • Tyrannical Icon Tyrannical increases the Health pool of boss enemies by 40% and their damage dealt by 15%.

Fortified Icon Fortified and Tyrannical Icon Tyrannical are the two affixes every player will see. These affixes shift the focus of dungeons from boss to trash depending on the week. Feral has options to adjust damage profiles depending on what is most important in a week, but Fortified is likely to accentuate the damage profile the most. Additional health on targets allows for more time for Bleeds to tick out, and shifting toward that instead of burst AoE makes Feral more appealing. Feral having a solid single target toolkit allows for it to still be relevant in Tyrannical, however. Your performance will likely be decided as to how well you are able to manage your resources based on the most important areas of the given dungeon.

3.2. Tier Two Affixes

  • Raging Icon Raging increases the damage dealt by enemies below 30% HP by 100% until they die.
  • Teeming Icon Teeming adds additional trash mobs to certain packs throughout each dungeon.
  • Bolstering Icon Bolstering buffs remaining enemies Health pools and damage dealt by 20% when an enemy dies nearby. To counter this affix, DPS all mobs down evenly and focus your casts into high Health mobs if there are any.
  • Sanguine Icon Sanguine places a pool of blood on the ground when a mob is slain. This pool will heal remaining enemies who stay inside the zone and also damage players.
  • Bursting Icon Bursting forces enemy mobs to detonate when slain, afflicting the group with a stacking debuff that causes players to suffer 10% of their max Health in damage every four seconds. When handling the Bursting affix, ask how many stacks your healer can handle and try to not mindlessly DPS and exceed your healers stack limit.

3.3. Tier Three Affixes

  • Volcanic Icon Volcanic spawns volcanic plumes underneath and around players when in combat with any enemy. When damaged by Volcanic, players suffer 50% of their maximum Health pool in damage. The more enemies you are in combat with, the more Volcanic plumes that will spawn.
  • Grievous Icon Grievous afflicts players with a stacking DoT when they fall below 90%.
  • Quaking Icon Quaking will periodically attempt to interrupt casters by creating a damaging zone around each player. About 3 seconds after the zone forms, it will deal 20% maximum Health in damage to each player caught in the zone, as well as interrupting any hard casts being finished during the shockwave.
  • Explosive Icon Explosive will occasionally spawn Explosive Orbs that need to be targeted and burned down within a short period of time or they will deal significant damage to the party. Explosive Orbs are not cleavable and the number of orbs that spawn scales with the number of enemies pulled.
  • Necrotic Icon Necrotic debuffs the target of enemy melee swings with stacking healing reduction and a minor DoT.
  • Skittish Icon Skittish reduces the amount of threat generated by tanks throughout the dungeon. Be especially careful of this in melee, and manage your threat between targets based on what the tank is focusing.

3.4. Seasonal Affix

Infested Icon Infested is the seasonal affix for the launch of Battle for Azeroth. Enemies afflicted with the Infested debuff will be scattered throughout each dungeon once you reach key level ten. These mobs will heal enemies around them and, when slain, will spawn two Spawn of G'huun that will attempt to infest remaining enemies.

There are several ways to handle Infested Icon Infested mobs depending on pack size, which mob is infested, and group composition. The first way to handle an Infested enemy is to burn down the infested target and the subsequently spawning Spawn of G'huun, while either crowd controlling or ignoring the other mobs in the pack. The second way is to crowd control the Infested mob and burn down all the other enemies. After you kill an infested mob and the Spawns of G'huun spawn, Feral Druids can pool Combo Points to Maim Icon Maim or use Mighty Bash Icon Mighty Bash to lock it down, and then dump any Energy and resources into burning the parasite down before it reaches another enemy.

4. Mythic+ Azerite Traits

Generally, you will not see a serious difference in the performance compared to normal combat situations. You can check out the Azerite or the Simulations pages to find out which options you should be aiming for.

5. Changelog

  • 24 Jun. 2019: This page has been reviewed for the release of Patch 8.2 and no changes are necessary.
  • 10 Dec. 2018: Updated for Patch 8.1 talent recommendations.
  • 02 Sep. 2018: Updated for preliminary Mythic+ launch.
  • 11 Aug. 2018: Page created.
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