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On this page, you will find the best gear and best in slot items for your Guardian Druid in World of Warcraft Shadowlands 9.2.5.

If you were looking for TBC Classic content, please refer to our TBC Classic Feral Tank Druid gear and best in slot.


Gearing in Shadowlands

The best loot in the game will come from the weekly chest (now the Great Vault), and from Mythic raiding. Prior to the raid being released you can do your daily Covenant quests which can reward some good gear, Mythic 0 dungeons, or even Heroic dungeons to increase your item level early on.


Dungeon Gear Recommendations for Guardian Druids

The following is a recommendation for what items might constitute a best in slot list for Guardian Druids with items purely available from dungeons. The majority of your gearing decisions will be based off what items have the best stats on them. To fully understand what stats are the best to prioritize and why, please visit the Stats page linked below.

Slot Item Source
Head Unbound Reality Mask Icon Unbound Reality Mask Upper Karazhan
Neck Choker of Barbed Reins Icon Choker of Barbed Reins Lower Karazhan
Shoulders Breakbeat Shoulderguards Icon Breakbeat Shoulderguards Tazavesh, the Veiled Market
Cloak Trashmaster's Mantle Icon Trashmaster's Mantle Operation: Mechagon - Workshop
Chest Leafmender Robes Icon Leafmender Robes Iron Docks / Grimrail Depot
Wrists Wraps of Electrostatic Potential Icon Wraps of Electrostatic Potential Operation: Mechagon - Junkyard
Gloves Galvanized Leather Grips Icon Galvanized Leather Grips Operation: Mechagon - Junkyard
Belt Mad King's Sporran Icon Mad King's Sporran Operation: Mechagon - Workshop
Legs Anomalous Starlit Breeches Icon Anomalous Starlit Breeches Tazavesh, the Veiled Market
Boots Ooey-Gooey Galoshes Icon Ooey-Gooey Galoshes Operation: Mechagon - Junkyard
Ring #1 Logic Loop of Recursion Icon Logic Loop of Recursion Operation: Mechagon - Junkyard
Ring #2 Overclocking Bit Band Icon Overclocking Bit Band Operation: Mechagon - Workshop
Trinket #1 Toe Knee's Promise Icon Toe Knee's Promise Lower Karazhan
Trinket #2 Deteriorated Construct Core Icon Deteriorated Construct Core Upper Karazhan
Weapon Chasmwrench Docking Hook Icon Chasmwrench Docking Hook Iron Docks

Best Mythic+ Pieces to Upgrade with Valor

Patch 9.0.5 brought the ability to upgrade Mythic+ gear with Valor points. In Season 4 there is no cap on Valor, allowing us to farm and ugprade as much as we want.

Below is a small list of the some of the best Mythic+ items that can use your Valor points on to upgrade.

Slot Item Source
Trinket Deteriorated Construct Core Icon Deteriorated Construct Core Upper Karazhan
Trinket Toe Knee's Promise Icon Toe Knee's Promise Lower Karazhan
Ring Logic Loop of Recursion Icon Logic Loop of Recursion Operation: Mechagon - Junkyard
Ring Overclocking Bit Band Icon Overclocking Bit Band Operation: Mechagon - Workshop

Return of Old Dungeons in Season 4

Season 4 brings back several old favorite dungeons from previous expansions: Return to Karazhan, Operation: Mechagon, Iron Docks, and Grimrail Depot. These dungeons have a vast loot table and many potentially fantastic item upgrades.


This section contains the best gear to look for in the weekly Fated Raids. It does not include anything from outside sources, so with some drops you have access to you might have better choices. This list prioritizes the highest item level gear possible. Keep in mind, all high item level pieces can be used at the Creation Catalyst in Zereth Mortis to be turned into tier.

Slot Item Source
Head Sadist's Sinister Mask Icon Sadist's Sinister Mask Sire Denathrius
Neck Worldkiller Iris Icon Worldkiller Iris The Jailer
Shoulders Shoulderpads of the Fixed Stars Icon Shoulderpads of the Fixed Stars Lords of Dread
Cloak Shroud of the Sire's Chosen Icon Shroud of the Sire's Chosen Lords of Dread
Chest Chestguard of the Fixed Stars Icon Chestguard of the Fixed Stars Rygelon
Wrists Fate-Threaded Bindings Icon Fate-Threaded Bindings Fatescribe Roh-Kalo
Gloves Grasps of Abducted Fate Icon Grasps of Abducted Fate Lords of Dread
Belt Windrunner's Baldric Icon Windrunner's Baldric Sylvanas Windrunner
Legs Elite Aranakk Breeches Icon Elite Aranakk Breeches Kel'Thuzad
Boots Treads of Titanic Curiosity Icon Treads of Titanic Curiosity Rygelon
Ring #1 Rygelon's Heraldric Ring Icon Rygelon's Heraldric Ring Rygelon
Ring #2 Tarnished Insignia of Quel'Thalas Icon Tarnished Insignia of Quel'Thalas Sylvanas Windrunner
Trinket #1 Reactive Defense Matrix Icon Reactive Defense Matrix Guardian of the First Ones
Trinket #2 Cache of Acquired Treasures Icon Cache of Acquired Treasures Artificer Xy'mox / Puzzling Cartel Dinar Icon Puzzling Cartel Dinar
Weapon Zovastrum, the Unmaking Icon Zovastrum, the Unmaking The Jailer

Fated Raids in Season 4

Every week a different Shadowlands raid will be deemed Fated granting it increased difficulty and rewards. Affixes will be introduced to these Fated raids that have a risk/reward type effect. The gear dropped from Fated raids is extremely high item level (304/311) and should be targeted if you wish to be as strong as possible.


Puzzling Cartel Dinars in Season 4

A fantastic new system has been added in Season 4 that allows you to purchase a total of 3 items this season that can be difficult to acquire or exceptionally strong. This is great as it allows you to target those high value items quickly without luck being a big factor. Some of the best items to target are:

  1. Gavel of the First Arbiter Icon Gavel of the First Arbiter
  2. Cache of Acquired Treasures Icon Cache of Acquired Treasures
  3. Reactive Defense Matrix Icon Reactive Defense Matrix

Currently, Gavel of the First Arbiter Icon Gavel of the First Arbiter is extremely strong for us and is a Strength weapon meaning we are incapable of looting it ourselves; this makes it the best initial Dinar purchase. Meanwhile, Cache of Acquired Treasures Icon Cache of Acquired Treasures has fantastic synergy with Ravenous Frenzy Icon Ravenous Frenzy and is overall an incredibly powerful trinket while Reactive Defense Matrix Icon Reactive Defense Matrix is a great overall passive trinket, benefiting both offense and defense significantly. It should be noted that you can always loot these items and then spend your Dinars on something else. The choice is very flexible overall and you should always prioritize the biggest upgrade for you.


Guardian Druid Tier Set in Patch 9.2.5

The Creation Catalyst is active from the beginning of Season 4 which you will want to use to turn any high item level pieces into tier to maintain the Architect's Aligner Icon Guardian Druid 4-Piece tier set bonuses at all times. For Guardian Druids, these set bonuses are:

This tier set bonus is extremely strong for Guardian Druids, largely boosting their AoE DPS and initial threat generation that has been an issue for all of Shadowlands. The ability to spam Thrash Icon Thrash for 4-5 seconds after each Barkskin Icon Barkskin in addition to the pulsating AoE makes picking up mobs much easier. If you would like to know more about how the tier set bonus plays into our rotation, check out the rotation page linked below.

It is important to get the 4-piece bonus in any item slots you can but once you have all 5, the optimal 4 pieces to equip will be Head, Chest, Shoulders and Legs, as there are higher item level gloves from the raid.


Creation Catalyst

The Creation Catalyst is a feature released in 9.2 that allows you to convert any piece into "Tier" while retaining item level, socket and tertiary perks. This can help you to further optimize your gear similar to the old reforging system. This remains active in Season 4 and will be very useful in maintaining our 4P tier set actively.


Enchants and Gems

Whenever you get a new piece of gear, make sure to enchant it or gem it, if possible. In Shadowlands, sockets can come with or be put on: Head, Belt, Wrists, Rings, and Necks. The optimal enchants and gems for Guardian Druids can be found in the page linked below.


Domination Sockets

Domination Shards no longer work for any content outside of The Maw, Korthia, and Torghast. These are now able to be largely ignored for any relevant content in Season 4.


Legendary Powers Guardian Druids

Shadowlands brings us multiple choices as to which item slot we would like to apply the unique legendary powers to, sometimes this can be quite significant as some item slots have different stat weights applied to them or some can be socketed. Choosing the right item slot to apply your special legendary power to can generally be the piece with the highest stat budget that does not conflict with a Tier set bonus slot. You can check out our guide on Runecarving to learn more about this new feature.

Below is an in-depth guide for all the information you will need to decide which are the best legendary powers for you.


Trinkets for Guardian Druids

The following is a list of the most noteworthy trinkets available overall, ranked in order of power assuming equivalent item level. If you do not have any of these, your best bet will be to use a stat proc trinket with a reasonably high item level.

  1. Cache of Acquired Treasures Icon Cache of Acquired Treasures
  2. Reactive Defense Matrix Icon Reactive Defense Matrix
  3. The First Sigil Icon The First Sigil
  4. Shard of Annhylde's Aegis Icon Shard of Annhylde's Aegis
  5. Salvaged Fusion Amplifier Icon Salvaged Fusion Amplifier
  6. Dreadfire Vessel Icon Dreadfire Vessel
  7. Relic of the Frozen Wastes Icon Relic of the Frozen Wastes

Offensively, you can refer to the chart below (courtesy of Note that these are only recommendations based on general sims; for the most accurate results, you should sim yourself.

For the complete simulation results, check out


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