Fire Mage DPS Spell Summary — Battle for Azeroth (BfA) 8.2.5

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On this page, we present you with all spells and procs that you need to understand as a Fire Mage in World of Warcraft — Battle for Azeroth (BfA) 8.2.5.


Fire Mage Spell Summary

If you are new to Fire, it is recommended you start here. If you have played this spec before or have already achieved a level of comfort playing this spec in a practical environment, it is recommended you skip this section and move on to the rest of the guide.


Main Resource for Fire Mage

Mana is your primary resources, though it has little to no impact on your main rotation. It is not realistically possible to run out of Mana without excessive use of Spellsteal Icon Spellsteal, and therefore you do not need to worry about your Mana levels as a general rule.


Mastery for Fire Mage

Mastery: Ignite Icon Mastery: Ignite is your Mastery. All direct-damage caused by Fireball Icon Fireball, Pyroblast Icon Pyroblast, Fire Blast Icon Fire Blast, Scorch Icon Scorch, Meteor Icon Meteor, and Flamestrike Icon Flamestrike (see Basic Abilities to learn more about these spells) will cause your target to burn for a percentage of that damage over 9 seconds. Hitting a target with Ignite already active will add the new Ignite damage to the already existing Ignite and then distribute itself over 10 seconds. Ignite will automatically spread itself to targets near your Ignite target every 2 seconds.


Important Procs for Fire Mage

Fire Mage has several important procs that are very important to the normal rotation. These procs can almost be considered as being your real "primary resource".

Heating Up Icon Heating Up is a passive that will proc any time your direct-damage spells score a Critical Strike.

Hot Streak Icon Hot Streak is a passive that procs after you score a second critical strike in a row following Heating Up Icon Heating Up. This passive makes your next cast instant, and doubles the Mastery: Ignite Icon Mastery: Ignite value from the spell. We will nearly always use this proc on Pyroblast Icon Pyroblast (see Basic Abilities), however, it can be also used on Flamestrike Icon Flamestrike.

Additionally, some talents like Pyroclasm Icon Pyroclasm give a Fire Mage additional procs. See the talents and build section for in-depth explanations.


Basic Abilities for Fire Mage

These abilities are available no matter what talents you chose, and form the bread and butter of this specialization.

Fireball Icon Fireball is your main filler spell. You will be casting it a lot to fish for Heating Up Icon Heating Up procs.

Fire Blast Icon Fire Blast has 2 charges (3 with Flame On Icon Flame On talented), and always critically strikes when used. This ability is not on the Global Cooldown, and can be cast while casting other abilities. It has a 12-second recharge. This ability is mainly used to generate an automatic Critical Strike following Heating Up Icon Heating Up proccing off one of your spell critical strikes, immediately forcing Hot Streak Icon Hot Streak.

Pyroblast Icon Pyroblast is our main nuke. It has an extremely long cast time, so it should only be used as a pre-cast prior to the fight or when Hot Streak Icon Hot Streak is active.

Flamestrike Icon Flamestrike is our main nuke on cleave and AoE (5+ targets). It has a long cast time, so it should only be used as a pre-cast prior to the fight or when Hot Streak Icon Hot Streak is active.

Dragon's Breath Icon Dragon's Breath is an instant cast spell that does moderate damage and disorients targets in a cone up to 12 yards away from the caster. Dragon's Breath Icon Dragon's Breath should only be used on 6+ targets, or for the disorient effect.

Scorch Icon Scorch is an extremely weak spell that can be cast while moving.


DPS Cooldowns for Fire Mage

Combustion Icon Combustion is our DPS cooldown. It lasts 10 seconds, and increases your Mastery (the bonus damage generated via Ignite Icon Ignite) by an amount equal to 50% of your Critical Strike rating as well as increasing our Critical Strike by 100%. This ability is off of the Global Cooldown, and it can be cast while you are casting other spells. Since this ability drastically increases our damage output via Ignite, and allows us to chain a lot of instant cast spells, due to giving 100% Critical Strike (and thus always proccing Heating Up Icon Heating Up) it is equally strong in both single target and AoE scenarios.

Time Warp Icon Time Warp increases Haste by 30% for 40 seconds for all party and raid members. This ability debuffs everyone with a debuff that prevents the possibility of benefiting from Time Warp Icon Time Warp, Heroism Icon Heroism, and Bloodlust Icon Bloodlust for the next 10 minutes.



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