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Brewmaster Monk Tank NetherLight Crucible Relic Paths (Legion 7.3.5)

Last updated on Nov 11, 2017 at 21:08 by Furty 90 comments

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General Information

This page will help you choose the right paths on your Netherlight Crucible as a a Brewmaster Monks. It is updated for World of Warcraft Legion 7.3.5. For more information, please read our Guide to the Netherlight Crucible.

The other pages of our Brewmaster Monk guide can be accessed from the table of contents on the right.

About Our Author and Reviewers

This guide has been written by Furty, who has an illustrious history in the World of Warcraft raiding scene and race for World First. He has been a member of guilds such as Serenity, Midwinter, and many more, and is currently raiding in Future. He plays most classes at the highest level. You can follow him on Twitter and watch him play on Twitch.

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1. General Optimization Advice for Brewmaster Monk

Netherlight Crucible

Optimizing through the Netherlight Crucible is straightforward; you are offered 2 initial paths, Shadow and Holy, and you should determine your path contingent on which leads to your best trait. If the 2 available paths are commensurate in gain it is best to adhere to the fork that leads to the highest value trait.

Be aware that the theorycraft for the Tier 2 upgrades available through the Netherlight Crucible is still in a primordial state, and therefore the ordering of upgrades detailed below is not entirely definite. This will be continually updated leading up to and following the release of the Crucible as things become more clear.

2. Tier 2 Upgrade Priority for Brewmaster Monk

Generally speaking, the Critical Strike and Versatility buffs during your Concordance of the Legionfall Icon Concordance of the Legionfall are the best for both offensive and defensive situations. The rest of the list is more subjective, and through SimCraft we observed less than a 0.13% DPS difference between the best choices and the worst (on a single target; the Concordance traits scale well with increased number of targets, for example). Therefore, it is generally better to prioritize the choices with the highest defensive merit.

For Brewmaster, there will be a variety of choices based on whether your priority is to deal the most damage, have the best defensive merit, or look for flexible choices somewhere in between.

Shocklight Icon Shocklight and Murderous Intent Icon Murderous Intent have high uptime via Concordance of the Legionfall Icon Concordance of the Legionfall, and offer good offensive and defensive power. They scale well with increased number of targets, offering a high degree of flexibility. The overall value of these traits is uncertain after repeated nerfs, however, it is likely they place better than average relative to their peers.

Infusion of Light Icon Infusion of Light and Secure in the Light Icon Secure in the Light both deal very potent damage on a single target. The healing and barrier provided both scale with Celestial Fortune Icon Celestial Fortune, boosting their defensive utility even higher. While they are almost exactly equal on damage, the choice between them comes down to a question of absorbs versus direct healing. Overall, the barrier seems to come out a little ahead as it cannot induce overheal. Both traits are highly prized, despite recent nerfs.

Master of Shadows Icon Master of Shadows offers 500 passive Mastery and a nice chunk of Avoidance. A better than average option, and the passive nature of the stats eliminate any inconsistency issues other traits may suffer from.

Light Speed Icon Light Speed grants 500 passive Haste and some movement speed. This is a much lower value option than its sister trait, Master of Shadows Icon Master of Shadows, as Haste is low priority for us.

Refractive Shell Icon Refractive Shell has no offensive capability but great defensive potential, as it scales with Celestial Fortune Icon Celestial Fortune and delivers a potent shield. Due to its lack of damage, the value of this trait depends on the user's priorities.

Light's Embrace Icon Light's Embrace has a chance to proc a heal over time effect on the user, restoring health over 6 seconds. It can stack up to 5 times. The value of this trait is higher when tanking multiple enemies, and therefore could have potential for Mythic+, however, the lack of damage potential and low proc rate on a single target make it one of the worst traits for single target encounters.

Shadowbind Icon Shadowbind deals solid damage and healing, however, it does not appear to scale with Celestial Fortune Icon Celestial Fortune at the current time. Regardless, the DPS output is better than average and makes this at least an average choice.

Chaotic Darkness Icon Chaotic Darkness can proc a variable amount of damage and healing. It does appear to scale with Celestial Fortune Icon Celestial Fortune, however, the inconsistency and lower than average DPS output makes this trait less desirable than average.

Torment the Weak Icon Torment the Weak has a chance to apply a DoT effect that can stack 3 times and deal damage over 15 seconds. Currently this seems to be one of the best traits for single target damage, as it can proc itself and scales well. It lacks any defensive potential, however, and should only be used if damage is your priority.

Dark Sorrows Icon Dark Sorrows applies a DoT effect to the target that explodes after 8 seconds and damages all nearby enemies. This is overall the worst trait as the damage is quite low compared to other options and it provides no defensive potential.

2.1. Tier 3 Upgrade Priority for Brewmaster Monk

The Tier 3 upgrades are identical to the relic priority found in our Artifact Traits and Relics page, however, they have been relisted here for your convenience.

  1.  Icon Face Palm
  2.  Icon Hot Blooded
  3.  Icon Potent Kick
  4. Draught of Darkness Icon Draught of Darkness
  5.  Icon Overflow
  6.  Icon Staggering Around
  7.  Icon Obsidian Fists
  8.  Icon Gifted Student
  9.  Icon Healthy Appetite
  10.  Icon Dark Side of the Moon

If you are unlucky enough to roll all defensive low value traits for your Tier 3 upgrades, you should be aiming for the best Tier 2 option available in the Crucible, or whichever defensive/niche trait you prefer to focus on, as they have minimal DPS gains.

3. ChangeLog

  • 11 Nov. 2017: Moved Dark Side of the Moon down in priority and added Draught of Darkness.
  • 25 Sep. 2017: Fixed typo in the Infusion/Secure in the Light section.
  • 12 Sep. 2017: Added Netherlight Crucible Page for Brewmaster Monk.
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