Survival Hunter Pets Guide — Dragonflight 10.1

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The following guide covers everything you need to know about Beast Mastery Hunter Pets in Dragonflight, including the best ones to use in each situation such as Raiding, Mythic+, and Soloing/Open-World Content.

Please refer to our Hunter Pets Guide for more information regarding Hunter pets, including what the different pet families are and where you can find pets.


Best Raiding Pet for Survival Hunter in Dragonflight

As a Survival Hunter, you should generally be using a Ferocity pet for raids. They provide 10% Leech, which will heal you when you do damage.

While any good-looking Ferocity pet will do well in most situations, Healing Reduction pets like Hyenas, Rodents, and Raptors can be situationally useful. These will reduce enemy healing, and this effect works on bosses that heal themselves and can be invaluable in niche scenarios where no one else is providing this effect.

Tenacity Pets are also helpful, as they provide a powerful defensive in Fortitude of the Bear Icon Fortitude of the Bear, and 5% max health. This is more useful for surviving individual, heavy damage periods of fights, while Ferocity is better for long-term self-sustain. If you want a Tenacity Healing Reduction Pet, you will need a Direhorn, Hydra, Lizard, or Riverbeast.


Best Mythic+ Pet for Survival Hunter in Dragonflight

For Mythic+, the first consideration you need to make is whether you need to be the Bloodlust Icon Bloodlust for the group. If you do, you are locked into using a Ferocity pet. The best Ferocity pet you can use for almost all Mythic+ purposes is a Mortal Wounds Icon Mortal Wounds healing reduction pet, such as a Carrion Bird, Ravager, Scorpid, or Wasp. There are several mobs throughout Mythic+ in Dragonflight that heal themselves, as well as bosses. Since none of the other pet utilities is typically relevant for Mythic+, having a Ferocity healing reduction pet as your "default" is a safe bet.

It can also be worth having a Damage Reduction Tenacity pet prepared. These can be used to taunt mobs for heavy tankbuster mechanics to spare your tank a lot of damage. With their 50% damage reduction on a 1-minute cooldown and 5% extra max health, these pets can take heavy hits regularly.


Best Soloing and Leveling Pet for Survival Hunter in Dragonflight

For open-world content and soloing in Dragonflight, Ferocity pets are preferred, as their Leech will allow them to heal themselves for a bit of their damage. The best Ferocity pet for tanking things is a Scalehide, as they have 50% reduced damage taken on a 1-minute cooldown.



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