What to Do as a Fresh level 70 in Dragonflight (10.0.2)

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The following guide contains a to-do list for Dragonflight and highlights your daily and weekly goals in the new expansion.



It can be difficult to set your goals whenever a new expansion releases. The following guides explain what you should focus on shortly after you reach the max level to be ready for raiding in the shortest time possible.


Complete the Dragonflight Campaign

If you have reached Level 70 but have not completed the Dragonflight campaign yet, make sure to finish it because it grants access to essential parts of the game. Namely, World Quests, Renown, and Adventure Mode for alts.


Collect Dragonriding Glyphs

If you still need to collect all Dragonriding glyphs, we advise you to do so immediately. With all Dragonriding talents unlocked, traversing through the Dragon Isles becomes much easier.


Level Up Professions

Professions are an integral part of the game. With the overhaul introduced in Dragonflight, you can gather Profession Knowledge to unlock specializations and craft powerful gear.

If you are not sure which Profession suits you best, our Profession guides will help you find the right one.


Complete Weekly Profession and Spark of Ingenuity Quests

In Valdrakken, complete Profession Quests, and do not forget to pick Show Your Mettle to receive 1 free Artisan's Mettle Icon Artisan's Mettle each week.

Spark of Ingenuity Icon Spark of Ingenuity is a powerful Crafting Reagent used to craft Epic quality gear in Dragonflight. Currently, on live servers, you will receive one spark during the quest line when you unlock Engine of Innovation. The quest is started in Valdrakken, and you can find the exact location below.

During Darkmoon Faire, you can complete multiple Profession Quests for Skill Points and Profession Knowledge.

On December 12, a new quest for an additional Spark of Ingenuity Icon Spark of Ingenuity will become available every two weeks after that until players have gathered 5 sparks.


How to Receive Sparks of Ingenuity on Alts

If you completed the campaign on your main character, alts can go directly to Valdrakken and pick up the Jump-Start? Jump-Starting! quest immediately, without being at Level 70.

You will learn more about Adventure Mode for alts in our separate guide.


How to Get Ready for Raiding in Dragonflight

The following subsections are dedicated to gearing up your character for Vault of the Incarnates and Mythic+ Dungeons.


Complete World Quests

World Quests are an essential part of the game. They provide gear and increase your reputation standing with the four major factions. World Quests in Dragonflight reset every 3 days. Prioritize completing as many as possible.


Increase Your Renown

Renown is directly tied to gearing up your character in the Dragonflight expansion. Many world events unlock from reaching various Renown levels with the four main factions.


War Mode Drakebreaker's Gear

Enable War Mode at Level 70 and complete World Quests for Bloody Tokens Icon Bloody Tokenss in the Dragon Isles. You can turn the tokens in for Item Level 366 gear in Valdrakken.


Clear Dragonflight Dungeons for Gear

  • Normal Difficulty dungeons will yield Item Level 346 gear;
  • Heroic Difficulty dungeons will drop Item Level 359 gear;
  • Mythic Difficulty dungeons provide you with Item Level 372 gear.

You will learn more about dungeons in our dedicated hub.


Defeat Rare Elites

The gear you can get from Rare Elites in Dragonflight scales currently to Item Level 379. Rare Elites are marked with a skull icon on the map. You can defeat them each day for a chance at gear.


Super Rares in Dragonflight

Super Rares are select Rare Elites, dropping gear that scales up to Item Level 392. You can find them in the Waking Shores, Azure Span, and Thaldraszus. Defeat them every day for loot.


Locations of Super Rares in the Waking Shores

The map is missing Enkine the Voracious. To summon the Super Rare, you will need Lava Spices Icon Lava Spices that drop from NPCs along the river. Exact coords are 21.6 65.0.


Locations of Super Rares in the Azure Span


Locations of Super Rares in Thaldraszus


Complete the Main Weekly Quest in Dragonflight

Pick up the Weekly Quest Aiding the Accord in Valdrakken. Gather 4,000 reputation with any of the four major factions by completing World Quests and other events and associated events that appear on the map. You will receive 500 reputation with the factions, 5 Primal Chaos Icon Primal Chaos, 250 Dragon Isles Supplies, and a piece of gear (not guaranteed).


Complete Weekly Events for Gear

Many world events will unlock upon reaching a certain Renown level with the factions. The events are important because they offer gear, which scales to your item level.

  • At Renown 7 with Iskaara Tuskarr, you can summon Fisherman Tinnak, an NPC, which drops 1 piece of loot.
  • Trial of Flood — The weekly event takes place in Ohn'ahran Plains (59, 79) and offers guaranteed loot.
  • Trial of Elements — The weekly event is accessed through a portal in Thaldraszus (Temporal Conflux portal) and takes place in Primalist Tomorrow.
  • When you reach Renown 5 with the Valdrakken Accord, Siege on Dragonbane Keep becomes available. The event rewards a chest, which can contain loot.
  • At Renown 5 with Maruuk Centaur, you can complete Grand Hunts to receive Grand Hunt Spoils Icon Grand Hunt Spoils. The first hunt of the week has a high chance of containing the Plainswalker Bearer Icon Plainswalker Bearer mount. You can complete as many hunts per week as you would like. However, repeated completions will result in worse rewards.

Defeat Dragonflight World Bosses for Loot

Each week, a different Dragonflight world boss will be available. Defeat them for a chance at Item Level 395 loot.

Check out our world boss guide for more information about the world bosses and the loot you can get.


Unlock Great Vault Choices

The Great Vault requires you to defeat Vault of the Incarnates bosses, clear Mythic Dungeons, and collect Honor to unlock up to 9 item choices each week.

You will learn more about the weekly chest on a separate page.


Clear Vault of the Incarnates for Loot

When ready for raiding, clear Vault of the Incarnates on any difficulty to further improve your gear and get Primalist Raid Tier Sets. The number of choices in the Great Vault the following week depends on the number of bosses you defeat.


Clear Mythic+ Dungeons for Rewards

Clear a +20 Keystone dungeon every week in Dragonflight Mythic+ Season 1 to receive an Item Level 421 gear piece in the Great Vault the following week.

Furthermore, Mythic+ gear can be upgraded with Valor. New rewards await in Dragonflight Mythic+ Season 1. Check them out in our Season 1 guide!


Collect Honor in PvP

The more Honor you collect, the better gear you will receive in the Great Vault the following week. You will learn everything about gearing in PvP Season 1 in our guide.


The Icy Veins Podcast

Lastly, we include a video to Episode 3 of our podcast, where Petko discusses priorities at Level 70.



  • 15 Dec. 2022: Super Rares scale beyond Item Level 385.
  • 12 Dec. 2022: Updated for the Season 1 launch.
  • 08 Dec. 2022: Guide added.
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