Drest'agath Guide for Ny'alotha (BfA 8.3)

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Drest'agath is a boss in the second wing of Ny'alotha, the Waking City, the last raid instance of Battle for Azeroth, introduced in Patch 8.3. Drest'agath unlocks after killing Wrathion, the Black Emperor, Maut, and The Prophet Skitra. Killing Drest'agath (and Shad'har the Insatiable) unlocks Il'gynoth, Corruption Reborn.

On this page, you will find numerous links to our content on Drest'agath: encounter journal, strategy, loot, videos, etc.


Lore (from the Encounter Journal)

The grotesque amalgam of flesh known as Drest'agath slumbered beneath Ny'alotha for millennia until being awakened by N'Zoth's return. Now she rises like a revolting boil, ready to burst and spread her vile pestilence across Azeroth.


Encounter Journal

We have encounter journal pages for each of the four difficulties, which you can access by clicking the links below.


Strategy Guide

For our strategy guide for Drest'agath, please use the following link.



Please refer to our loot page for all the loot from the Drest'agath encounter.



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