Restoration Shaman Frequently Asked Questions — Battle for Azeroth (BfA) 8.1

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On this page, we go over several of the most frequently asked questions regarding Restoration Shaman in World of Warcraft — Battle for Azeroth Battle for Azeroth (BfA) 8.1. This will be updated as more common repeated questions surface over the course of the expansion.

1. What Changed for Restoration Shaman in patch 8.1?

A summary of all changes can be found in our intro page.

2. What Stats Are Good for Restoration Shaman in BfA?

Due to the stat squish, Intellect is now our most powerful stat (it will eventually give way to Critical Strike and the other secondary stats as we get more Intellect throughout the expansion) and should be stacked as much as possible. In 99% of the cases, this means that you should use the highest item level gear you have available, as the specific stat distribution is a minor healing gain. Items with Leech / Avoidance are worth ~10 item levels extra, 15 if they are rings. Finally, rings do not have Intellect and thus you can afford to lose 5 to 10 item levels on them in order to use the best secondary stats possible. Keep in mind that trinkets and Azerite gear usually have special effects alongside their baseline stats which are critical for determining their worth.

3. Are Restoration Shamans Good For Mythic+?

After the Patch 8.1 changes, we should be able to push keys just as well as most other healers. It might take a little bit of time for the overall Mythic+ community to consider Restoration Shamans seriously, however. While we are very easy to play in Mythic+ healing-wise, the biggest difference we can make is through weaving our DPS and utility kit, and making sure everything is purged and interrupted ASAP!

4. Are Restoration Shamans Good For Raids?

Restoration Shamans have traditionally been a must have in raids due to their powerful, unique tools (Spirit Link Totem Icon Spirit Link Totem, Ancestral Protection Totem Icon Ancestral Protection Totem and Ancestral Vigor Icon Ancestral Vigor, especially) and strong cooldown-oriented healing. While our big cooldown healing is weaker in BfA, there are plenty of good alternative playstyles in our new talent tree — from flexible High Tide Icon High Tide-powered Chain Heal Icon Chain Heal bursts during heavy damage periods, to cheap Downpour Icon Downpour / Wellspring Icon Wellspring rotations replacing most would-be expensive Chain Heal casts.

5. How Does Earth Shield Interact with Chain Heal?

Earth Shield Icon Earth Shield does not increase the whole Chain Heal Icon Chain Heal by 10%, when cast on a target with it. Only the first hit is increased, and this applies to all other interactions with Earth Shield; only its target gets the healing increase and only while Earth Shield is active.

6. Does Chain Heal Require High Tide to be Used?

Chain Heal Icon Chain Heal casts with the High Tide Icon High Tide buff are very powerful, but you can also take one of the other talents, especially Wellspring Icon Wellspring and perform well, as long as you can cast it on cooldown without much overhealing and make good use of the Mana saved with these casts. Also, keep in mind that Chain Heal generates Tidal Waves Icon Tidal Waves while doing significant healing, which warrants usage in most group healing scenarios. Finally, it is one of the ideal spells to cast while you have Innervate Icon Innervate on yourself!

7. Does High Tide activate from free casts made while Innervated?

Yes! Casts done under the effects of Innervate Icon Innervate cost 0 Mana, but are still counted towards High Tide's next activation threshold.

8. Why is my Wellspring healing so much on some casts relative to others?

Wellspring Icon Wellspring will divide its tooltip healing amount by the targets hit in order to do a maximum amount of 6 * (tooltip healing). This means that, usually, the maximum amount of healing you can get from a Wellspring cast caps at 6 injured targets. The trick to go past this hard cap is understanding it does this calculation as you finish casting it but it still has a small travel time to actually hit other players. If only a few people are injured at the time Wellspring finishes casting, but they all become injured by the time Wellspring actually hits, all of them are hit by the uncapped amount, thus creating a huge burst of healing! Just be careful not to finish casting Wellspring when no one is injured because, at that point, its unique overhealing prevention mechanic will kick in and it will do extremely low healing on anyone hit, instead.

9. Does Azerite Trait's effect stack when I use multiples?

The hard and fast rule for what stacks and what does not on Azerite Traits is as follows: numerical bonuses that scale with item level all stack, however most of the other effects do not. When in doubt, check the trait on our Azerite Traits page. If it has mechanics that don't stack, that will be said in its description.

10. Changelog

  • 10 Dec. 2018: Updated for Patch 8.1 changes and added FAQ entries related to some obscure Restoration Shaman / Azerite mechanics.
  • 28 Aug. 2018: Added two new FAQ entries.
  • 04 Aug. 2018: Added page.
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