Demonology Warlock DPS Gear and Best in Slot — Dragonflight 10.0.2

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On this page, you will find the best gear and best in slot items for your Demonology Warlock in World of Warcraft Dragonflight 10.0.2.

If you were looking for WotLK Classic content, please refer to our WotLK Classic Demonology Warlock gear and best in slot.


Gearing a Demonology Warlock

Welcome to our Gearing Page for Demonology Warlock, this section will cover everything you need to know about equipping your character correctly.

If you have a new piece of gear that you need gems and enchants advice for, you can find everything you need on our dedicated page below.


How To Effectively Compare Upgrades as an Demonology Warlock

Due to the simplicity of determining upgrades with a simulation in the current era of the game, we recommend using the popular Raidbots tool to determine which pieces of gear offer the most potential for your character. The main reason why this is a huge advantage is due to the huge number of variables that differ from character to character, such as Stat Quotients, and Scale Factors.

The Top Gear function can be especially useful, as it allows you to compare multiple items and item types to find the best combination of upgrades.

Learning to use the tools available will allow you to reach the most accurate conclusions with the least effort. It is highly recommended you avail yourself of these tools, and they will serve you well when evaluating items.



The Droptimizer feature from Raidbots lets you identify which dungeons and Raid Bosses you should spend your Bonus Rolls on. It simulates all of the potential upgrades in a raid or a dungeon, and lists the bosses/dungeons by rank order of how much DPS you can expect to gain from bonus rolling on it. We have a guide for it that you can access using the link below.


Valor and Item Upgrades

Valor can be used to increase the item level of any gear that drops from Mythic+ dungeons or the dungeon reward from the weekly chest up to 415, if you have achieved 2400 rating.


Best in Slot Items for Demonology Warlock


Dungeons Best in Slot

Slot Item Source
Helm Organized Pontificator's Mask Icon Organized Pontificator's Mask Algeth'ar Academy
Neck Ukhel Ancestry Beads Icon Ukhel Ancestry Beads The Nokhud Offensive
Shoulder Molten Magma Mantle Icon Molten Magma Mantle Neltharus
Cloak Fireproof Drape Icon Fireproof Drape Ruby Life Pools
Chest Bronze Challenger's Robe Icon Bronze Challenger's Robe Algeth'ar Academy
Wrists Animated Shackles Icon Animated Shackles Uldaman: Legacy of Tyr
Gloves Warlord's Cindermitts Icon Warlord's Cindermitts Neltharus
Belt Sky Saddle Cord Icon Sky Saddle Cord Ruby Life Pools
Legs Wind Soarer's Breeches Icon Wind Soarer's Breeches Ruby Life Pools
Boots Ancient Crosswrapped Sandals Icon Ancient Crosswrapped Sandals Uldaman: Legacy of Tyr
Ring #1 Unstable Arcane Loop Icon Unstable Arcane Loop The Azure Vault
Ring #2 Scalebane Signet Icon Scalebane Signet Neltharus
Main-hand + Off-hand Final Grade Icon Final Grade Algeth'ar Academy
Trinket 1 Spoils of Neltharus Icon Spoils of Neltharus Neltharus
Trinket 2 Furious Ragefeather Icon Furious Ragefeather The Nokhud Offensive

Trinkets for Demonology Warlock

Due to the prevalence of high item level trinkets via Mythic+, raiding, and PvP, there are a variety of suitable options when it comes to trinkets. It is always best to use Raidbots Top Gear to determine what your optimal trinkets are.

From dungeons, Spoils of Neltharus Icon Spoils of Neltharus is the only 2-minute trinket which can line up with Grimoire: Felguard Icon Grimoire: Felguard. If that is not a concern Irideus Fragment Icon Irideus Fragment offers strong burst on a 3-minute cooldown. There are not many passive options but Furious Ragefeather Icon Furious Ragefeather offers solid single-target damage, while Umbrelskul's Fractured Heart Icon Umbrelskul's Fractured Heart and Idol of Pure Decay Icon Idol of Pure Decay have limited multitarget capabilities.


Trinket Simulations for Demonology Warlock

DISCLAIMER: sims are currently being developed, therefore take the following charts with a grain of salt.


Single Target

For the complete simulation results, check out


For the complete simulation results, check out


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  • 25 Oct. 2022: Updated for Dragonflight pre-patch.
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