Vengeance Demon Hunter Tank Mythic+ Tips — Dragonflight 10.0.7

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In this guide, you will find tips and advice to tackle Mythic+ dungeons with your Vengeance Demon Hunter in World of Warcraft — Dragonflight 10.0.7.


Vengeance Demon Hunter in Mythic+

Vengeance Demon Hunter is one of the best tanks for Mythic+. We excel in AoE damage, utility and self-healing.

If you are unfamiliar with Mythic+ and its associated general mechanics, you can read more about it on our Dragonflight Mythic+ Season 1 page below.



Valor is gained from M+ dungeons that can be used to upgrade M+ gear. For more information on Valor, please see the link below.


Season 1 Thundering Affix

Thundering Icon Thundering is the new seasonal affix introduced in Dragonflight. Periodically in combat thunder will start striking around your party and grant buffs to all party members in range of other players. Each player will be granted one of two buffs, Mark of Wind Icon Mark of Wind and Mark of Lightning Icon Mark of Lightning which increase your damage and healing by 30% for 15 seconds or until the mark is removed. You can remove the mark by walking into a player with the opposite mark, removing it from both players. If the mark is not removed before 15 seconds pass you will be stunned for 5 seconds and take damage. If there is only 1 mark left in your group the mark will not do anything as it expires. As a side effect all enemies have 5% more health when Thundering Icon Thundering is present.


Vengeance Demon Hunter Mythic+ Rotation

Your spell priority does not change in Mythic+ content. For more information, please visit the page below.


Vengeance Demon Hunter Utility

These abilities are either given to you baseline while leveling, or by talenting into them in your talent trees.

Vengeance Demon Hunter provides support for the party through its sigils and high kiting potential via mobility.

We would like to preface this list by saying that all sigils can be cast up to 30 yards, explode after 2 seconds, which actually grants the effect of the sigil, and have an 8-yard radius. Using Quickened Sigils Icon Quickened Sigils will allow the sigils to explode after 1 seconds.

  • Sigil of Silence Icon Sigil of Silence provides a 6-second silence to all mobs effected. Note that this interrupts spellcasting. It can be cast every 60 seconds.
  • Sigil of Chains Icon Sigil of Chains grips in enemies and then slows them by 70%, allowing for easy mob management and kiting potential. It has a 1-minute cooldown.
  • Chaos Nova Icon Chaos Nova A 2 second AoE stun with a 1-minute cooldown.
  • Sigil of Misery Icon Sigil of Misery places a 20-second Fear on mobs affected. This interrupts spellcasting if the mob is feared and can be used on mobs that are fearable, but have uninterruptible abilities. This action fears them, which stops their cast. This can be cast every 1.5 minutes.
  • Imprison Icon Imprison is a ranged Incapacitate that has a 20-yard range and 45-second cooldown. It does not trigger combat and works extremely well in preventing mobs from pulling or as a quick "stun" for uninterruptable mobs.
  • Disrupt Icon Disrupt is an interrupt with a 10-yard range and a short 15-second cooldown. It also grants you 30 Pain if you successfully interrupt a cast.
  • Consume Magic Icon Consume Magic is a 30-yard purge that gets rid of one buff from an enemy and if you remove a buff, you get 20 Pain. It also has a short 10-second cooldown. With the increased amount of purgeable buffs, this is a very welcome addition.
  • Infernal Strike Icon Infernal Strike allows you to jump 30 yards every 20 seconds, allowing for a high-mobility for pulling multiple packs, getting back to your group, and kiting.
  • Arcane Torrent Icon Arcane Torrent / Shadowmeld Icon Shadowmeld are actually racial abilities, but Demon Hunters can only be Night Elf and Blood Elf, which means that you will always have one of these at your disposal. Arcane Torrent is great for tanks, as they will always be in melee range and can AoE purge trash with ease. Shadowmeld allows you to do special skips with Sigil of Misery Icon Sigil of Misery that you could not do alone on the Horde side.

Mythic+ Talents and for Vengeance Demon Hunters

Below are the suggested talents for Mythic+; these talents are tailored for a more offensive approach, dealing more damage while retaining most defensive talents as well. Use the 'Copy Export String' button on our calculator to import our build ingame!

Below are the suggested talents for a more defensive approach, sacrificing a bit of your damage potential to get access to some more defensive options. Use the 'Copy Export String' button on our calculator to import our build ingame!

For a full list and details of the talents available and why they are recommended, please follow the link below.



  • 20 Mar. 2023: Reviewed for Patch 10.0.7.
  • 24 Jan. 2023: Reviewed for Patch 10.0.5.
  • 11 Dec. 2022: Reviewed for Dragonflight Season 1.
  • 28 Nov. 2022: Updated for Dragonflight launch.
  • 24 Oct. 2022: Updated for Dragonflight Pre-Patch.
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