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On this page, we tell you all you need to know to prepare your Protection Warrior before entering Torghast and then how to pick up the right Anima Powers once you are inside!


Torghast as Protection Warrior

This page will guide you on how to get the most out of your Protection Warrior in Torghast, Tower of the Damned. For more information about Torghast in general, check out our dedicated pages below.

Playing Protection Warrior in Torghast is fairly easy as our tankiness and decent damage output provide us with the means to advance fairly easily. One of our greatest strengths is that we can pull big packs of enemies together and burst them down with our powerful AoE abilities like Ravager Icon Ravager, Thunderous Roar Icon Thunderous Roar, Avatar Icon Avatar. We do have to be careful though as some enemies are dangerous and we do not have any emergency recovery healing in our kit outside of Victory Rush Icon Victory Rush / Impending Victory Icon Impending Victory. While our AoE is great we are lacking a bit in single target department so choosing talents and Anima Powers that help with this is preferable.


Legendaries for Protection Warriors in Torghast

In addition to your Covenant-specific Legendary provided by Unity Icon Unity you should use one of the following Legendaries for best results.

  1. Reprisal Icon Reprisal
  2. Seismic Reverberation Icon Seismic Reverberation
  3. The Wall Icon The Wall

Reprisal Icon Reprisal is a solid all-purpose legendary for Torghast. It provides us with a mix of defensive and offensive benefits which makes it a great option. It also goes well with Double Time Icon Double Time.

While not being so useful on lower floors The Wall Icon The Wall will gain value in higher ones. Once the damage of enemies goes up we are in need of more defensive value and this is where The Wall comes in. Reducing the cooldown of Shield Wall Icon Shield Wall while also providing a significant amount of extra Rage via Shield Slam Icon Shield Slam makes it a desirable option. The cooldown reduction part can further be enhanced by picking Anger Management Icon Anger Management making this even better.Only pick this if you are really struggling with survivability.

Seismic Reverberation Icon Seismic Reverberation is another great option for Torghast. This one is mainly AoE focused as it only works on 3+ enemies. As Revenge Icon Revenge deals a lot of damage getting another cast for free will make quick work of your enemies. It does come with the downside of having to use a lot of Rage for Revenge but there are plenty of Rage generation increasing Anima Powers that help resolve this issue.

If you wish to see about other available Legendaries or more in depth information about them please look at our Legendary guide.


Best Protection Warrior Covenant for Torghast

Kyrian is the best all around option for Torghast. It provides us with a extra heal with Phial of Serenity Icon Phial of Serenity and a 1-minute cooldown damaging ability that can further be empowered by Anima Powers.

While Kyrian is the preferred choice you can also freely do Torghast as any other Covenant. To get a better understanding of all 4 Covenants and what they provide us take a look at our Covenant guide.


Best Protection Warrior Talent Setup for Torghast, Tower of the Damned

You can import it with the string below.

  • Pre-patch Torghast+ with Seismic Reverberation Icon Seismic Reverberation: BkEAtml4yL3PsSlRlqnvTeVx4LAAAAAgkkEJJk0SKJoUQEIUkAlkEAAHI0CJJgARCAAAAAAAQAAoUaA

Best Protection Warrior Anima Powers

While in Torghast you have access to Anima powers which modify how the class plays and provides useful benefits to various skills. Due to there being so many options out there choosing the correct one can be difficult. Below you can find a tier list for Anima powers to help make the choice a bit easier

Do not blindly follow this tier list as a lot of Anima powers strenghts depend on your playstyle and talent choices. There is no point picking Anima Powers that increase the damage of Whirlwind Icon Whirlwind if you never use it.

For a complete list of Anima Powers available to Warriors, please refer to the pages linked just below.


Twisting Corridors

Twisting Corridors is a lot harder and more time consuming than your regular Torghast runs. The upside to this is that you will be provided with a lot more Anima Powers which makes for some significant stacking possibilities.


Shield Wall setup

While the regular Torghast run does warrant the usage of defensive Anima Powers they are highly encouraged in Twisting Corridors due to the increased damage intake. There is one particular setup of Anima Powers that provides us with very high uptime on Shield Wall Icon Shield Wall with little to no effort. This setup is highly recommended for Twisting Corridors.

  • Unbound Fortitude Icon Unbound Fortitude
  • Bladed Bulwark Icon Bladed Bulwark
  • Gibbering Skull Icon Gibbering Skull

Unbound Fortitude Icon Unbound Fortitude increases the duration of your Shield Wall Icon Shield Wall, depending on how many Soul Remnants you have collected. Bladed Bulwark Icon Bladed Bulwark provides Ignore Pain Icon Ignore Pain a 50% chance to cast Shield Wall Icon Shield Wall. Gibbering Skull Icon Gibbering Skull makes getting hit have a 10% chance to grant you Ignore Pain Icon Ignore Pain. All of these Anima Powers together give you an insane uptime on Shield Wall reducing your damage taken by a significant amount. You can further increase the power of this build by taking Succulent Carpaccio Icon Succulent Carpaccio, which increases the value of your Ignore Pain Icon Ignore Pain.

In general, you should aim to get as many single target enhancing powers as possible. Bosses take the longest time and are often the deadliest enemies in the run so killing them faster increases the chances of a successful run.


S-Tier Anima Powers for Protection Warrior

  • Smoldering Inertia Icon Smoldering Inertia
  • Scratched Knife Icon Scratched Knife
  • Voracious Culling Blade Icon Voracious Culling Blade
  • Shrieking Flagon Icon Shrieking Flagon
  • Spearheads of Eternity Icon Spearheads of EternityKyrian
  • Overgrowth Catalyst Icon Overgrowth CatalystNight Fae
  • Pridebreaker's Anvil Icon Pridebreaker's Anvil

A-Tier Anima Powers for Protection Warrior

  • Shadehound Tooth Icon Shadehound Tooth
  • Edge of Hatred Icon Edge of Hatred
  • Livingwood Pommel Icon Livingwood Pommel — Night Fae
  • Elysian Shoulderwrap Icon Elysian Shoulderwrap — Kyrian
  • Brawler's Brass Knuckles Icon Brawler's Brass Knuckles
  • Zovaal's Warbanner Icon Zovaal's Warbanner
  • Resonant Throatbands Icon Resonant Throatbands
  • Warlord's Resolve Icon Warlord's Resolve
  • Pleonexian Command Icon Pleonexian Command
  • Stonepiercer Signet Icon Stonepiercer Signet
  • Spattered Soles Icon Spattered Soles — makes navigating the Tower a lot quicker

B-Tier Anima Powers for Protection Warrior

  • Petrified Wildseed Icon Petrified Wildseed — Night Fae
  • Bloodstained Whetstone Icon Bloodstained Whetstone
  • Writhing Noose Icon Writhing NooseVenthyr (S-tier together with Voracious Culling Blade Icon Voracious Culling Blade)
  • Ancient Prolegomenon Icon Ancient Prolegomenon — Kyrian
  • Fan of Longswords Icon Fan of Longswords
  • Kyrian Warhelm Icon Kyrian Warhelm
  • Signet of Tormented Kings Icon Signet of Tormented Kings
  • Soulwrought Studs Icon Soulwrought Studs

C-Tier Anima Powers for Protection Warrior

  • Repulsive Pennant Icon Repulsive PennantNecrolord
  • Distillation of Sin Icon Distillation of Sin — Venthyr
  • Hateful Fetish Icon Hateful Fetish
  • Sinew-Sewn Tassels Icon Sinew-Sewn Tassels
  • Umbral Ear Trumpet Icon Umbral Ear Trumpet (A-Tier with Resonant Throatbands Icon Resonant Throatbands)

D-Tier Anima Powers for Protection Warrior

  • Hurricane Heart Icon Hurricane Heart
  • Ragemote Icon Ragemote — Prevents healing from Indomitable Icon Indomitable and Anger Management Icon Anger Management cooldown reduction.(S-Tier on bosses together with Voracious Culling Blade Icon Voracious Culling Blade).
  • Champion's Decree Icon Champion's Decree

From the Talent providing Anima Powers these should be placed above B-Tier Anima Powers.

If the Anima Power you look for is not in the list above then it is because we have not been able to fully test it yet. The list will be updated as we get more experience with various Anima Powers.


Phantasma Anima Powers / Legendaries for Protection Warrior

There are some Anima Powers that either grant you Phantasma or provide you with an increase to your Phantasma generation. These are very situational and hard to rank as their strength depends on the Anima Powers you already have. You might want to get a few of them early on if there are no other solid options just so you can buy something from the vendors. Once you get to the higher levels these lose value.

Stable Phantasma Lure Icon Stable Phantasma Lure is a Legendary that increases your Phantasma earned. If your goal is to get as much of it as possible then you should definitely use this, otherwise it provides you with no real benefits.


Protection Warrior Playstyle for Torghast, Tower of the Damned

Generally following the normal rotation in Torghast is all you need in order to be successful but below you can find some reminders to help you get the most out of your Warrior.

  • Remember to keep Shield Block Icon Shield Block up when tanking enemies to reduce the incoming damage.
  • When running multiple Brawler's Brass Knuckles Icon Brawler's Brass Knuckles keep a close eye on your Rage so you do not waste any.
  • If you have your cooldowns up, pull big and burst all the enemies down. Due to being Tanks we can survive big pulls fairly easily.
  • Spell Reflection Icon Spell Reflection can be very strong on certain bosses so be sure to test out which abilities are reflectable and which not.
  • Pay close attention to your cooldowns as some Anima Powers reduce them significantly. Stacking multiple Shadehound Tooth Icon Shadehound Tooth makes it possible to cast Shield Slam Icon Shield Slam every other global cooldown.
  • There are various environmental traps inside Torghast, be sure to avoid these as they deal heavy damage.
  • There is no need to rush in Torghast as there is no Timer. You can wait for your cooldowns between packs if needed and just move on then. No point in dying an unnecessary death.


  • 28 Nov. 2022: Updated for Dragonflight launch.
  • 25 Oct. 2022: Updated for Dragonflight pre-patch.
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