Frost Death Knight Torghast Guide and Best Anima Powers — Dragonflight 10.2.5

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On this page, we tell you all you need to know to prepare your Frost Death Knight before entering Torghast and then how to pick up the right Anima Powers once you are inside!


Torghast as a Frost Death Knight

This page will help you perform the best with your Frost Death Knight in Torghast, Tower of the Damned. For more information about Torghast in general, check out our dedicated pages below.


Best Frost Death Knight Setup for Torghast, Tower of the Damned

You can easily import the talent tree below into the game with the following string:


Best Anima Powers for Frost Death Knight

This section ranks desirable Anima Powers from Great to Average. Before reading further, you might want to check out our complete lists of Anima Powers (both Death Knight-specific and class-agnostic).


Great Anima Powers for Frost Death Knight

  • Ancient Drake Breath Icon Ancient Drake Breath
  • Deathlord's Cypher Icon Deathlord's Cypher (Allows you to have Inexorable Assault Icon Inexorable Assault and Cold Heart Icon Cold Heart)
  • Necromantic Bile Icon Necromantic Bile
  • Deathlord's Gift Icon Deathlord's Gift (Allows you to have Runic Attenuation Icon Runic Attenuation and Murderous Efficiency Icon Murderous Efficiency)
  • Deathlord's Ultimatum Icon Deathlord's Ultimatum (Allows you to have Icecap Icon Icecap and Obliteration Icon Obliteration or Breath of Sindragosa Icon Breath of Sindragosa)
  • Blood-tinged Poker Icon Blood-tinged Poker
  • Bone Growing Juice Icon Bone Growing Juice
  • Death Turf Icon Death Turf
  • Skull Bloomer Icon Skull Bloomer
  • Oppressor's Chain Icon Oppressor's Chain
  • Fatal Grasp Icon Fatal Grasp (Necrolord)
  • Lich Robes Icon Lich Robes (When paired with Undertaker's Crown Icon Undertaker's Crown)
  • Monstrous Concoction Icon Monstrous Concoction
  • Undertaker's Crown Icon Undertaker's Crown
  • Unbreakable Cuffs Icon Unbreakable Cuffs
  • Boundless Fortitude Icon Boundless Fortitude (When paired with Ancient Drake Breath Icon Ancient Drake Breath)

Good Anima Powers for Frost Death Knight

  • Chains of Anguish Icon Chains of Anguish
  • Deathlord's Invocation Icon Deathlord's Invocation (Allows you to have Avalanche Icon Avalanche and Frostscythe Icon Frostscythe)
  • Deathlord's Mythos Icon Deathlord's Mythos (Allows you to have Gathering Storm Icon Gathering Storm and Hypothermic Presence Icon Hypothermic Presence
  • Darkreaver's Lens Icon Darkreaver's Lens
  • The Horsemen's Call Icon The Horsemen's Call
  • Rune Hunter Icon Rune Hunter
  • Tome of Swordplay Icon Tome of Swordplay
  • Hateforged Cilice Icon Hateforged Cilice (Kyrian)
  • Eyes of the Unceasing Icon Eyes of the Unceasing (Kyrian)
  • Death's Deliverance Icon Death's Deliverance (Venthyr)
  • Swarm Host Icon Swarm Host (Venthyr)
  • Engorged Limb Icon Engorged Limb (Necrolord)
  • Corrupted Sapwood Icon Corrupted Sapwood (Night Fae)
  • Darkreaver's Ward Icon Darkreaver's Ward
  • Entropic Pool Icon Entropic Pool
  • Bone Borrower Icon Bone Borrower
  • Desolate Chitin Icon Desolate Chitin (Necrolord)
  • Frigid Wildseed Icon Frigid Wildseed (Night Fae)

Average Anima Powers for Frost Death Knight

  • Bone Harvester Icon Bone Harvester
  • Blightstone Icon Blightstone
  • Occult Emitter Icon Occult Emitter
  • Creeping Decay Icon Creeping Decay
  • Force Pull Icon Force Pull
  • Phearomones Icon Phearomones
  • Plaguebringer Icon Plaguebringer
  • Slick Ice Icon Slick Ice
  • Darkhelm of Nuren Icon Darkhelm of Nuren (Kyrian)
  • Twisted Hellchoker Icon Twisted Hellchoker (Kyrian)
  • Reinforced Manacle Icon Reinforced Manacle (Kyrian)
  • Formless Executioner Icon Formless Executioner (Venthyr)
  • Prosthetic Grabber Icon Prosthetic Grabber (Necrolord)
  • Nightmare Tendrils Icon Nightmare Tendrils (Night Fae)
  • Toxic Accumulator Icon Toxic Accumulator (Night Fae)
  • Ethereal Wildseed Icon Ethereal Wildseed (Night Fae)

Phantasma Anima Powers for Frost Death Knight

Occasionally, you will be offered the ability to get Phantasma instead of an Anima Power, or increases to your Phantasma generation. It is hard to evaluate these, but they are generally better than the "Average" Anima powers.


Frost Death Knight Playstyle for Torghast, Tower of the Damned

  • Use Anti-Magic Shell Icon Anti-Magic Shell before a magic debuff is cast on you, to prevent the application of the debuff.
  • If a mob is able to be Death Grip Icon Death Gripped then you can use that to also interrupt that mob, acting as another interrupt utility.
  • Certain powers pair up very well with each other. For example: Ancient Drake Breath Icon Ancient Drake Breath and Boundless Fortitude Icon Boundless Fortitude or Undertaker's Crown Icon Undertaker's Crown and Lich Robes Icon Lich Robes.


  • 25 Oct. 2022: Updated for Dragonflight pre-patch.
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