Fury Warrior DPS Spell Summary — Shadowlands 9.2.5

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On this page, we present you with all spells and procs that you need to understand as a Fury Warrior in World of Warcraft — Shadowlands 9.2.5.

If you were looking for TBC Classic content, please refer to our TBC Classic Fury Warrior spells.


Spell Summary of Fury Warrior

If you are new to Fury, this is a great place to start to get an understanding of how the spec works. In this section, we will discuss what abilities you have, what they are used for, and how they interact with each other. If you have prior experience with Fury, or are already comfortable with the spec in Shadowlands, it is recommended you skip this section and move on to the rest of the guide.


Unlocking Abilities

Note that this page simply lists all the different abilities, assuming you are at max level. If you are leveling, check out our dedicated Warrior Leveling page, which has detailed information on when you unlock all of these abilities.


Main Resource for Fury Warrior

Warriors use a unique resource called Rage, which works very similar to Hunter Focus and Rogue Energy, except Rage does not regenerate on its own. It always starts at zero and is built up during combat through auto attacks and certain abilty casts, with important damaging abilities consuming the resource. Outside of combat, Rage slowly depreciatates back down to zero.

Warrior Rage has a default maximum capacity of 100, although this can be modified by unique talents. While the resource is only generated in combat, there are certain abilities such as Charge Icon Charge which will help jumpstart that flow of incoming Rage, while other talents and abilities can increase your Rage generation further.

As a general rule, you should want to both avoid Rage starving or overcapping the resource, so that you do not find yourself in situations where you are either unable to cast important abilities on cooldown, or waste resource generation due to maximum capacity.

Rage is the Warrior resource, generated through autoattacks, special abilities, and spent on the powerful attack Rampage Icon Rampage, which also triggers Enrage Icon Enrage. Maximizing rage generation through ability casts in order to cast Rampage as frequently as possible, and therefore maximize Enrage uptime, is the central goal of the rotation.

For more information on how to use these abilities together in your rotation, please read our rotation page.


Basic Abilities of a Fury Warrior

These are your innate skills that are available regardless of talents, which form the foundation of the specialization's gameplay.

Bloodthirst Icon Bloodthirst provides Rage, self-healing, and a 30% chance to trigger Enrage Icon Enrage. Its cooldown is haste-locked, so you will always fit two global cooldowns in between each cast, which sets the pace of the rotation.

Rampage Icon Rampage is your Rage spender and highest damage attack, which also guarantees Enrage Icon Enrage on use. Everything else in the rotation builds up to it, and maximizing Rampage use is central to both dealing damage and maintaining Enrage.

Raging Blow Icon Raging Blow is a burst Rage generator with two charges. Due to the longer cooldown, it is best used sparingly, keeping one charge on cooldown and saving the other for periods of Rage starvation. The built-in chance to reset its own cooldown makes the rotation more dynamic and less predictable.

Whirlwind Icon Whirlwind is your main filler ability, typically used when nothing else is available. It also applies a two-stack buff, which allows any other single target ability to cleave. This allows Fury to deal passive multitarget damage, without reducing single target output, at the cost of simply ensuring the buff remains active.

Execute Icon Execute speeds up Rage generation and Rampage use when the target is below 20% health. The combined effect of using Rampage more often, increasing Enrage uptime, and dealing high damage on its own makes Fury Warriors much more potent during the Execute phase.

Slam Icon Slam serves as an extra filler attack, but because it has a Rage cost, Fury Warriors will virtually never use it. A handful of Anima Powers in Torghast do buff it to the point of being usable, but that is currently the only case it will ever be considered.

Shield Slam Icon Shield Slam is a filler ability which requires wearing a Shield. While it has no Rage cost, it makes a rather poor filler and should best be avoided in the vast majority of cases.


Important Procs for a Fury Warrior

Enrage Icon Enrage is Fury's central mechanic, guaranteed from casting Rampage Icon Rampage, and with a 30% chance on Bloodthirst Icon Bloodthirst. Its damage bonus is based on Mastery: Unshackled Fury Icon Mastery: Unshackled Fury, making it an important part of the specialization's overall damage output.

Whirlwind Icon Whirlwind is a two-stack buff which causes all single target abilities to also damage up to 4 additional targets in range for half damage. Each cast of Whirlwind Icon Whirlwind refreshes the buff back to two stacks, so it only needs to be used every third global cooldown in order to ensure all of your attacks hit multiple targets.


Offensive Cooldowns of a Fury Warrior

Recklessness Icon Recklessness doubles Rage generated from all autoattacks, special abilities, and talents. While it is not a large damage buff in of itself, it allows Rampage Icon Rampage to be used much more frequently, increasing overall burst damage as a result.


Defensive Cooldowns of a Fury Warrior

Enraged Regeneration Icon Enraged Regeneration is the primary defensive ability, reducing damage taken and increasing the healing done by Bloodthirst Icon Bloodthirstfor a short time, making it very useful for dealing with high incoming damage.

Ignore Pain Icon Ignore Pain absorbs damage taken, albeit with a notable Rage cost which prohibits using it too frequently. Still, it serves an important purpose in high damage situations, as when used correctly in combination with other defensive abilities, it can allow the Warrior to survive great bursts of incoming damage.

Spell Reflection Icon Spell Reflection is a very powerful defensive ability which either reduces spell damage taken, or reflects a spell outright, effectively immuning the effect and dealing damage back to the target. Due to having no cost and a low cooldown, it is incredibly effective and should be used as frequently as possible.

Rallying Cry Icon Rallying Cry is a raid-wide cooldown which increases current and maximum health for a short time, very useful for mitigating incoming raid-wide damage, although it can also be used as a personal cooldown when the need arises.

Shield Block Icon Shield Block blocks incoming attacks at the expense of requiring a shield, which significantly reduces offensive output. Because only direct Physical attacks can be blocked, however, it is rarely worth using outside of some PvP situations.


Mobility Abilities of Fury Warrior

Charge Icon Charge is a combat initiator and mobility tool, which generates Rage to help enable the rotation and roots the target to prevent escape. Use it to start combat, stay on target, and close gaps whenever necessary.

Intervene Icon Intervene fills a similar role as Charge, except targeting allies, and intercepting attacks against them rather than generating Rage.

Heroic Leap Icon Heroic Leap is a targeted movement ability which sends the Warrior through the air, landing in the selected space. A very useful ability for getting into or out of trouble, it does not require a target, making it much more flexible than Charge or Intervene. Keep in mind, however, that it is not a teleport or blink spell, which means you can still take damage from passing through enemy spell effects.


Additional Utility Spells of Fury Warrior

Hamstring Icon Hamstring is the primary snare, reducing the targets movement speed. Because it has a Rage cost, it does come at the cost of damage, although the benefits of keeping a target within reach typically outweigh the drawbacks.

Piercing Howl Icon Piercing Howl is the AoE version of Hamstring, trading out the Rage cost in favor of a cooldown.

Shattering Throw Icon Shattering Throw is mainly used to break immunities in PvP, but has some niche PvE applications as well, particularly due to the bonus damage against absorption shields, which are fairly common. The cast time does pause the rotation though, so care should be taken to use it at the right time.

Taunt Icon Taunt forces the target to focus their attacks on you. While that is not something you normally want happening as a DPS player, it can be beneficial in a variety of situations, even if it is just used to pull enemies in from range.

Challenging Shout Icon Challenging Shout is an AoE taunt on a longer cooldown. While it is not something which will be used regularly, it can sometimes be used to save dungeon groups from wipes, although Fury Warriors have no strong tanking skills or damage immunities.


Talented DPS Abilities of Fury Warrior

Impending Victory Icon Impending Victory replaces Victory Rush Icon Victory Rush with a more reliable heal that does not require killing a target first. As it competes with Rampage Icon Rampage for Rage and is on the same tier as Double Time Icon Double Time, it is not very efficient for Fury, but can still be useful in high damage situations.

Storm Bolt Icon Storm Bolt is a ranged stun, very useful for PvP or Mythic+, although it does not see a whole lot of use outside of those situations.

Onslaught Icon Onslaught is an extra attack which deals moderate damage and generates Rage, but can only be used while Enraged. It does not have a very strong place in the rotation, but it synergizes very well with Fresh Meat Icon Fresh Meat for respectable opening burst even when there is not enough Rage to use Rampage Icon Rampage.

Dragon Roar Icon Dragon Roar is a short cooldown burst multitarget ability, which also serves as a single target filler. While the base damage is decent, it deals triple damage on critical strikes, which works very well alongside Recklessness Icon Recklessness.

Bladestorm Icon Bladestorm is the opposite of Dragon Roar Icon Dragon Roar, dealing burstier damage on a longer cooldown more suited for individual periods of multitarget damage rather than sustained waves of adds. Like Dragon Roar, it can also be used on single target, as it generates a good amount of Rage.

Siegebreaker Icon Siegebreaker is a short cooldown which increases the targets damage taken. It can be cleaved with Whirlwind Icon Whirlwind, making it potent on both single and multitarget.

For more information on the best combination of talents and how to use them, please read our talent page.



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