Demonology Warlock DPS Gear and Best in Slot — Battle for Azeroth (BfA) 8.2.5

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On this page, you will find the best gear and best in slot items for your Demonology Warlock in World of Warcraft Battle for Azeroth (BfA) 8.2.5.


How To Effectively Compare Upgrades as an Demonology Warlock

Due to the simplicity of determining upgrades with a simulation in the current era of the game, we recommend using the popular tool Raidbots to determine which pieces of gear offer the most potential for your character. The main reason why this is a huge advantage is due to the huge number of variables that differ from character to character, such as Azerite Traits, Stat Quotients, and Scale Factors.

The Top Gear function can be especially useful, as it allows you to compare multiple items and item types to find the best combination of upgrades.

Learning to use the tools available will allow you to reach the most accurate conclusions with the least effort. It is highly recommended you avail yourself of these tools, and they will serve you well when evaluating items.


Best in Slot Items for Demonology Warlock


Benthic Gear

Patch 8.2 introduces a new type of gear themed around Nazjatar and The Eternal Palace. While doing activities in the new zone, you will have the opportunity to obtain Bind on Account tokens that can be used to get baseline 385 gear. These tokens can proc with tertiary stats and, most importantly, a socket. You can then upgrade those items up to 425 item level with Prismatic Manapearl Icon Prismatic Manapearls.

Of all the Benthic gear available, 4 items in particular are extremely valuable for raiding: Waveblade Farseer's Bindings Icon Waveblade Farseer's Bindings, Poen's Deepsea Gloves Icon Poen's Deepsea Gloves, Akana's Reefstrider Soles Icon Akana's Reefstrider Soles, Vim's Scalecrusher Belt Icon Vim's Scalecrusher Belt, and the situational Shirakess Cinch Icon Shirakess Cinch, which works on 2 bosses in The Eternal Palace.

If you manage to get these items with a socket, it is unlikely you will replace them, even with Mythic 445 gear.


The Eternal Palace Best in Slot

Here we have provided a list of the best available items from The Eternal Palace, which may be advantageous for players who have little interest in Mythic+ Dungeons or Player vs. Player.

When considering the usage of Seals of Wartorn Fate, it is often best to roll bosses that can provide Azerite Armor.

Slot Item Source
Cloak Drape of the Hatcher Icon Drape of the Hatcher Orgozoa
  • Benthic Gear
  • Orgozoa
  • Benthic Gear
Legs Seawrath Legwraps Icon Seawrath Legwraps Abyssal Commander Sivara
Ring #1 Ring of the Highborne Courtier Icon Ring of the Highborne Courtier The Queen's Court
Ring #2 Cursed Lover's Ring Icon Cursed Lover's Ring Queen Azshara
Weapon Anu-Azshara, Staff of the Eternal Icon Anu-Azshara, Staff of the Eternal Queen Azshara

Dungeon Best in Slot

This list illustrates some of the best available dungeon items for the Demonology Warlock specialization.

Bear in mind that this list is a template rather than an end point. We recommend simming using the Top Gear function to find the best setup for your character, which can depend on factors such as Talents, Azerite Traits, and Stat Distribution.

Many of these items can actually out-perform their "Raid Best in Slot" counterparts, particularly at extremely high item levels or if you are lucky enough to receive a Titanforged version of one of them.

Please refer to the Trinket Simulation section below for details on Trinkets.

Slot Item Source
Helm Grasping Crown of the Deep Icon Grasping Crown of the Deep Viq'Goth (Siege of Boralus)
Shoulders Amice of the Returned Icon Amice of the Returned Gorak Tul (Waycrest Manor)
Cloak Cloak of Questionable Intent Icon Cloak of Questionable Intent Rixxa Fluxflame (The MOTHERLODE!!)
Chest Robes of the Reborn Serpent Icon Robes of the Reborn Serpent Avatar of Sethraliss (Temple of Sethraliss)
Wrists Wraps of Everliving Fealty Icon Wraps of Everliving Fealty Vol'kaal (Atal'Dazar)
Gloves Claw-Slit Brawler's Handwraps Icon Claw-Slit Brawler's Handwraps Jes Howlis (Tol Dagor)
Belt Sailcloth Waistband Icon Sailcloth Waistband Captain Jolly (Freehold)
Legs Rowdy Reveler's Legwraps Icon Rowdy Reveler's Legwraps Coin-Operated Crowd Pummeler (The MOTHERLODE!!)
Boots Sandswept Sandals Icon Sandswept Sandals Adderis and Aspix (Temple of Sethraliss)
Ring #1 Band of the Ancient Dredger Icon Band of the Ancient Dredger Hadal Darkfathom (Siege of Boralus)
Ring #2 Seal of Questionable Loyalties Icon Seal of Questionable Loyalties Captain Jolly (Freehold)
Weapon (Staff) Seabreeze Icon Seabreeze Galecaller Faye (Shrine of the Storm)
Weapon (Main-hand) Wand of Zealous Purification Icon Wand of Zealous Purification Priestess Alun'za (Atal'Dazar)
Off-hand Rattling Jar of Eyes Icon Rattling Jar of Eyes The Sand Queen (Tol Dagor)

Azerite Gear for Demonology Warlocks

For information about what Azerite traits to choose and what the best items are, see our Azerite page.


Trinkets for Demonology Warlock

With the opening of The Eternal Palace, we have access to new powerful trinkets. Azshara's Font of Power Icon Azshara's Font of Power is the best on-use trinket to line up with all cooldowns. Leviathan's Lure Icon Leviathan's Lure is the best passive trinket for single-target, and Shiver Venom Relic Icon Shiver Venom Relic is a close third option.

The new modular trinket from Mechagon is a powerful option when slotted with a reasonably high item level yellow punchcard and the Cyclotronic Blast in the red punchcard slot.

Highborne Compendium of Storms Icon Highborne Compendium of Storms is the Inscription trinket introduced in Patch 8.2 and it is currently an extremely solid option, despite being 400 item level.

If you somehow manage to get a lucky titanforge proc from World Quest rewards, Pearl Diver's Compass Icon Pearl Diver's Compass and Sea Giant's Tidestone Icon Sea Giant's Tidestone are extremely powerful trinkets for Demonic Consumption Icon Demonic Consumption builds.

In a similar fashion, if you are lucky with World Boss drops, a high level Azurethos' Singed Plumage Icon Azurethos' Singed Plumage or T'zane's Barkspines Icon T'zane's Barkspines will serve you well.

Incessantly Ticking Clock Icon Incessantly Ticking Clock can be extremely powerful at higher item levels, and is the perfect compliment to an on-use trinket in your other slot. The constant stat boosts it provides are powerful in all situations, but feels particularly good during cleave and AoE.


Trinket Simulations for Demonology Warlock


Single Target

For the complete simulation results, check out


For the complete simulation results, check out


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