Shadow Priest DPS Gems, Enchants, and Consumables — Dragonflight 10.0.7

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On this page, we list the best gems, enchants, flasks, potions, and food you can get for your Shadow Priest, based on your stat priority. We also give budget alternatives. This page is updated for World of Warcraft — Dragonflight 10.0.7.

If you were looking for WotLK Classic content, please refer to our WotLK Classic Shadow Priest gems and enchants.


Enchants, Gems and Consumables for Shadow Priest

This section specifically covers your character's optimal gems, enchants, food, and flasks. To get a more detailed rundown of the different stats for Shadow Priest, please visit our dedicated Stats page.

The video version of this guide is also available if you would like to watch along as I talk about Shadow Priest.

With the change to professions in Dragonflight, most items now have 3 ranks that increase the value of the item at a higher cost with each rank. The guide below will suggest using rank 3 enchants where possible, but I will always list the difference in power should you want to use a lower rank, and if you are curious about how much total DPS percent you would lose. If you just got a piece of gear but know it is not BiS, or you might get something better soon, I suggest using a lower rank if you are on a budget.


Profession Consumable Ranks

As part of Dragonflight's overhaul of Professions, many crafted items and consumables may have multiple ranks of quality that impact their effects. For consumables, there are potentially three ranks of an item that may be used, with Rank 3 items (shown as item level 415 in-game and with three gold stars) providing the most powerful bonuses. However, higher quality consumables will generally be more expensive and not always necessary depending on the content you are doing. You should be willing to use whatever rank of an item is most within your budget, and save higher-quality consumables for content where you will really need the extra boost!

If you would like to learn more about quality ranks on profession items, or the overhaul to professions as a whole, please see our overview below.


Best Gems for Shadow Priest

In Dragonflight, you will have 2 categories of gems to choose from: Rare or Epic. The Rare gems are either just a single stat like in previous expansions or a combination of 2 secondary stats on one gem. The Epic gems are significantly stronger, but you can only use one at a time for your entire character.

Right now, Gems can be applied to a Helm, Neck, Bracer, Belt, or Ring via the Storm-Charged Manipulator Icon Storm-Charged Manipulator item from the Great Vault. In addition, there is a Jewelcrafting item that lets you apply up to 3 sockets to a neck item with Tiered Medallion Setting Icon Tiered Medallion Setting.

For your rare gem, I strongly encourage simming your character to see which of the 2 makes the most sense. You always want to use the double-stat gems over single-stat ones since they give more secondaries in total. Between Haste heavy or the Mastery heavy one, I would more often lean towards the Haste heavy Keen Ysemerald Icon Keen Ysemerald. As your character obtains gear, you will get closer to hitting secondary stat diminishing returns. Hitting these points can easily mean using alternative gems to get the full value out of the socket.


Onyx Annulet - Primordial Stone Gems

With Patch 10.0.7 there is a new ring, Onyx Annulet Icon Onyx Annulet. This ring comes with special sockets that take unique gems. These gems range from various defensive and offensive effects, but the ring comes with no secondary stats as a downside. In addition to having no secondary stats, you cannot socket this ring with a regular gem slot. For most gem combinations the ring is a considerable DPS loss, although with a specific combination is competitive in single target when fully upgraded.

Speaking on performance, this ring with fully upgraded gems (424) is roughly a 0.3% DPS gain in single target. Anything more than just single target the ring is a considerable DPS loss compared to a 405 crafted ring. Part of this is due to the raw secondaries on the rings, but also considering that the crafted rings come socketed already, adding even more secondary stats.

To state it very clearly, you should only use this ring with the specific gem combinations listed below in SINGLE TARGET. Outside of that you are better off using a 405 or higher crafted ring with Haste/Mastery. In Mythic+ the gain you get from pure single target is typically not worth the loss you would sustain in AoE and is not suggested.


Single Target

Note that this combination of gems is only good when using all three at once, especially Prophetic Twilight Stone Icon Prophetic Twilight Stone and Desirous Blood Stone Icon Desirous Blood Stone.

  1. Prophetic Twilight Stone Icon Prophetic Twilight Stone
  2. Desirous Blood Stone Icon Desirous Blood Stone
  3. Freezing Ice Stone Icon Freezing Ice Stone


Generally speaking this is a DPS loss over crafted rings starting at 405, and the single target setup generally performs the best even as you add targets compared to other gems. If you would like to use this for Mythic+ I would suggest Freezing Ice Stone Icon Freezing Ice Stone or Storm Infused Stone Icon Storm Infused Stone for your third stone.

  1. Prophetic Twilight Stone Icon Prophetic Twilight Stone
  2. Desirous Blood Stone Icon Desirous Blood Stone
  3. Storm Infused Stone Icon Storm Infused Stone or Pestilent Plague Stone Icon Pestilent Plague Stone

For more information regarding the Onyx Annulet, the Primordial Gemstones, and how to obtain them, check out our dedicated guide for it below.


Best Enchants for Shadow Priest

Slot Enchantment
Chest Enchant Chest - Waking Stats Icon Enchant Chest - Waking Stats (0.25% DPS loss per rank lower)
Cloak (non-throughput) Enchant Cloak - Graceful Avoidance Icon Enchant Cloak - Graceful Avoidance
Wrists (non-throughput) Enchant Bracer - Devotion of Avoidance Icon Enchant Bracer - Devotion of Avoidance
Legs Frozen Spellthread Icon Frozen Spellthread (0.30% DPS loss per rank)
Feet (non-throughput) Enchant Boots - Plainsrunner's Breeze Icon Enchant Boots - Plainsrunner's Breeze

Enchants and gems will change based on your current gear; make sure you sim yourself regularly to know what to use for the various situations.


Consumables for Shadow Priest

The following section should cover all the consumables you will want to purchase before doing content on your Shadow Priest. Note that something new with the Dragonflight is that you no longer need to have Tomes to change your talents. With the talent rework, you can freely change your talents anywhere without these consumables.


Best Potions for Shadow

In Dragonflight, several potions could make sense depending on the content you are doing. Use the following list as your guide; the higher, the better.

  1. Elemental Potion of Ultimate Power Icon Elemental Potion of Ultimate Power (0.20% DPS loss per rank lower)
  2. Elemental Potion of Power Icon Elemental Potion of Power (0.15% DPS loss per rank lower)
  3. Residual Neural Channeling Agent Icon Residual Neural Channeling Agent - can be used while dead

For Healing Potions, use Refreshing Healing Potion Icon Refreshing Healing Potion alongside a Healthstone Icon Healthstone if you have one at hand. Healthstones and Healing Potions can be used alongside each other without putting the other on cooldown.


Best Phials for Shadow

In Dragonflight, several flasks or phials could make sense depending on the content you are doing. Use the following table as your guide; the higher in the table, the more DPS. While each phial has a different top end DPS, I think there are scenarios where you will potentially want to have at least a few of each around at a time, depending on the encounter.

Phial Name When to Use Loss per Rank Lower DPS Increase at Rank 3
Phial of Charged Isolation Icon Phial of Charged Isolation If you can stay away from allies. -0.7% 6.0%
Phial of Static Empowerment Icon Phial of Static Empowerment If you can stay still or would benefit significantly from the speed when you have to move. -0.7% 5.9%
Iced Phial of Corrupting Rage Icon Iced Phial of Corrupting Rage Only use if not taking enough damage to break the phial. -0.5% 5.4%
Phial of Tepid Versatility Icon Phial of Tepid Versatility While not the best, it can be a nice mix of offensive and defensive power. -0.3% 3.5%

For most parts of PvE content, it will not be easy to use Phial of Charged Isolation Icon Phial of Charged Isolation or Phial of Static Empowerment Icon Phial of Static Empowerment. If you can get 70%+ proper value out of these in a fight I recommend using it; otherwise, using @ @ @ WoWPhialofTepidVersatility3 @ @ @ is better. Because of the amount of movement and stacking in both Raids and Mythic+ for Season 1, you will mostly be using Phial of Tepid Versatility.

Note that Phial of Elemental Chaos Icon Phial of Elemental Chaos and Phial of Glacial Fury Icon Phial of Glacial Fury are both worse than the options above, and I would not consider using them as a Shadow Priest unless they are considerably cheaper and you are on a budget. You might find that Glacial Fury sims decent in multi-target, but in practice I think the other options make more sense.


Best Food for Shadow

For all cases where you want to food buff, you should always use the Fated Fortune Cookie Icon Fated Fortune Cookie or the equivalent Grand Banquet of the Kalu'ak Icon Grand Banquet of the Kalu'ak. If you do not have fortune cookies, you can use the stat food instead with Sizzling Seafood Medley Icon Sizzling Seafood Medley.


Weapon Runes for Shadow

For your temporary weapon rune, you should always use Howling Rune Icon Howling Rune on your weapon at all times. Lower ranks of this are roughly 0.2% worse per rank.


Augment Runes for Shadow

You should aim to use Draconic Augment Rune Icon Draconic Augment Rune to get a boost of Intellect during any progression content.



  • 23 Mar. 2023: Update Onyx Annulet suggestions from recent hotfixes.
  • 22 Mar. 2023: Update Onyx Annulet suggestions from recent info on Prophetic Twilight Stone interactions.
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