Fire Mage DPS Gear and Best in Slot — Battle for Azeroth (BfA) 8.2.5

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General Information

On this page, you will find the best gear and best in slot items for your Fire Mage in World of Warcraft Battle for Azeroth (BfA) 8.2.5.


Patch 8.2 Outdoor Gearing for Raid

Nazjatar has a new currency called Prismatic Manapearl Icon Prismatic Manapearl. This currency can be used to purchase potentially powerful Benthic gear. This gear starts at 385 and can be upgraded to 425 using these pearls, and may also roll sockets and tertiary stats when first opened up. Benthic gear has effects that are only active inside Nazjatar and The Eternal Palace. Notable pieces include the following.


Patch 8.2 Mechagon gearing for Raid

Operation: Mechagon has a couple of interesting items for a Fire Mage.


Azerite Gear for Fire Mage

You should look for the high item level items with any of the Wildfire Icon Wildfire, Blaster Master Icon Blaster Master, Undulating Tides Icon Undulating Tides or Firemind Icon Firemind traits. These can drop from World Quests, Dungeons, Warfronts, PvP, reputations, etc., so you should try to do all possible content. Below, we have listed some good items to look for based on how to obtain them and the Azerite Traits they have on them.


Evaluating Upgrades

The easiest way, and also the method we suggest, to compare multiple items is to use Raidbots Top Gear. Here you can input an export from the Simcraft AddOn , select the items to compare, and it will find out which of the items are best.


Trinket Notes for Fire Mage

Due to the prevalence of high item level trinkets and Titanforged rewarded from Mythic+ dungeon grinding there are a variety of suitable options when it comes to trinkets. It is always best to use Raidbots Top Gear to determine what your optimal trinkets are.

You should always try to aim for one on-use trinket that gives a lot of stats, and one passive trinket. This is because Fire relies a lot on burst DPS, due to cooldown stacking with Rune of Power Icon Rune of Power and Combustion Icon Combustion. A key trinket that is very easy to get, and extremely powerful, is Highborne Compendium of Storms Icon Highborne Compendium of Storms. This trinket can simply be bought on the auction house for a couple thousand gold, and is among the best trinkets in the game.

You can use the trinket list below as a reference of potential trinkets to aim for. The link at the bottom can be used to view a list of all trinkets.

For the complete simulation results, check out


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