Havoc Demon Hunter Torghast Guide and Best Anima Powers — Dragonflight 10.2.5

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General Information

On this page, we tell you all you need to know to prepare your Havoc Demon Hunter before entering Torghast and then how to pick up the right Anima Powers once you are inside!


Torghast as a Havoc Demon Hunter

This page will help give advice on navigating Torghast, Tower of the Damned, as a Havoc Demon Hunter. If you want to know more about Torghast, you can look at our dedicated pages.


Best Havoc Demon Hunter Talents for Torghast, Tower of the Damned

You can easily import the talent tree below into the game with the following string:


Best Havoc Demon Hunter Anima Powers

When exploring Torghast, on each floor you will be presented with a number of different Anima Powers when progressing. Some choices are unique benefits, while others are stacking effects and with all of the powers present your choice can be hard. Due to this we have made a basic Tier List below to give a ranking of strong powers if you need to make a quick decision. For more information about Generic and Demon Hunter Anima Powers, please refer to the two guides linked below.

Remember though, do not follow the list blindly, there is a lot of different playstyles to explore within Torghast and trying things out is part of the enjoyment. None of the powers are necessary to complete a run, and picking a power that improves something you rarely use will ultimately be useless. After all, you might not run into the power that you are looking for each run!

"S" are considered ideal picks while "F" should be avoided.


S-Tier Anima Powers for Havoc Demon Hunter

  • Dark Armaments Icon Dark Armaments
  • Demonic Bias Icon Demonic Bias
  • Felborn Torch Icon Felborn Torch
  • Grim Tinder Icon Grim Tinder
  • Finely-Honed Bone Blades Icon Finely-Honed Bone Blades

A-Tier Anima Powers for Havoc Demon Hunter

  • Cadaverous Eye Icon Cadaverous Eye
  • Darkglare Medallion Icon Darkglare Medallion
  • Elethium Alembic Icon Elethium Alembic
  • Elethium Censer Icon Elethium Censer
  • Elethium Lantern Icon Elethium Lantern
  • Elethium Teardrop Icon Elethium Teardrop
  • Fae Empowered Elixir Icon Fae Empowered Elixir (Night Fae)
  • Fallen Comrade's Blindfold Icon Fallen Comrade's Blindfold
  • Felborn Shield Icon Felborn Shield
  • Frenzywing Icon Frenzywing
  • Furywing Icon Furywing
  • Fury Wrappings Icon Fury Wrappings
  • Finger of Frozen Fury Icon Finger of Frozen Fury
  • Frostbite Wand Icon Frostbite Wand
  • Frostchipper Icon Frostchipper
  • Gift of Ardenweald Icon Gift of Ardenweald
  • Immolation Flux Icon Immolation Flux
  • Kyrian Blessing Icon Kyrian Blessing
  • Lightning Dust Icon Lightning Dust
  • Mask of Withering Icon Mask of Withering (Venthyr)
  • Maldraxxian Repayment Icon Maldraxxian Repayment
  • Phial of Pain Icon Phial of Pain (Kyrian)
  • Secret Spices Icon Secret Spices
  • Slayer's Cypher Icon Slayer's Cypher (replace with Demonic Appetite Icon Demonic Appetite)
  • Slayer's Gift Icon Slayer's Gift (replace with either choice)
  • Slayer's Ultimatum Icon Slayer's Ultimatum (replace with Momentum Icon Momentum)
  • Soulrender of Zovaal Icon Soulrender of Zovaal
  • Spectral Oats Icon Spectral Oats
  • Stalker Sling Icon Stalker Sling (Night Fae)
  • Subjugator's Manacles Icon Subjugator's Manacles
  • Venthyr's Gratitude Icon Venthyr's Gratitude
  • Vitality Guillotine Icon Vitality Guillotine

B-Tier Anima Powers for Havoc Demon Hunter

  • Blade of the Lifetaker Icon Blade of the Lifetaker
  • Blindfold of Focus Icon Blindfold of Focus
  • Bottled Enigma Icon Bottled Enigma
  • Bountiful Souls Icon Bountiful Souls
  • Branding Iron Icon Branding Iron (Venthyr)
  • Corruption Antenna Icon Corruption Antenna
  • Dark Stalker's Draught Icon Dark Stalker's Draught
  • Demonglass Curio Icon Demonglass Curio
  • Demonic Resolve Icon Demonic Resolve
  • Fel Scorched Contract Icon Fel Scorched Contract (Necrolord)
  • Flail of Merkur Icon Flail of Merkur (Kyrian)
  • Irritating Moth Dust Icon Irritating Moth Dust
  • Incriminating Ledger Icon Incriminating Ledger (Venthyr)
  • Heart-Piercing Spine Icon Heart-Piercing Spine
  • Hunting Bola Icon Hunting Bola (Night Fae)
  • Lens of Elchaver Icon Lens of Elchaver
  • Perpetual Sinstone Icon Perpetual Sinstone (Venthyr)
  • Potent Acid Gland Icon Potent Acid Gland
  • Pulsing Rot-hive Icon Pulsing Rot-hive
  • Sacrificial Soul-Ash Icon Sacrificial Soul-Ash (Kyrian)
  • Shield of Unending Fury Icon Shield of Unending Fury
  • Shifting Signet Icon Shifting Signet
  • Slayer's Lesson Icon Slayer's Lesson (replace with Unbound Chaos Icon Unbound Chaos)
  • Stormcycle Peridot Icon Stormcycle Peridot
  • Tormentor's Spiked Noose Icon Tormentor's Spiked Noose
  • Watchful Lightfly Icon Watchful Lightfly

C-Tier Anima Powers for Havoc Demon Hunter

  • Bloating Fodder Icon Bloating Fodder
  • Crystallized Dreams Icon Crystallized Dreams (Night Fae)
  • Curious Miasma Icon Curious Miasma
  • Dark Fortress Icon Dark Fortress
  • Darkest Hour Icon Darkest Hour
  • Darksight Orbs Icon Darksight Orbs (Kyrian)
  • Deadly Toll Icon Deadly Toll (Necrolord)
  • Elethium Muzzle Icon Elethium Muzzle
  • Elethium Weights Icon Elethium Weights
  • Fel Ignitor Icon Fel Ignitor (Necrolord)
  • Felborn Pendant Icon Felborn Pendant
  • Murmuring Shawl Icon Murmuring Shawl (Venthyr)
  • Open Doors Icon Open Doors (Venthyr)
  • Purifier's Flame Icon Purifier's Flame
  • Phial of Light Icon Phial of Light (Kyrian)
  • Resonant Mawfang Icon Resonant Mawfang
  • Slayer's Mythos Icon Slayer's Mythos (replace with Fel Eruption Icon Fel Eruption)
  • Smuggled Wildseed Icon Smuggled Wildseed (Night Fae)
  • Soarstone Icon Soarstone
  • Strigidium Icon Strigidium (Kyrian)
  • Swarm Form Icon Swarm Form
  • Volatile Flesh Icon Volatile Flesh (Necrolord)
  • Willbreaker Icon Willbreaker
  • Yel'Shir's Powerglove Icon Yel'Shir's Powerglove

D-Tier Anima Powers for Havoc Demon Hunter

  • Clinging Fog Icon Clinging Fog (Night Fae)
  • Crumbling Aegis Icon Crumbling Aegis
  • Disemboweler's Hook Icon Disemboweler's Hook
  • Elethium Beacon Icon Elethium Beacon
  • Gnarled Key Icon Gnarled Key (Venthyr)
  • Manafeeder's Bib Icon Manafeeder's Bib
  • Mark of the Ogre Icon Mark of the Ogre
  • Mask of the Winged Dominator Icon Mask of the Winged Dominator (Kyrian)
  • Phantasmal Iris Icon Phantasmal Iris
  • Ragehoof Icon Ragehoof
  • Parliament Stone Icon Parliament Stone (Kyrian)
  • Scouring Rags of Torghast Icon Scouring Rags of Torghast (Kyrian)
  • Seeker's Rage Icon Seeker's Rage
  • Slayer's Invocation Icon Slayer's Invocation (replace with Netherwalk Icon Netherwalk
  • Spectral Bridle Icon Spectral Bridle
  • Warden Shackles Icon Warden Shackles

E-Tier Anima Powers for Havoc Demon Hunter

  • Forcewing Icon Forcewing
  • Irresistible Cheese Icon Irresistible Cheese
  • Malevolent Stitching Icon Malevolent Stitching (Necrolord)
  • Mawrat Harness Icon Mawrat Harness
  • Mawrat Stirrups Icon Mawrat Stirrups
  • Musophobic Femur Icon Musophobic Femur (Necrolord)
  • Scroll of Elchaver Icon Scroll of Elchaver
  • Tremorbeast Tusk Icon Tremorbeast Tusk

F-Tier Anima Powers for Havoc Demon Hunter

  • Bottomless Chalice Icon Bottomless Chalice (when solo, Kyrian)
  • Edgelurker Icon Edgelurker
  • Negation Well Icon Negation Well

If an Anima Power is not in the Tier List above, it is either because we have been unable to test due to it being unavailable as a pick, or information about its tuning is not complete. It will be added to the list as we find out more.


Phantasma Anima Powers for Havoc Demon Hunter

Occasionally, you will be offered the ability to get Phantasma instead of an Anima Power, or increases to your Phantasma generation. Judging these is more difficult because it depends on how much of each floor you are clearing. Grabbing these early on is usually a good idea so you can make use of vendors, while the later the run goes, the less valuable these are.


Havoc Demon Hunter Playstyle for Torghast, Tower of the Damned

Havoc has a lot of tools to deal with what Torghast throws at you, but the conditions of needing to kill enemies actively to stay healthy can mean powers that give more survival are strong early picks. There are a lot of powers available that provide this however, and you do not need many to build up enough strength to tank mobs while dealing a lot back. Some quick gameplay tips when playing to remember are:

  • Pay attention to your health, and make use of Shattered Souls Icon Shattered Souls fragments when you kill enemies. Often there are low health enemies in packs, and using those fragments to sustain yourself while you kill the most dangerous can make a big difference.
  • If you run into packs that have particularly lethal enemies, remember to use Imprison Icon Imprison on the biggest threat so you can clear out the smaller enemies first.
  • Make use of your mobility and stun tools with Fel Rush Icon Fel Rush and Chaos Nova Icon Chaos Nova to lock down targets or kite if necessary.
  • Do not be afraid to use Metamorphosis Icon Metamorphosis frequently, especially on Elites or big packs. Often, it will be back before the floor ends and saving it might delay you even more.
  • Blur Icon Blur early and often, especially in the floors that have a heaver focus on auto based enemies. Do not wait until you are already low, that wastes the extra Dodge that keeps you healthy!


  • 24 Oct. 2022: Updated for Dragonflight Pre-Patch.
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