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General Information

On this page, you will find the best gear and best in slot items for your Enhancement Shaman in World of Warcraft Shadowlands 9.1.5.

If you were looking for TBC Classic content, please refer to our TBC Classic Enhancement Shaman gear and best in slot.


Gearing a Enhancement Shaman

Welcome to our Gearing Page for Enhancement Shaman, where we cover everything you need to know about your character's gearing process.

If you have a new piece of gear that you need gems and enchants advice for, you can find everything you need on our dedicated page below.


The Importance of "Simming Yourself" as a Enhancement Shaman

At this stage in the game, there are so many variables and so many layers of optimization that you can apply to your character, that there is no way for a guide or anything else to tell you exactly what gear you should wear. This is why we always recommend simulating your own character using Raidbots. The website can help you choose set bonuses, Azerite traits, trinkets and combinations thereof in a way that is tailored completely to your specific character. Learning to use this tool is essential to maximizing your potential, as there is simply no other way to take all the variables into account.



The Droptimizer feature from Raidbots lets you identify which dungeons and Raid Bosses you should spend your Bonus Rolls on. It simulates all of the potential upgrades in a raid or a dungeon, and lists the bosses/dungeons by rank order of how much DPS you can expect to gain from bonus rolling on it. We have a guide for it that you can access using the link below.


General Simulations

While we heavily recommend simming yourself, you can find some of our general simulations on the dedicated page below.


Legendaries for Enhancement Shaman

Enhancement is quite reliant on Legendaries to define the builds used, therefore having at least two is quite important.

Doom Winds Icon Doom Winds is an ideal first-craft Legendary as it suits multiple different content types while gearing up. The important thing is having access to the effect, rather than the strength of the item so crafting this at a low item level is fine.

In any raid content however, especially Sanctum of Domination, it is important to have access to Witch Doctor's Wolf Bones Icon Witch Doctor's Wolf Bones to be competitive in single-target. This should also be the one fully upgraded first.

For a more detailed explanation of Legendary picks worth looking at, and when you should consider crafting or using them, look at our dedicated Legendary page below:


Conduits for Enhancement Shaman


Best Potency Conduits for Enhancement Shaman

  1. Unruly Winds Icon Unruly Winds (Doom Winds)
  2. Magma Fist Icon Magma Fist (Wolf Bones)
  3. Essential Extraction Icon Essential Extraction (Night Fae)
  4. Focused Lightning Icon Focused Lightning

Best Endurance Conduits for Enhancement Shaman

  1. Vital Accretion Icon Vital Accretion
  2. Refreshing Waters Icon Refreshing Waters
  3. Condensed Anima Sphere Icon Condensed Anima Sphere

For more details regarding each individual Conduit, you can look at our dedicated Covenant, Soulbind, and Conduits page linked below:


Trinket Notes for Enhancement Shaman

Due to how strong trinkets can sometimes be, and that they are not always easily accessible from Mythic+, raiding, and PvP sources, we recommend always using Raidbots' Top Gear to determine what your optimal trinkets are.

Bloodmallet.com also provides rankings for Shadowlands trinkets to give a general overview of relative power levels, and things to look out for:

For the complete simulation results, check out Bloodmallet.com


Many people have a tendency to overthink the distribution of their secondary stats. An important thing to remember is that a higher quantity of stats is nearly always better than a better quality of stats. Because of this, wearing higher item level gear with worse stats tends to be better than lower item level gear with great stats. Keep this in mind when considering gear. For more stats information, please refer to our dedicated page.


This is a recommended set of gear available exclusively from Dungeon drops. This excludes open world drops because of how random it can sometimes be to acquire them, so these serve as items to slot in whenever you can. Trinkets are not listed, as they are covered in the dedicated section above.

Note that as of Patch 9.0.5 these items can also be upgraded all the way up to 246 item level via the new Valor system, so if possible, hunting these items and upgrading them to fill any gaps in your gear is ideal.

Slot Item Source
Helm Nathrian Usurper's Mask Icon Nathrian Usurper's Mask Halls of Atonement
Neck Sin Stained Pendant Icon Sin Stained Pendant Halls of Atonement
Shoulder Plagueborne Shoulderguards Icon Plagueborne Shoulderguards Plaguefall
Cloak Drape of Twisted Loyalties Icon Drape of Twisted Loyalties Spires of Ascension
Chest Harness of Twisted Whims Icon Harness of Twisted Whims De Other Side
Wrists Fallen Paragon's Armguards Icon Fallen Paragon's Armguards Spires of Ascension
Gloves Grips of Overwhelming Beatings Icon Grips of Overwhelming Beatings Theater of Pain
Belt Executor's Prideful Girdle Icon Executor's Prideful Girdle Sanguine Depths
Legs Lichbone Legguards Icon Lichbone Legguards The Necrotic Wake
Boots Spatial Rift Striders Icon Spatial Rift Striders De Other Side
Ring #1 Stitchflesh's Misplaced Signet Icon Stitchflesh's Misplaced Signet The Necrotic Wake
Ring #2 Bloodoath Signet Icon Bloodoath Signet Theater of Pain
Weapons Stone General's Edge Icon Stone General's Edge Sanguine Depths
Alternative Gorebound Predator's Gavel Icon Gorebound Predator's Gavel Theater of Pain

Tazavesh Items in Patch 9.1

The new mega-dungeon introduces new items at a base item level of 226, or 233 if completed on the hard-mode difficulty. Due to the inability to upgrade them, they are mostly "sidegrades" until you are able to get hold of new options.

One exception to this however is the quest item to access hard-mode, the Passably-Forged Credentials Icon Passably-Forged Credentials neck. The proc activates anywhere, and can be an alternative that competes with some slightly higher item level options.


Patch 9.1 Domination Sockets

Patch 9.1 introduces the Domination socket system, with unique slots that can have gems applied to them that are acquired within the Sanctum of Domination raid. For Mail, these are present on Helms, Shoulders, Chests, Waist, and Boots acquired within the raid and are something you should aim to get all 5 of.

Your priority for gems is in the following order:

  1. Complete the Unholy gem set bonus, requiring a Shard of Dyz Icon Shard of Dyz, Shard of Zed Icon Shard of Zed and Shard of Oth Icon Shard of Oth. This bonus also requires you to have a Domination Socket Helm to activate.
  2. Fill out your 4th and 5th slots with Shard of Bek Icon Shard of Bek and Shard of Cor Icon Shard of Cor gems from the Blood and Frost types respectively.

You can alternatively also opt into a full Frost shard bonus if playing Doom Winds Icon Doom Winds as the higher frequency, lower intensity hits can trigger high Winds of Winter procs. This does however also require you to lean more heavily into Critical Strike rating on gear, and as such is very gear dependent, alongside needing to be fully upgraded.

If you would like to know more about the remaining Domination Shards' effects, their set bonuses, or how to upgrade their effects into even more potent forms, please see our official guide detailing everything about this new system of Patch 9.1:


This section contains the best gear to look for in the Sanctum of Domination raid. It does not include anything from outside sources, so with some drops you have access to you might have better choices.

There is one unique weapon available from Painsmith Raznal in Cruciform Veinripper Icon Cruciform Veinripper that comes with no secondary stats, but a powerful single-target proc. This is worth the trade off, and in any situation where one is worth it, using a second is as well as the damage per proc is doubled.

Slot Item Source
Helm Shadowsteel Facecage Icon Shadowsteel Facecage Painsmith Raznal
Neck Interplanar Keystone Icon Interplanar Keystone Kel'Thuzad
Shoulder Epaulettes of the Master Ranger Icon Epaulettes of the Master Ranger Sylvanas Windrunner
Cloak Self-Replicating Tissue Icon Self-Replicating Tissue Guardian of the First Ones
Chest Colossus Slayer's Hauberk Icon Colossus Slayer's Hauberk The Tarragrue
Wrists Bands of the Fallen House Icon Bands of the Fallen House Kel'Thuzad
Gloves Grasps of Ancestral Whispers Icon Grasps of Ancestral Whispers Remnant of Ner'zhul
Belt Ceremonial Construct Clasp Icon Ceremonial Construct Clasp Kel'Thuzad
Legs Aradne's Lancer Legguards Icon Aradne's Lancer Legguards The Nine
Boots Greaves of Extermination Icon Greaves of Extermination The Eye of the Jailer
Ring #1 Tarnished Insignia of Quel'Thalas Icon Tarnished Insignia of Quel'Thalas Sylvanas Windrunner
Ring #2 Miniature Breaking Wheel Icon Miniature Breaking Wheel Painsmith Raznal
Weapons Cruciform Veinripper Icon Cruciform Veinripper Painsmith Raznal
Alternative Skyja's Revenant Fury Icon Skyja's Revenant Fury The Nine


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