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Frost Mage DPS Gear, Legendaries, and Best in Slot (BfA 8.0.1)

Last updated on Jul 16, 2018 at 19:21 by Kuni 23 comments

Table of Contents

General Information

This page is a gear reference for Frost Mages. It lists your best items and Legendaries, gives you gearing advice, and shows you how you will be competing for loot with other classes.

The other pages of our Frost Mage guide can be accessed from the table of contents on the right.

About Our Author

This guide has been written by Kuni, one of the best Frost Mages in the world, who raids in Midnight Sanctuary.

1. SimulationCraft

Due to the advent of Titanforging, best-in-slot lists are pointless. A piece of gear that might not have optimal stats may indeed be the best you have in that slot, better than a potential "BiS" raid drop simply due to Titanforging. For this reason, there will be no best-in-slot lists. They are inaccurate at best, and wildly misleading at worst.

Please use the guide on the Simulations page for information on how to sim yourself.

If you need a quick gear check, and you already have your current stat weights handy, you can do a quick calculation based off the information here.

2. Tier 21 Set Bonuses for Frost Mage

The Tier 21 Set bonuses improve the damage of our instant cast procs.

  • 2-piece bonus: each successive ice bolt of a cast of Flurry Icon Flurry deals 15% more damage.
  • 4-piece bonus: when you consume Brain Freeze Icon Brain Freeze, the damage of your next Ice Lance Icon Ice Lance is increased by 20%.

The Tier 21 bonuses are very strong, however, we want to keep our 2-piece Tier 20 bonus. The ideal combination of gear is the Crown of the Arcane Tempest Icon Crown of the Arcane Tempest and the Gloves of the Arcane Tempest Icon Gloves of the Arcane Tempest while using the remaining Tier slots for your Tier 21 4-piece bonus. It is worth breaking your Tier 20 4-piece bonus even for the Normal version of the Tier 21 4-set.

3. Tier 20 Set Bonuses for Frost Mage

The Tier 20 set piece bonuses improve the functionality of your Frozen Orb Icon Frozen Orb.

  • 2-piece bonus: Frozen Orb Icon Frozen Orb increases your Critical Strike damage by 20% for 10 seconds.
  • 4-piece bonus: the cooldown of Frozen Orb Icon Frozen Orb is reduced by 5.0 seconds whenever you gain Brain Freeze Icon Brain Freeze.

Both of the Tier 20 bonuses are very valuable pickups, and should be acquired as soon as possible. The 2-piece bonus greatly enhances your burst damage, while the 4-piece allows us to burst more frequently. Both bonuses are worth using even at the expense of higher item level offpieces due to their power.

4. Evaluating Upgrades Using Stat Weights

You can evaluate upgrades side by side using a simple napkin math formula:

DPS Value = Σ Stat weight × Amount of Stat

For example, using the stat weights from our Stats page, a pair of boots with 380 Mastery, 1150 Haste, and 976 Intellect, we can calculate a DPS value of:

380×0.69 + 1150×0.99 + 976×1 = 2376.7

This does not give an exact DPS value, but can be used to calculate the relative value versus another piece. For example, if we have a second pair of boots with 450 Haste, 970 Versatility, and 976 Intellect, we can compute the DPS value for that second item using the same formula, before comparing the results:

450×0.99 + 970×0.93 + 976×1 = 2323.6

We can clearly see that 2376.7 > 2323.6, and therefore, the first pair of boots are the stronger upgrade. This is the quickest way of determining whether or not you should use one upgrade or another, despite the fact that stats weights are very approximate and change with respect to fight type, fight length, and the values of your other stats (synergetic scaling).

5. Legendaries for Frost Mage

Shard of the Exodar Icon Shard of the Exodar causes your Time Warp Icon Time Warp to not give you Temporal Displacement Icon Temporal Displacement, and you can also use your Time Warp Icon Time Warp while affected by Temporal Displacement Icon Temporal Displacement and benefit from the active effect. Basically, you get an extra Bloodlust Icon Bloodlust/Heroism Icon Heroism once every 5 minutes. Overall, this is generally the best legendary.

Shattered Fragments of Sindragosa Icon Shattered Fragments of Sindragosa is a head slot that causes every 15 Frostbolt Icon Frostbolts or Flurry Icon Flurrys to automatically activate a Comet Storm Icon Comet Storm on your target. This is a strong option, likely second best, for single target when using Glacial Spike Icon Glacial Spike when not using T20 pieces.

Magtheridon's Banished Bracers Icon Magtheridon's Banished Bracers causes your Ice Lance Icon Ice Lance to increase the damage of your Ice Lances by 3% for 8 seconds, stacking up to 6 times. Overall, this is the second best legendary for Frost when combined with Thermal Void Icon Thermal Void.

Lady Vashj's Grasp Icon Lady Vashj's Grasp causes you to gain 1 charge of Fingers of Frost Icon Fingers of Frost every 10 seconds while Icy Veins Icon Icy Veins is active. A strong option if the above options are not available.

Kil'jaeden's Burning Wish Icon Kil'jaeden's Burning Wish is a trinket with an on-use effect that launches a meteor dealing a powerful critical strike once every 75 seconds. A strong option for Frost, due to the passive stats provided, and has fairly strong potential on AoE.

Soul of the Archmage Icon Soul of the Archmage is a ring that grants the talent Frozen Touch Icon Frozen Touch passively. This ring sits solidly middle of the pack.

Ice Time Icon Ice Time causes your Frozen Orb Icon Frozen Orb to explode into a Frost Nova that deals damage. Very weak for single target, but only slightly behind Zann'esu Journey Icon Zann'esu Journey for AoE. This is a good choice for Mythic+ farming.

Zann'esu Journey Icon Zann'esu Journey causes Flurry Icon Flurry to increase the damage of your next Blizzard Icon Blizzard by 35%, stacking up to 5 times. If this is the only legendary you have you should still use the stacks on Blizzard for single target, but talenting into Freezing Rain Icon Freezing Rain is a DPS loss on single-target compared to the other talents.

6. Loot Competition

Regarding the loot you will get from raid or dungeon bosses, you will compete with other classes in the following cases:

Item Type Competing Classes
Tier Tokens Death Knights, Druids, Arcane/Fire Mages, and Rogues
Cloth Armor Arcane/Fire Mages, Priests, and Warlocks
  • Amulets
  • Cloaks
  • Rings
Trinkets Balance Druids, Arcane/Fire Mages, Shadow Priests, Elemental Shamans, and Warlocks
Weapons Balance and Restoration Druids, Arcane/Fire Mages, Mistweaver Monks, Holy Paladins, Priests, Elemental and Restoration Shamans, and Warlocks
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