Restoration Shaman Healing Simulations — Battle for Azeroth (BfA) 8.3

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General Information

On this page, you will find a number of useful simulation results for your Restoration Shamans in World of Warcraft — Battle for Azeroth (BfA) 8.3.


Learning How to Simulate Your Character for Damage

It has become easy enough to simulate your character that we recommend that anyone interested in optimizing their damage dealing as a Shaman should learn how do it.

  1. Download and install the Simulationcraft addon.
  2. Go to
  3. Pick any one of the types of simulations you need.
  4. Type /simc in game and copy everything in the window.
  5. Paste the copied information into "Load from simc addon" field.
  6. Pick any other options you see fit.
  7. Press the green button at the bottom to run your simulation.

This video can also help you, if you require further information on how to set up your own simulations:

Finally, we would recommend that you check Bloodmallet's Restoration DPS Simulations in order to get up to date with the latest simulations for trinkets, essences, azerite traits, corruptions and other systems.


Disclaimer for Healing Simulations

While healing is, essentially, impossible to simulate properly, what you can do is analyze your logs in order to understand where you made mistakes and improve as a player. With the advent of certain tools such as WoW Analyzer, understanding your healing logs has now become simple enough that we can recommend that even the average player combat log and analyze their performance. It is through trial and analysis of different talents / gear setups that many of the recommendations in this guide are found, and by doing your own you can easily figure out what talents / gear is best for you in any given fight.


Restoration Shaman Racial Comparisons

Note that the difference from worst to best race is very small. Your gear and talent choices also change the value of those racials. Basically, pick a race for how it looks, feels, and the utility it brings.


Alliance Races

For both PvE and PvP content, Kul'Tiran is the overall strongest, due to Brush It Off Icon Brush It Off's strength for both offensive and defensive purposes. If the only thing you care about is throughput, however, Dwarf is slightly better due to their critical damage / healing racial bonus.


Horde Races

In PvE content, Goblins have Rocket Jump Icon Rocket Jump, which allow you to avoid / ignore knockback mechanics and can be a deal-breaker in some encounters. Alternatively, Tauren has the best raw numbers due to their critical damage / healing racial bonus.

For PvP, Orc is great to reduce stun durations through Hardiness Icon Hardiness and can increase its healing / damage throughput at will every 2 minutes through Blood Fury Icon Blood Fury.


Combat Logging / Analysis Resources


Warcraft Logs

Warcraft Logs is one of the most important tools to use when trying to improve your gameplay in World of Warcraft. You can use it to compare yourself to other players of your specialization in the same encounters, to review how a given pull went for you or other players in your group, or as an input to other tools that will do some of that analysis for you.


WoW Analyzer

WoW Analyzer uses Warcraft Logs reports to give you an in-depth analysis of how you performed in a given encounter. It can show you the benefit of things that do not show up directly in Warcraft Logs, such as Mastery: Deep Healing Icon Mastery: Deep Healing's effectiveness, Ancestral Vigor Icon Ancestral Vigor life saving moments, and other interesting information.


Afiya's Restoration Shaman Analyzer

Afiya is Exorsus' Restoration Shaman and the main developer behind Exorsus Raid Tools. Early on, in Legion, he developed this Restoration Shaman Analyzer, which aims to provide info on how much each stat / piece of gear / talents / legendaries / artifact trait contributes to the total healing done. While artifact traits are no longer in the game, the rest of the analysis stays relevant for the duration of the pre-patch.

To use this tool, paste the unique Warcraft Logs report URL string (for example, the part in bold here: into the text box and hit the button. After that you can pick the fight and healer you want to analyze and go from there.



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