Vengeance Demon Hunter Tank Spec, Builds, and Talents — Dragonflight 10.2.7

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General Information

On this page, you will find out the best talents for each tier for your Vengeance Demon Hunter in World of Warcraft — Dragonflight 10.2.7. We also have default talent lists for various types of content, such as raiding or Mythic+. If you play with Warmode on, we have your PvP talents covered as well.


Best Talent Builds for Vengeance Demon Hunters

Note that these builds are generic recommendations for various content. For more specific recommendations for the Raid and Mythic+, check out the dedicated pages below.


Best Talents for Vengeance Demon Hunter

Heretic: Raid Build Sigilweaver: Mythic+ Build Sigilweaver: Mythic+ Utility Talents Explained

Heretic: Raid Talent Build for Vengeance Demon Hunter

The Heretic build centers around increasing your Fire damage through talents like Fiery Demise Icon Fiery Demise and Down in Flames Icon Down in Flames, it offers great offensive and defensive talents for Single Target encounters, perfect for Raiding

Be sure to make use of the 'Copy Export String' button to import the best build directly into your game!


Sigilweaver: Mythic+ Talent Build for Vengeance Demon Hunter

The Sigilweaver talent build functions around using your Sigil toolkit to boost your AoE Damage, Defensive value, and Utility. Centering heavily around Sigil of Flame Icon Sigil of Flame and the new Talent Illuminated Sigils Icon Illuminated Sigils to gain large amounts of Parry to supplement your kit.

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Sigilweaver: Utility Focused Talent Build for Vengeance Demon Hunter

This build is based on the defensive Sigilweaver talent build but moves talent points into talents focused on control like Improved Sigil of Misery Icon Improved Sigil of Misery and Sigil of Chains Icon Sigil of Chains. This offers you more control of enemies in a Mythic+ setting at the cost of defensive value and is generally recommended in situations where you need more tools to help your group with handling dangerous casters.

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Talent Explanations for Vengeance Demon Hunters

Note that we do not explain EVERY Talent in the tree on this page. We only explain Talents that are part of our optimal builds. For full details and explanations of every Talent, please visit our Spells page via the button below.


Talent Rows 1-4


Noteworthy Talents

Talent Description/Effect
Fel Devastation Icon Fel Devastation A channeling cooldown that deals heavy fire damage to all enemies in a cone in front of you, healing you a medium amount while channeling. Interacts with Demonic Icon Demonic to grant 7 seconds of Metamorphosis Icon Metamorphosis when used. It costs 50 fury to use and has a 40-second cooldown. The cooldown can be reduced by the Darkglare Boon Icon Darkglare Boon talent.
Frailty Icon Frailty Causes enemies hit by Sigil of Flame Icon Sigil of Flame to get a stack of Frailty Icon Frailty, causing you to heal for 10% of all damage you deal to them for 6 seconds. It interacts with several talents further down the talent tree, empowering Frailty Icon Frailty and making it a core part of the Vengeance identity.
Fiery Brand Icon Fiery Brand Brand your target, dealing heavy fire damage to your target, causing They do deal 40% less damage to you for 12 seconds. A strong defensive that interacts with several other strong talents further down the talent tree.
Deflecting Spikes Icon Deflecting Spikes Causes Demon Spikes Icon Demon Spikes to also increase your Parry chance by 15% for the full duration. A former core component of Demon Spikes Icon Demon Spikes, which increases the defensive potential of the spell significantly. It's worth the point in all content where you take physical damage.
Fracture Icon Fracture Replaces Shear Icon Shear, it has two charges on a 4.5-second cooldown and generates 25 Fury and spawns 2 Lesser Soul Fragments when cast. A great ability that enables a large part of your class toolkit. It is highly recommended to path down and get Fracture Icon Fracture in all content.
Felblade Icon Felblade An active ability with a 15-second cooldown that generates 40 Fury with a low chance to reset its cooldown when you use Fracture Icon Fracture. Felblade is on a shorter global cooldown than normal abilities and is a great tool to generate extra fury in a very short time.

Niche Talents

Talent When to Consider
Consume Magic Icon Consume Magic Purges the target, removing 1 beneficial magic effect on the target. It has a 30-yard range and a 10-second cooldown. Strong for any content that requires dispelling magic effects on targets.

Rows 5-7

This section of the talent trees provides several core passive talents that generally support your base kit.

Talent Description/Effect
Rush of Chaos Icon Rush of Chaos Reduces the cooldown of Metamorphosis Icon Metamorphosis by 30/60 seconds. A very strong talent that is easily reachable and very strong. It is worth taking in all content.
Chaos Nova Icon Chaos Nova A 2-second AOE-stun on a 45-second cooldown. It costs 25 Fury and deals a low amount of chaos damage to every target hit. A great addition to your toolkit in Mythic+ and PvP content.
Demonic Icon Demonic Grants you 7 seconds of Metamorphosis Icon Metamorphosis when using Fel Devastation Icon Fel Devastation. This Talent makes Fel Devastation Icon Fel Devastation your strongest defensive outside of Metamorphosis Icon Metamorphosis. This Talent is core to the Vengeance Tooltip and something you should try to Talent in all forms of content.
Spirit Bomb Icon Spirit Bomb A spender that costs 40 Fury and consumes up to 5 available Soul Fragments and deals fire damage is based on the amount consumed by all enemies in range. Applies 1 stack of Frailty Icon Frailty to each target hit. Strong in encounters with several enemies. Very strong in Mythic+ since Soul Cleave Icon Soul Cleave only deal damage to up to 5 enemies, and you often encounter situations with more than that in any given dungeon.
Void Reaver Icon Void Reaver Targets afflicted by Frailty Icon Frailty now deals 4% less damage to you. Causes enemies struck by Soul Cleave Icon Soul Cleave to be afflicted by Frailty Icon Frailty for 6 seconds. An extremely potent defensive talent when paired with Soulcrush Icon Soulcrush further down in the tree.
Fallout Icon Fallout The initial damage of Immolation Aura Icon Immolation Aura now has a high chance of spawning a Lesser Soul Fragment for every target hit. Up to a maximum of 5 Lesser Soul Fragments. This Talent scales extremely well, the more enemies you are fighting. It has a lower value in Raid encounters with only 1 target. However, in Mythic+ and Raid encounters with multiple targets, it becomes a very potent talent, especially when paired with Spirit Bomb Icon Spirit Bomb.

Niche Talents

Talent When to Consider
Sigil of Chains Icon Sigil of Chains Places a Sigil on the ground, and 2 seconds later grips all enemies in the Sigil for 6 seconds, slowing them by 70% for 6 seconds. It has a 1-minute cooldown. A strong utility cooldown for Mythic+ and certain raid encounters where displacement effects are of great worth, the talent cost is still somewhat noticeable, and with a reduced amount of caster enemies needing frequent interrupts in Season 4, the value is diminished compared to Season 3 of Dragonflight.
Fiery Demise Icon Fiery Demise Causes targets afflicted by Fiery Brand Icon Fiery Brand to take 50% increased fire damage from you. Great for overall offensive output and leads to strong talents, especially for Raid encounters with fewer enemies. Taking it will incentivize you to use Fiery Brand Icon Fiery Brand as an offensive cooldown, despite it being one of your few defensive cooldowns. So only take it when you are aware of the tradeoff and can make use of the damage increase.

Rows 8-10


Noteworthy Talents

Talent Description/Effect
The Hunt Icon The Hunt An ability that will charge an enemy, causing Nature damage, rooting them in place, and dealing additional nature damage over 6 seconds to up to 5 targets in the path of the charge. It will also mark your main target for 30 seconds, healing you for 25% of all damage you deal to them. It is a strong offensive and defensive cooldown and worth talenting in most content.
Collective Anguish Icon Collective Anguish Your Fel Devastation Icon Fel Devastation summon an allied Havoc Demon Hunter dealing chaos damage to all targets in front of you. A strong talent that increases your AoE damage by a significant amount if you choose to take it.
Vulnerability Icon Vulnerability Increases damage done to targets affected by Frailty Icon Frailty by 2% per talent point and a stack of frailty. A strong talent which gains significant value with the Talent following it, Soulcrush Icon Soulcrush. This allows you to use Spirit Bomb Icon Spirit Bomb and Soul Cleave Icon Soul Cleave as a form of offensive cooldown, stacking Frailty Icon Frailty for a significant damage increase to large cooldowns. A must-pick in almost all content.
Feed the Demon Icon Feed the Demon Reduces the cooldown on Demon Spikes Icon Demon Spikes by 0.25 seconds per talent point every time you consume a Soul Fragment. A strong defensive talent. Especially in Mythic+, where you gain more overall value due to Fallout Icon Fallout.
Soulcrush Icon Soulcrush Allows Frailty Icon Frailty to overlap on targets, stacking all the effects of Frailty Icon Frailty. Each stack has an independent duration of 6 seconds. It also causes Soul Cleave Icon Soul Cleave to apply a second stack lasting 8 seconds to your primary target. This Talent provides massive value from every single node affecting Frailty Icon Frailty. Overall, this is one of the strongest Talent on the Vengeance tree and should be taken in all content if possible.
Soul Carver Icon Soul Carver A 1-minute cooldown that deals a large amount of fire damage and leaves a 3-second damage over time effect dealing additional damage. It spawns 3 Lesser Soul Fragments on initial damage and another Soul Fragment every second for 3 seconds. A strong talent both offensively and defensively, and worth taking if you can spare the talent point.
Elysian Decree Icon Elysian Decree You place a sigil dealing massive Chaos damage to all enemies hit after 2 seconds. Dealing damage with Elysian Decree Icon Elysian Decree will summon 3 Lesser Soul Fragments. A strong active ability that deal a lot of AoE damage.
Darkglare Boon Icon Darkglare Boon Reduces cooldown of Fel Devastation Icon Fel Devastation after it is cast by 20-40% and refunds 20-40 fury. A large increase to your overall damage output, especially in combination with talents such as Collective Anguish Icon Collective Anguish and Stoke the Flames Icon Stoke the Flames. In combination with Demonic Icon Demonic It also adds significant defensive value. A highly recommended Talent in all content.
Illuminated Sigils Icon Illuminated Sigils Grants a second charge of all of your sigils and gives you 15% increased chance to parry attacks from targets afflicted by your Sigil of Flame Icon Sigil of Flame. A very potent utility and defensive Talent for Mythic+, and generally worth taking over Down in Flames Icon Down in Flames for dungeon content.
Down in Flames Icon Down in Flames Grants a second charge of Fiery Brand Icon Fiery Brand and reduces the cooldown of Fiery Brand Icon Fiery Brand by 15 seconds. This lets you use a second charge and lower the cooldown to work around Soul Carver Icon Soul Carver to maintain defensive uptime while also utilizing Fiery Demise Icon Fiery Demise for maximizing damage output. You can also use this together with Burning Alive Icon Burning Alive and Darkglare Boon Icon Darkglare Boon to have a strong Fel Devastation Icon Fel Devastation boosted by Fiery Demise Icon Fiery Demise on a large amount of enemies.

Niche Talents

Talent When to Consider
Last Resort Icon Last Resort A cheat death ability that will heal you if you sustain lethal damage, granting you 15 seconds of Metamorphosis Icon Metamorphosis. It has an 8-minute cooldown after saving you. Overall decent in challenging content; the long cooldown means that you can only rely on it to save you once in most Raid encounters and usually only a handful of times over a full Mythic+ dungeon. However if there are some extremely hard parts of a fight Last Resort Icon Last Resort can be utilized as an additional, strong defensive cooldown.
Darkness Icon Darkness A 5-minute defensive cooldown that affects you and all allies inside the effect. It spawns a could of darkness for 8 seconds that causes all damage you or an ally inside the darkness to have a 20% chance to be negated. It works best against frequent and periodic hits since it is random if the damage will be negated or not.
Pitch Black Icon Pitch Black Reduces the cooldown of Darkness Icon Darkness by 120 seconds. This Talent gains value in raid situations where it lets you use Darkness Icon Darkness on at least one more dangerous mechanic. It is generally more useful than Long Night Icon Long Night, however hard to motivate spending points on it unless it adds Darkness Icon Darkness casts to vital parts of the specific encounter.

Differences in Rotation

Considering the varied Talent builds recommended for different types of content, there is also going to be some variation in your rotation. Visit the rotation page linked below to figure out more about how your rotation works.


PvP Talents (War Mode)

You have the option to enter into "War Mode" in your Factions Capital city. Enabling War Mode provides the following benefits:

  • Grants access to PvP talents in the open-world.
  • 10% increase in World Quest rewards at max level.
  • 10% more experience gained while leveling.
  • Earn Conquest Points, which can reward gear every week.

With the benefits of enabling War Mode for leveling and PvE content, it is recommended to enable the feature to maximize your leveling and rewards at maximum level. However, you will enable yourself for open-world PvP and the possibility, so be aware of hostile enemy players who could interfere with you, and this is a risk you will have to take.


Vengeance Demon Hunter PvP Talents

Generally, the selections are made to optimize your ability to kill enemies faster, increasing your pace when moving through content.

  1. Everlasting Hunt Icon Everlasting Hunt is a passive ability that increases your movement speed by 15% for 3 seconds when dealing damage. This ability is designed to move from pack to pack quickly and more efficiently.
  2. Jagged Spikes Icon Jagged Spikes reflects damage back to the attacker for 30% of the damage received when Demon Spikes is active.
  3. Illidan's Grasp Icon Illidan's Grasp crowd controls 1 target for 6 seconds. If the ability is activated again, throw the target at a location within 40 yards and stun everything in the target area for 3 seconds. This ability provides additional crowd control and is fun to use.
  4. Tormentor Icon Tormentor debuffs the target when taunted, applying the Focused Assault debuff, which increases the damage received by 3%. Your melee attacks refresh the duration of Focused Assault. Each unique target up to 5 that hits the target will stack Focused Assault by an additional 3%. This ability will provide a decent single-target damage buff in a party.
  5. Detainment Icon Detainment increases the duration of Imprison by 1 second and makes the imprisoned target immune to damage and healing. This Talent is amazing for arenas and battlegrounds, but it should not be picked for leveling. Imprisoning a target while using this Talent will put you into combat and prevent monster skipping in PvE content.
  6. Unending Hatred Icon Unending Hatred increases Fury generation based on magic damage received. Larger attacks will increase the Fury generation. This Talent is quite situational and should not be used in normal content.
  7. Cleansed by Flame Icon Cleansed by Flame removes all magical effects when you cast Immolation Aura. This Talent is situational, but it can be very strong depending on the situation.
  8. Demonic Trample Icon Demonic Trample transforms you into a demon and increases your movement speed by 175%. Any enemy hit with the trample will be knocked and receive physical damage. You are immune to snares while trampling. Demonic Trample shares cooldown with Infernal Strike. This ability is very strong in battlegrounds to remove snares and for pseudo-crowd control with the knockdown.
  9. Sigil Mastery Icon Sigil Mastery reduces the cooldown of sigils by 25%. This Talent should not be used.
  10. Reverse Magic Icon Reverse Magic removes all harmful magic effects on you and all allies within 10 yards and, if possible, returns them to their caster. It has a 1-minute cooldown.
  11. Blood Moon Icon Blood Moon empowers your Consume Magic Icon Consume Magic to now affect all enemies within 8 yards of the target and grants 5% leech for 5 seconds after using it.
  12. Chaotic Imprint Icon Chaotic Imprint makes your Throw Glaive Icon Throw Glaive deal damage from a random school of magic, leaving a mark increasing their damage taken from that school by 10% for 20 seconds.
  13. Cover of Darkness Icon Cover of Darkness increases the radius of Darkness Icon Darkness by 4 yards and increases its duration by 2 seconds.
  14. Rain from Above Icon Rain from Above launches you up in the air and grants access to Fel Lance Icon Fel Lance allowing you to deal damage to enemies on the ground.
  15. Glimpse Icon Glimpse grants you immunity to loss of control effects while under the effect of Vengeful Retreat Icon Vengeful Retreat and reduces damage taken by 35% until you land.


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